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The bosses are as follows:

  1. Lich - a giant zombie that fights with a huge axe. Sometimes throws its decaying body parts to allow maggots to attack the player.
  2. Dragon - a massive red lizard that breaths fireballs and stomps sending out a shockwave.
  3. Chimera - a three-headed monster with three health bars. It has a lion's head (which breathes fire), an eagle's head (lightning) and a snake's head (acid). Could possibly be related to the gargoyles which the player fights in other levels.
  4. Plague Fiend - a horrible monster made of toxic slime. Attacks by using sweeping tentacles, spitting slime and sinking into its vat to overflow nearby pipes.
  5. Spider Queen - a half-woman, half-spider creature that fights on a giant web. Attacks using a whip, spitting venom and calling her children for assistance.
  6. Genie - a monstrous black-blue djinni that attacks using a scimitar, energy from its eye and causing the ceiling to collapse.
  7. Yeti - a giant ape that uses a variety of ice powers, including ice boulders and an ice wall, plus its own brute force.
  8. Shadow Wraith - a being made of pure darkness and nightmares. Attacks using its tendrils, small wraith creatures and other dark powers.
  9. Armored Skorne - uses armor in his first fight. Can shoot various forms of energy from his gloves, mask and horns. When beaten, he drops his four items and the player can use one for a short time in the next world.
  10. True Form of Skorne - he uses all his normal moves, but they pack a bigger punch. He doesn't have his armor this time, so you can see his fiery form beneath.
  11. Garm - fights in the form of a statue that the sorcerer Garm is controlling from within the statue's chest, the same statue on the console games cover. Attacks include( but are not limited to) a purple beam from both hands and a beam that sweeps across the arena. Its arms, wings, and sections of its legs break away, and create clones of Garm from the rubble.


Each boss has a unique death scene, some of which are notable.

  1. Death of the Lich - A massive skeletal hand bursts from the ground, flinging the Lich into the air. When he comes down, the Lich struggles to get away, but the hand drags him underground. The Lich's skull is then spat back out.
  2. Death of the Dragon - The Dragon lets out a death roar, then falls flat on the ground and melts into lava.
  3. Death of the Chimera - After all three heads are cut off, the Chimera rears back in pain and falls off the keep to the ground far below.
  4. Death of the Plague Fiend - The vat is drained of the slime, and the Fiend is sucked under.
  5. Death of the Spider Queen - The Queen stumbles and the web rips underneath her. She screams as she falls hundreds of feet to the ground below.
  6. Death of the Genie - The Genie writhes in pain before exploding into glass-like shards.
  7. Death of the Yeti - The Yeti falls to his knees, then to the ground, and explodes into ice.
  8. Death of the Shadow Wraith - The Wraith is sucked off the stage into an inter-dimensional portal in the background.
  9. Death of Armored Skorne - Skorne grips his chest in pain, then explodes in flames.
  10. Death of the True Form of Skorne - Skorne writhes before falling still. He then comes back to life and takes one final swipe at the player before exploding into ash.
  11. Death of Garm - The stone demon crumbles into rubble, revealing Garm in his human form underneath. The evil sorcerer then falls to the ground and melts into purple liquid.