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In Gauntlet Dark Legacy, there are 8 normal heroes and 9 secret ones. Each of the secret characters are the exact same as their normal counter parts except with better stats and a different look. Sumner is the only exception, because he an extra secret character (he's excluded from the game manual) with maxed out stats. The following sections detail each character's starting stats, abilities, titles, appearances, and strengths and weaknesses.


The warrior is the main fighter of the group, well rounded towards fighting, but faster than the dwarf. With his offensive and defensive capabilities, he is heavily handicapped when it comes to using potions.

Turbo attacks
  • Yellow Turbo: Fire Arc - Spins clockwise, swinging his blade with the power of fire, causing a red silhouette of his blade to appear.
  • Red Turbo: Plasma Trail - A giant red version of the warrior stands behind him and pounds the ground causing a wave of energy to travel along the ground.
Melee Combo Attacks
  1. Breathes small blast of fire in front of him (like a brief Fire Shield effect).
  2. He spins around damaging all nearby enemies.
  3. Winds up with an underhand windmill, performs a strong uppercut, and moves forward slightly.
  4. The warrior first performs a spin, then follows up with an uppercut (see combo attacks 2 and 3).
Level range Title Character appearance
1-9 Warrior All colors: have nothing but a loin cloth, boots or sandals, long hair usually black or brown, and a wimpy looking one sided axe.
10-19 Fighter A little more clothing, his hatchet's blade grows slightly.
20-29 Hero Much larger axe; bracer.
30-39 Hero Full arm guard; bigger axe.
40-49 Veteran Double bladed gold inscribed axe with full right arm chain mail and spiked shoulder guard.
50-59 Veteran Double bladed axe, not inscribed, but larger curve of blade, like two S's. Left spiked should guard.
60-69 Champion Spiked metal helm with symmetrical armor/clothing. Gold inscribed, double bladed axe. Hand guard and spike at the bottom of the axe. Buccaneer style boots with a bell-bottom top. Blue/black belt with a white circle for a buckle.
70-79 Champion Golden pauldrons, fuller looking axe with a split front blade. Golden spike on top. Silver helmet with 3 spikes down the center, and two small curved spikes off the sides. Taller looking boots without a lip.
80-98 Master Gold pauldrons and armplates, golden spiked helmet and axe. Fully armored upper half, heavily clothed lower half, VERY ornate axe blade, and extremely large, with multiple spikes coming off of the hand guard like a trench knife.
99 Legend The same, but the character is much larger.
Level Strength Armor Magic Speed Max Health
1 600 300 100 350 500
70 945 675 445 775 7400

At level 30 a Warrior receives a green dragonfly (regardless of player color) that follows him and attacks with him. Becomes Red at level 80, signifying a stronger pet.


The Valkyrie, along with the Knight, are the two starting classes based around Armor. The Valkyrie, however, is fully balanced other than her Armor, unlike the Knight who trades 50 Magic for 50 Strength

Turbo attacks
  • Yellow Turbo: Multi-blade Arc - The Valkyrie spins in a circle several times, lifting her off the ground slightly and leaving blue swirling trails around her, damages all nearby enemies.
  • Red Turbo: Sky Lance - The Valkyrie lets out a Banshee-like scream and swings her sword and shield downward together, firing a bright blue cone in front of her that damages enemies in a wave.
Level range Title Character appearance
1-9 Valkyrie All colors: Simple clothing with a front and rear cloth hanging from the waist, wielding a small shield and short sword. The exception being yellow who wears a one piece dress and has a more pointed white shield. As well green wears a skirt rather than loin cloth but that is a minor detail.
10-19 Guardian Slightly detailed small shield. Slightly larger sword. Added wings on boots.
20-29 Protector Detailed small shield, details on clothing, metal shoulder-guards, simple headgear, jagged dark-silver sword.
30-39 Protector Bigger shield. Slightly more detailed clothing. Larger shoulder-guards. Larger headgear. Sword becomes a scimitar.
40-49 Defender More detailed shield. Now has leggings, an arm guard & wrist guards. Boots are larger. Sword becomes wavy and has golden inscription.
50-59 Defender Shield has golden top rim. Clothing gets golden detail. Circlet on headgear & wings on boots become gold. New bracer on left arm. Sword becomes straight with spikes on the side of the hilt.
60-69 Captain Shield becomes more ornate. Right leg gets a bracer. Wings on headgear and sides of the skirt become gold. Left arm now fully covered. Sword's hilt becomes golden and goes up the sword.
70-79 Captain Shield becomes even more ornate. Left leg gets a bracer. Now has an actual helmet. Only your elbows are protected now. Sword becomes jagged, with golden inscription.
80-89 Champion Shield has golden sides. Helmet looks like a roman soldiers. Arms are fully protected again, with golden armor. Shoulder guards also become golden. Sword is straight once more, with a wavy golden pattern.
90-98 Champion Shield is now entirely made of gold. Helmet becomes golden. Arm and shoulder guards become complete. Wings on boots are larger, and the leg bracers are golden. The Valkyrie now has a cape. Clothing becomes ornate. The sword is huge and inscribed with gold, with a star-like hilt.
99 Legend The same, but the character is much larger.
Level Strength Armor Magic Speed Max Health
1 300 450 300 300 500

At level 30, the Valkyrie receives a hawk/eagle that follows her around and attacks with her. At level 80, she receives a Falcon with a more powerful shot attack.


The Wizard, along with the Sorceress, are the two starting classes based around Magic. The Wizard, however, is more balanced other than his magic, unlike the Sorceress who trades 50 Strength for 50 Speed.

Turbo attacks
  • Yellow Turbo: Rock Shower - The Wizard makes the screen darker, and then shakes it, and then drops about a dozen boulders down around him with only a mild grunt and a hand gesture.
  • Red Turbo: Demon Skull - The Wizard pulls a huge skull from underground with what looks like sheer force of will, and wills it forwards, leaving a golden trail behind it as it damages all enemies in front of the Wizard in a wave.
Level range Title Character appearance
1-9 Wizard The wizard looks drastically different depending on the color. Red looks strong and fit like the warrior. Blue is the classic Wizard without the pointy hat. Green is bald and has a goatee. And Yellow looks Egyptian themed, like a Pharaoh.
10-19 Magician All colors have new golden eagle-headed warpick for a staff.

Red: Now has headband, new torso and pants. Blue: Shiny silver skullcap and gold decoration on left pants leg. Green: Has headband, longer pants cloth in middle, and added collar now. Yellow: Adds Mohawk haircut, white torso clothing, and mini white pants cloth to front and back.

20-39 Mage Appropriate staves are given throughout, Blue starts growing his gray beard and mustache, Green gets a lot of gold trim to flesh out his Necromancer look, Red and Yellow are a bit more... eccentric though, Yellow begins to pull out the Mr. T mohawk and Red begins to look like he's from the 60's with wide baggy pants and a bandanna around his head.
40-59 Conjurer ??.
60-79 Spellcaster ??.
80-98 Archmage ??.
99 Legend ??.
Extra notes about appearance

It should be noted the Wizard has the girliest male walk in the game, he looks like he's window-shopping. However at the same time, he levitates and meditates while idle, and constantly has a glowing off-hand, so that kinda makes up for it. He also blocks by putting both hands on his tiny little wand, and holding it in front of him as a shield...

Also, while the Sorceress casts with words, the Wizard simply grunts, in exactly the same voice as the warrior or knight; almost as if he's saying "This is the MANLY way to cast spells."

Level Strength Armor Magic Speed Max Health
1 250 150 600 350 500



The Archer, along with the Jester, are the two starting classes based around Speed. The Archer, however, is more balanced other than her Speed, unlike the Jester who trades 50 Strength for 50 magic.

Turbo attacks
  • Yellow Turbo: Double Beam - The Archer pulls two bows out and, with a grunt, launches arrows in a semi-circle in front of her, rapid-fire style.
  • Red Turbo: BFG - The Archer reaches into the empty space behind her and pulls out two large wooden cannons, then with a grunt she attacks with her yellow turbo, and then at the finale of the turbo she fires a massive green smoking arrow that damages all enemies in a line in front of her.
Level range Title Character appearance
1-9 Archer Each looks very different. Green is a hot little Amazon in a green one-piece bathing suit. Red is a cross between a Gypsy and a female Rambo. Blue has an oriental feel with a belly shirt and a cloth hanging from her waist in front. Yellow looks very Olympian, with a short skirt and a white mantle around her shoulders.
10-29 Scout Pretty minor changes, the archer pretty much just gets extras to her previous costume, like bits of armor added on and details on her clothing.
30-49 Veteran The archer gets a few noticeable changes here, she starts to look a lot more like the picture for her character with a fairly full, if plain, costume consisting of a few armor plates or layered cloth and some hair dressing, her bow still looks like a bow gun though.
50-69 Ranger ??.
70-98 Captain ??.
99 Legend ??.
Extra notes about appearance

The Archer is meant to be four of the most attractive female stereotypes, Green becomes a very beautiful gypsy/amazon hybrid, Red is the bodacious Rambo chick (the only one with pants), Blue tends to look mildly oriental at almost all levels, and Yellow is very Classical mythology styled. I think they did an excellent job making a character who was attractive without being slutty (e.g. the sorceress)

She doesn't use a regular bow, she uses a bow-gun, one that auto-reloads itself as fast as she pulls the trigger apparently. Her basic stance is almost boxer-like in nature, even though she has a bow in one hand. She tends to dance from foot to foot and shift her weight around. Her idle animations are quite interesting, firstly she has what I consider to be a valley girl wave, she kinda looks into the distance, moving her head around, then holds her gun straight up in the air, waving it back and forth in large arcs, and then she realizes they didn't see her and shifts her hips around in disappointment and goes back into her stance. Her second animation makes me laugh, because it breaks the fourth wall of media; she puts her hands on her hips and begins tapping her foot, and every so often she'll look around and then stamp her foot impatiently on the ground and continue tapping.

Her guard is her only weak spot in animation, when she blocks she simply puts her hands together for a moment and wiggles a little. Kinda disappointing...

Level Strength Armor Magic Speed Max Health
1 250 200 300 600 500



The Dwarf, along with the Warrior, are the two starting classes based around Strength. The Dwarf, however, trades 50 Speed for 50 Armor, making him tougher but very slow.

Turbo attacks
  • Yellow Turbo: Thunderclap - The Dwarf roars and claps his tiny little hands, releasing a giant ripple of fire that damage all enemies in a circle around him.
  • Red Turbo: Fire Fissure - The Dwarf jumps, slams his hammer into the ground, and a great molten crack in the earth appears, the Dwarf's fury is then so great, that he forces the fissure to MOVE, and instead of closing, the large crack flies off the screen.
Level range Title Character appearance
1-9 Dwarf The Dwarf is drastically different depending on which color you choose. Yellow looks like a shrunk down version of Mr. T wearing sandals with a bare chest, and is lacking the mohawk. Green looks like a typical fantasy dwarf, bald with a huge red beard and a bare chest (however it could also be armor but it's quite hard to tell). Blue needs a makeover, he has a light blue hat that comes down over his eyes, a bushy brown beard, and is wearing a dark blue/white/gold robe that makes him look really fat, he basically looks like a drawf templar. Red is on steroids, he's a miniature version of the Hulk without the green skin, oh and he has a ridiculous blonde beard. All Dwarves come equipped with a blacksmith's hammer.
10-19 Journeyman ??.
20-29 Journeyman ??.
30-39 Mercenary Brown Owl.
40-49 Mercenary ??.
50-59 Captain ??.
60-69 Captain ??.
70-79 Master ??.
80-89 Master Golden Owl.
90-98 Lord ??.
99 Legend ??.
Extra notes about appearance

The Dwarf has very little by way of personality. His stance is extremely boring, and his idle animations consist of him attempting a merry dwarven jig, but without the alcohol he doesn't have the motivation. And given enough time alone, he will reveal his true weakness, he's damn sick of being short! The dwarf will jump as high as he can, and then tire himself out and sit down, breathing heavily until you move the joystick or press a button. The dwarf also rarely says anything, very little audio with this character.

What he lacks in personality he does make up for in muscle though, and any player looking for a miniature version of Chuck Norris, the Hulk, Mr. T, or Arnold, will not be disappointed.

Level Strength Armor Magic Speed Max Health
1 600 350 100 300 500



The Knight, along with the Valkyrie, are the two starting classes based around Armor. The Knight, however, trades 50 Magic for 50 Strength, unlike the Valkyrie who is fully balanced other than her armor.

Turbo attacks
  • Yellow Turbo: Ball and Chain - The Knight's club becomes a flail, the head extending as he swings it around his head once, dealing damage to all enemies around him.
  • Red Turbo: Wheel of Death - The Knight's club becomes a flail, the head extending as he swings it around his head a few times and then with a shout he slams it down, sending out a wheel shaped mace head that damages all enemies in a line in front of him.
Level range Title Character appearance
1-9 Knight All colors: Simple clothing with some light leather armor, a helmet, and no shield. Yellow knight starts off nearly naked and no helmet.
10-19 Guard All colors now wield shields and a mace that has more spikes. Green: Helmet now has rim on top, shoulders and torso have more green, pants are slightly longer, and now brown boots. Blue: Arms now covered with more clothing and longer loin cloth. Red: Helmet now has horns, arms have bands, and boots have white cuffs. Yellow: Added Silver torso piece, longer pants cloth, and hair now has band at end of tail.
20-39 Protector Heavy clothing covers the Blue and Red knights, leather armor and a few pieces of plate as well. Green and Yellow are still half bare, but what is covered is more heavily armored. Medium sized shield, not very ornate, and a spiked mace the size of a child.
40-59 Cavalier ??.
60-79 Champion ??.
80-98 Paladin ??.
99 Legend ??.
Extra notes about appearance

The knight is a classical cleric in almost every sense of the word, helmet, big shields, and blunt weapons.

He blocks efficiently; when he idles he either does some jumping jacks and limbers up or has an itch, and begins scratching himself with his spiked mace.

Level Strength Armor Magic Speed Max Health
1 300 350 450 250 500



The Sorceress, along with the Wizard, are the two starting classes based around Magic. The Sorceress, however, trades 50 Strength for 50 Speed, while the Wizard is more balanced.

Turbo attacks
  • Yellow Turbo: Acid Rain - The Sorceress says some words, her wand lights like a green sparkler, and she swings it in an arc around her like a sword, damaging all enemies around her.
  • Red Turbo: Spell Storm - The Sorceress makes some casting sounds and motions and summons up 6 skeletons, who apparently can't come all the way out of the ground, and then 3 of them disappear and only 3 undead torsos charge in front of her, damaging enemies they come in contact with.
Level range Title Character appearance
1-9 Sorceress All colors: Is apparently very casual, in all colors she wears either a bathrobe, or a miniskirt and bikini top, with slippers and a very unimpressive wand.
10-19 Witch ??.
20-29 Conjurer ??.
30-39 Conjurer Black Bat.
40-49 Spellcaster ??.
50-59 Spellcaster ??.
60-69 Spellshaper ??.
70-79 Spellshaper ??.
80-89 Necromancer Crimson Bat.
90-98 Necromancer ??.
99 Legend ??.
Extra notes about appearance

The Sorceress stands with her knees bent and her hand on her hip and wiggles her butt. She fidgets with her outfit, tugs at her skirt, club dances, and practices back-talking people when she's idle. When she walks she twirls her wand like its a scepter and she's queen.

Her basic attack gives anyone behind her a major distraction (hint hint, nudge nudge) her power attack is a green gassy magical kiss (complete with sound effect. And when she blocks she actually takes a mildly decent defensive stance, but she puts her bare arm in front of her as a shield.

The Yellow sorceress is the classic look. She has a white afro, and like most yellow characters, has dark skin. She wears a yellow mini-dress at lvl 1. As she levels up, her dress gets longer, she gets some neck bling, and remains awesome. She is one of the only sorceresses that doesn't spend half the game looking ridiculous.

The Red Sorceress has a pseudo barbarian theme to her. She has long flowing blonde hair and fair skin. She wears a torn crop top and miniskirt at lvl 1. As she levels up she gets a lot of weird leg bling and gold trim. Around lvl 70, her long flowing hair will disappear; in it's place she gets a little cape.

The Blue Sorceress sort of looks like a cross between a divine priestess and an extra in a 1980's workout video. Her brown hair is kept in a long braid that dangles down to her lower back. She wears a blue strapless jumpsuit. As she lvls up, she gets wing like appendages on her legs (aka foot bling.) I also believe that much like the red sorceress, her braid eventually disappears, to be replaced by a cape (although this happens at a higher lvl than the red sorceress.)

The Green Sorceress has an evil vibe to her. She has orange hair that pokes out the top of her pointy hat in a high ponytail style. She wears a tight fitting top and miniskirt with knee high leather boots. As she lvls up, she gets what I can only identify as "hip bling."

Level Strength Armor Magic Speed Max Health
1 200 150 600 400 500



During a dark legacy shirt password contest the sorceress was shown in her typical yellow style wearing a white t-shirt that you could win in the competition as well as casual jeans that appear to be unzipped but it is uncertain to tell.


The Jester, along with the Archer, are the two starting classes based around Speed. The Jester, however trades 50 Magic for 50 Strength

Turbo attacks
  • Yellow Turbo: Sonic Boom - The Jester reaches into his clothes and comes out with cartoon-like large gloved hands, he then rears back and claps them together, send out a ripple of damage/knockdown and the gloves dissolve away.
  • Red Turbo: Hammer Time - The Jester pulls out a comical wooden hammer and spins it in a circle around him, and then with a loud springing sound, fires a massive boxing glove in front of him, damaging all enemies in a wave.
Melee Combo Attacks
  1. Cartwheel - Jester lunges forward and revolves on his hands and feet, with limegreen lines representing motion as he moves.
  2. Pirouette - Jester gets on one leg and spins, kicking, which knocks back or kills all enemies within a small radius.
  3. Oldest Trick In The Book - Jester pulls a rope from nowhere and a heavy object falls on the enemies in front of him. (Blue drops 2 ton weight, red drops a severed foot, green/yellow drops a wooden crate)
Level range Title Character appearance
1-9 Jester All colors: Short shorts, shoes, gloves and a hood, with a small bomb in one hand and a wand in the other.
10-19 Prankster All colors get a new Jester wand.

Green: Hat gets pointer and adds more clothing to legs and upper body. Red: Slightly bigger hat but no new clothing. Blue: New hat with one pointy tip and adds clothing to legs. Yellow: Adds white cuffs to arms, yellow boots, larger clothing on legs, and longer point on hat.

20-39 Joker Green: Hat even more pointy. Red: Same clothing. Blue: Different hat that has two points. Yellow: Boots are different.
40-59 Clown Clothing details, bombs appear to be lit with electricity or blue magic sparkles.
60-79 Trickster Green: Hat is now half red/half green and boots are red. Blue: Hat now has three points. Red: Same if not small changes in details of clothing. Yellow: Same if not small changes in details of clothing.
80-98 Fool Green: Adds red cloth to front and back of pants. Red: Same? Blue: Adds silver chain-mail clothing to waist and neck area. Yellow: Same if not small changes in details of clothing.
99 Legend ??.
Extra notes about appearance

The Jester enters the stage with an explosive jumping jack, and is constantly moving even while standing still. He swivels his arms, his torso, and his hips at all times. As an idle animation the Jester will either do a handstand, and stay that way, or bust out some ridiculous dance moves which he eventually realizes aren't that cool and he kinda just "eeeehhh..." and goes back to his normal stance.

While he seems like a completely awesome character, I would like to point out that his guard, is not a guard, its a cower. When the Jester blocks he pulls a leg up, leans back away from the danger and shield his face with his arms. His run is also a prance, so get ready for a very eccentric character if you choose the Jester.

Level Strength Armor Magic Speed Max Health
1 200 200 350 600 500

At level 30, the Jester receives a flying rat (rat with wings) that follows him around and attacks with him. At Level 80, the Jester receives a flying pig (pig with wings) that is stronger than the rat.


  • Base character: Sorceress
  • Secret stage location: Forsaken Province, Ghost Town


  • Base character: Warrior
  • Secret stage location: Mountain Kingdom, Dagger Peak
Level Strength Armor Magic Speed Max Health
1 650 350 150 400 500

Level range Title Character appearance
1-9 Warrior All colors: Minotaur takes a similar appearance in all colors.
10-19 Rogue ??.
20-29 Rogue ??.
30-39 Mercenary Green Dragonfly.
40-49 Mercenary ??.
50-59 Captain ??.
60-69 Captain ??.
70-79 Champion ??.
80-89 Champion Red Dragonfly.
90-98 Chieftain ??.
99 Legend ??.


  • Base character: Valkyrie
Level Strength Armor Magic Speed Max Health
1 350 350 500 350 500

  • Secret stage location: Castle Stronghold
Level range Title Character appearance
1-9 Falconess All colors: Falconess takes a similar appearance in all colors.
10-19 Guardian ??.
20-29 Guardian ??.
30-39 Protector Hawk/Eagle.
40-49 Protector ??.
50-59 Defender ??.
60-69 Defender ??.
70-79 Captain ??.
80-89 Captain Falcon.
90-98 Champion ??.
99 Legend ??.


  • Base character: Knight
  • Secret stage location: Sky Dominion, Toxic Spire


  • Base character: Archer
  • Secret stage location: Forest Realm, Tree

Turbo attacks

  • Yellow Turbo: Double Bow
  • Red Turbo: BFG (Big Freakin' Guns)

Level range Title Character appearance
1-9 Tigress All colors: Tigress takes a similar appearance in all colors.
10-19 Scout ??.
20-29 Scout ??.
30-39 Veteran Blue Butterfly.
40-49 Veteran ??.
50-59 Ranger ??.
60-69 Ranger ??.
70-79 Captain ??.
80-89 Captain Green Butterfly.
90-98 Champion ??.
99 Legend ??.


  • Base character: Wizard
  • Secret stage location: Desert Lands, Temple


  • Base character: Dwarf
  • Secret stage location: Ice Domain, The Docks


  • Base character: Jester
  • Secret stage location: Dream Realm, Haunted House


  • Base character: Wizard
  • Secret stage location: Battle Grounds, Towers