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The Courtyard[edit]

Begin the level by taking care of the grunt generator directly to the left. After that, take care of the generator on the right as well as grabbing the blue crystal in the corner and the keyring nearby. Open the chest next to the barrel for some treasure. Open the barrel for a potion as well. Grab the green crystal tucked away in the back. The chest on the left that is in front of the wall contains a banana bunch. Go downward to find a barrel with a key inside, then unlock the door on the downward path. Take care of a generator to the right of the locked door, and open the chest for some ham.

Walk to the right to find some grunts and a general. Kill off the general and grab the key it drops. Take care of the anklebiters and their generator next to a body of water. Open the bottom barrel for a key, but be careful of the tentacle coming out of the water. Flip the switch on the side of the wall to raise a platform with a black crystal in the middle of the water. Grab both the blue crystals and the key and continue on. Destroy the generator just ahead of the crystals and ignore the chest as it contains a bomb. Continue following the path, but avoid the traps in the hedge maze. Open the locked door and open the left barrel for a key. Ignore the right barrel as it contains some poison fruit. Open the second locked door and destroy the anklebiter generator. Walk through the trap and destroy another anklebiter generator and a grunt generator. Turn to the right to find a gargoyle. Kill the gargoyle and grab the golden icon it drops. Destroy the generator on the wall near the bridge, and kill the bomb thrower down below next to a key. Open the barrel next to the water for a hint scroll.

Hint Scroll
"Water holds passage to your dreams."

This scroll is talking about the platform we raised earlier that has the black crystal on it. Walk across the bridge with blue crystals and kill the grunts and archer on the other side. Grab the key to the right of the bridge as well. Use a potion to remove the red death in front of the locked gate. Open the locked gate and deal with the grunts and anklebiters on the other side, and destroy their generator. Flip the next switch to the generator to raise another platform that allows you to grab the black crystal that we saw from the first switch. Backtrack just a bit to get to that platform, and then grab the black crystal. Go back to the second switch and now go through the transporter.

Alternatively, you can destroy a wall on the right where you see a floor trap to reveal a little shortcut. Kill off the anklebiters and their generator, then grab the cherry at the top. Destroy the grunt generator on the right and kill the grunts from this middle area before transporting as they cannot attack you from their side. Go through the second teleporter and kill off some more grunts and anklebiters, and take care of their generator. Kill off the annoying archer that is shooting at you as well. Grab the green crystal in the corner and open the barrel next to it for a key.

Open the locked door to the left and open the barrel next to it for some levitation wings. Open the chest next to the right of the door for a quickshot power-up. Follow the path of blue crystals while avoiding the floor traps, and take care of the grunts on the way. Past the path of crystals and traps is the second hint scroll.

Hint Scroll
"Go forward and return, you will be rewarded."

Remember that random floor trap in front of the door that can't be destroyed just before the blue crystals? We'll be going back there later on for a golden icon. Continue on the path and kill off the grunts, an archer, and the two generators on the left side. Grab the key on the right side and continue on. Kill the anklebiter generator upward and to the left, and then open the barrel for an apple. There may be a explosive suicide grunt that will come in from the right, but if you are positioned right, it'll be blocked off by the wall. Destroy the pillar that is blocking the chest and switch. Open the chest for a turbo power-up, then flip the switch to open the door from earlier. Backtrack to that door to grab the golden icon.

Path to the Towers[edit]

Go back to the previous area and this time take the right path where the explosive suicide grunt was. Grab the blue crystals and head down the slope. Grab the lone key in the corner and open the right locked door. Kill off all the grunts and destroy their generator. Destroy the orange looking bushes near the generator on the left to open the path between the two areas. Kill off the anklebiters and destroy their generator down below. Open the barrel nearby for a drumstick. Kill off some grunts, anklebiters, and their generators nearby the left of the barrel. Grab the two keys on each side of the staircase and ignore the chest as it contains a bomb. Backtrack to where you destroyed that orange looking bush and destroy the wall blocking the stairs for a hidden shortcut. Grab the blue crystals on the side and kill off all the grunts and anklebiters, and destroy their generator. Hit the explosive red barrel in the distance to destroy another anklebiter generator, an archer, and some poison fruit. Walk over a set of spikes and flip the switch on the wall to raise a platform next to the rummaging general. Walk up the stairs while avoiding the locked door to meet and kill some more grunts. Destroy their generator and kill off some anklebiters next to a explosive red barrel and a chest. Destroy the generator next to it and be careful not to shoot the explosive red barrel as the chest contains some lightning breath. Open a barrel that is blocking some grunts and their generator for a potion, then finish them off. Walk down some stairs for a yellow crystal and a pineapple. Open the barrel in the corner for some junk, and then grab the key on the other corner. Destroy the wall down below for a hidden shortcut back to where you were previously.

Climb the set of stairs and finish off the general for a keyring. Destroy the guard rail and open the chest on the platform that was just raised for a reflective shield. Continue climbing some more stairs with blue crystals on them and then destroy the generator immediately on the left next to a green crystal. Be careful of the approaching explosive suicide grunt that is coming down the stairs next to the generator. Grab the crystal and head on up while defeating some grunts on the way. Kill an archer at the top and destroy the grunt generator. Grab the key next to it and continue to the left towards the lone green crystal in front of a door. Grab the crystal and destroy the door to reveal a small room with a cherry inside.

The Towers[edit]

Backtrack to where you climbed the first set of stairs and head to the right this time. Keep walking right until you reach two archers and an anklebiter generator. Kill them all off, but be careful not to destroy the explosive red barrel as it will destroy the barrel next to it that contains a keyring. Walk to the right slowly to see a locked gate and a explosive suicide grunt just a little below it. Shoot the suicide grunt and open the grunt to face a golem and some grunts behind it. Kill off the golem for a cherry and then kill the grunts and their generator behind where the golem was. Grab the yellow crystal and open the chest in the back for a speed power-up. Follow the path and destroy an anklebiter generator in the way. Walk down the stairs to meet another archer and some more anklebiters following some floor spike traps. Kill the generator and open the chest next to it for a potion.

Walk to the right towards a second locked gate slowly, just like before, and kill a explosive suicide grunt right around the corner first. After that, move a bit to the right to see an anklebiter generator and then destroy it. Now, use a key on the locked gate and kill off the grunts inside and their generator. Open the chest inside for some treasure, and walk down just below it for some more treasure that is hidden from the camera view. Continue on the path and kill some archers on the way across the bridges. Kill some anklebiters and destroy their generator that is right in front of some stairs. Climb the stairs to find and destroy another anklebiter generator, then turn to the right and kill off an archer. Follow this path and kill off another archer behind a barrel with some treasure in it. Continue to the end of the tower and then kill some anklebiters and destroy their generator on the left. Grab the green crystal up above and grab the key in the corner.

Walk down the stairs while avoiding the floor spike and then open the barrel for the last hint scroll of this level.

Hint Scroll
"You must unlock the gate ahead to reach the exit."

A locked gate coming up soon will have a switch that is required in order to exit the level, but you should still have some keys left over to open it. Keep following the path while avoiding the floor blade traps and then kill off some anklebiters and their generator right in front of the previously mentioned locked gate. Just like the previous two locked gates, there is yet another explosive suicide grunt right around the corner, so take care of the grunt first before opening the gate. Walk to where the suicide grunt came from to deal with two archers and another anklebiter generator. Go back and open the gate, then deal with the archer inside of it. Grab the green crystal on the side and then step on the switch that the hint scroll was talking about.

Follow the path and then grab a key next to the barrel along with the steak inside of the barrel too. Kill off another two archers and some anklebiters with their generator in your way. Continue on the path and avoid both the floor spike and blade traps. Following the pattern from the last couple of gates, kill a explosive suicide grunt around the corner and two archers. Open the gate and kill the two archers inside. Grab the green crystal and key right in front of you. Open the barrel on the left for a potion and then continue on. Follow the path and then kill a bomb thrower in front of a pair of stairs, then avoid the floor blade trap. Walk down the stairs and kill off an anklebiter generator, then finish off two archers guarding the exit. Grab the yellow crystal next to the exit, and then open the wall behind the exit and to the right. Grab the hidden cherry for your troubles and then finally exit the level.