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Outside the Barracks[edit]

As soon as the level begins, there will be a bomb thrower to the right, kill it and open the barrel for a banana bunch. Walk over a floor spike trap and kill off anklebiters and grunts in the area, and destroy their generators too. Open a barrel next to the destroyed generator for a key. Continue on and open a second barrel for some x-ray glasses. Kill some more grunts and destroy two generators on both the left and right wall, and then kill an archer in the distance. Grab the blue crystals on the ground and then open up a barrel next to an anklebiter generator for some treasure. Kill the generator next to it and then kill another generator on the other side by shooting constantly to save some trouble in a bit. Walk past the floor spike trap and up the slope into the cart, and then use a potion on the barrel to dispel a death. Grab the green crystal behind it and a 3-way shot inside the remaining barrel. Go downward past the cart and destroy a generator next to a switch if you haven't done so yet. Pull the switch to lower the drawbridge and then open the locked gate to proceed. Kill some archers on the other side and anklebiters. Open the barrel next to the green crystal for a potion. Grab both and then move to the left. Keep going until you run into two barrels. Open the barrel up top for a keyring and then kill the bomb thrower nearby. Pull the switch on the wall to lower the drawbridge.

Walk across the bridge, avoiding the floor spike trap, and then open the locked gate. Kill all the grunts blocking the way and then destroy their generator. Open the barrel next to the generator for a cherry and then continue slaying more grunts on the way toward their generator. Open the chest next to the floor spike trap for some steak. Walk past the trap, grabbing the key on the way, and then head to the left and torward the stairs. For now, this drawbridge won't go down, but there will be a switch later on to fix that problem. Before going up the stairs, grab the cherry right near the stairs, and then head on up while grabbing the blue crystals. Destroy the generators on the way up while avoiding the floor spike traps. Pull the switch to lower the drawbridge in front of you and then walk across while dealing with some more grunts. Destroy the generators around the wall and then walk to the middle of the drawbridge that you just lowered. Shoot the general from the middle to safely take care of it from a distance without getting hurt, but don't kill it on the bridge, otherwise the spoil will drop down below. Grab the key dropped by the general, and then cross the second bridge with blue crystals to some locked doors.

Dining Area[edit]

Use a key on either locked gate and head on up to deal with grunts and an archer next to their generator. Open the barrel on the left for a key, and then continue on forward. Destroy some barrels around the round table for junk and a ham. Go up the stairs where the grunts are coming from and destroy their generator. Try to kill a bomb thrower on the other side, or the explosive suicide grunt in order to stop them from attacking you. Climb the stairs to attract the general who is walking around up top, then get off the stairs so that you can attack the general safely without repercussion. Grab the key that the general drops and then head on up to where it was at. Destroy the fake wall that looks like a door to reveal a little path with a yellow crystal and a chest at the end. Open the chest for some treasure and kill the archer on the other side. Notice the golden icon and switch down below? We'll be coming back here shortly, so just backtrack to the round table.

This time, go to the left and down the stairs toward the locked gate. A explosive suicide grunt will be seen just beyond the gate, so let it explode to deal with some of the anklebiters for you. Open up the barrel next to the locked gate for a key, and then go through the gate and deal with all the grunts. Walk around the tables and open the barrel for a key. Flip the switch on the wall to raise that platform we saw moments ago. The barrel next to the switch contains a hint scroll.

Hint Scroll
"Death awaits you in the shower."

Basically, the scroll is talking about a black death that is coming up soon.

Getting the Ice Axe[edit]

Head back to the platform that was just raised with the golden icon and switch. Grab the golden icon and step on the switch to lower the drawbridge back to where we grabbed the chest with steak and cherry nearby. Backtrack to that area and cross the bridge while killing some anklebiters on the other side, and destroying their generator. Grab the yellow crystal and open the barrel nearby for some treasure. Shoot the wall with ice coming out to reveal a hidden room with the Ice Axe and a hint scroll in front!

Hint Scroll
"A hero who wields this Ice Axe should now challenge the Dragon."

This legendary item will do some extensive damage to the Dragon boss back in the Mountain Kingdom! But at a low level, it's recommended to hold off and wait until much later on. Go back to the area where you pulled the switch to raise the platform with the golden icon, and next to the hint scroll that we grabbed earlier.

Toward the Barracks[edit]

Open the locked gate to the right, and kill the archer. Pull the switch to stop the water from falling onto the death. Open the barrel down below to get a fire amulet, then open the chest down below that for a potion. Deal with the black death by either getting it stuck near the tables where the hint scroll was, or using a potion. After the death is dealt with, grab the keyring where the death was idle at. Kill the anklebiter generator past it, and open the chest for a speed power-up. Walk up the stairs and open the barrel nearby for a key. Open the chest in the corner for a drumstick and then destroy the two generators to the left of that. Open the barrel in front of the generator for a key and then walk down the stairs to deal with some more grunts and another generator. Open the chest next to the stairs for some treasure and then open the barrel in front of the table for a key.

Open the locked gate to meet a gargoyle that may already be active and blocking the gate. Deal with the beast and pick up the golden icon it drops. Open the barrel past the gate for a turbo power-up, then deal with the approaching grunts to the right. Deal with generators to the left and right after you walk up the stairs. Pick up a green crystal next to the right most generator, and then walk around the tables to deal with an archer. Kill off some grunts and destroy another generator next to an already active switch. Grab a blue crystal next to some water and kill the bomb thrower on the opposite side. Walk up the stairs next to a green and red barrel to deal with another archer, but don't destroy either otherwise you lose out on getting an apple between the two. Before moving on, go to where the green switch is, and step on the platform to the left of the destroyed generator. Grab the yellow crystal up here and destroy the cracked wall to reveal a random chest behind a gate that can't be destroyed. Go down the platform on the left and then destroy another generator right next to the switch. Open the chest near the pair of stairs for some treasure. Go down to where the bomb thrower was previously, and flip the switch here to raise a platform with a chest back on the opposite side.

Backtrack to that raised platform to get a thunder hammer. Now go back to where the platform went down right next to two switches, a green one for the platform and a red one that hasn't been flipped yet. Flip that switch to lower the gate that was blocking the random chest. Go back to get the random chest, or move on if you don't want to risk it. Continue on the only available path while avoiding some floor spike traps, and then open a barrel near a table and next to the edge for a key, and grab a cherry just below that. Go up to where the stairs are, and grab the blue crystals that are on the side. Kill the incoming grunts and grab the cherry next to the green toxic barrel if you haven't destroyed it. Destroy an anklebiter generator and two grunt generators on the way up while grabbing more blue crystals. Kill the archer at the top of the stairs and then destroy the cabinet next to the bed to reveal a small hidden room with a cherry. Go down and open a barrel for a key and then kill the bomb thrower right behind it along with an anklebiter generator. Avoid the wall trap and spike floor trap, then continue forward. Alternatively, destroy a fake wall right next to the previously destroyed fake wall and the bed to reveal a little shortcut and a black crystal. Keep moving forward and wait for an explosive suicide grunt to kill itself, then continue.

The Barracks[edit]

Pull the switch on the wall to lower a green crystal that is just downward, and then grab the blue crystals and the green crystal that was just lowered. Walk down the stairs and deal with some anklebiters and an archer. Walk up the other set of stairs to deal with a bunch of grunts and their generator. Kill another archer and then walk back down below. Try to pull the switch on the wall without opening the barrel, or if it is open, then carefully walk towards so that you don't grab it by mistake. Go down and grab the green crystal and levitation wings that the switch raised. Continue on and kill another anklebiter generator in front of a wall trap. Go through the set of traps and kill any grunts that are in the way. Get to the end of the path and destroy the generator on the wall. Before heading to the blocked exit, there is a golem that is guarding it. Take care of the golem and grab the key it drops. Walk downward and kill an archer, then open the barrels for an apple and some treasure. Grab the goodies and the green crystal, but ignore the chest as it has a bomb inside. Flip the switch on the left wall to lower the gate blocking the exit, and then leave the level.