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Beginning of the Cliff[edit]

Start off the level by destroying a grunt generator above you, and an anklebiter generator below you. If you get to close to the fire trap, a explosive suicide grunt might active and try to kill you. Grunts will keep coming down the slope, so let's grab the items in this area quickly and head on up, ignoring the locked door near the anklebiter generator that was just destroyed. There is a key next to a barrel that contains a cherry. Ignore the only chest down here as it only contains a bomb. The two barrels at the top near the destroyed grunt generator has a spoiled fruit and a hint scroll.

Hint Scroll
"Before opening gates, look for alternative paths."

Just like Dagger Peak, there are some paths where you can avoid using keys and just take a detour instead. Walk up the slope that is in front of the fire trap, grabbing the purple crystals and slaying grunts on the way. Destroy the grunt generator and the general that drops treasure. Moving past the two locked gates up here, walk to the right to find a key, a grunt generator, and a bomb thrower. Deal with them first, and open the gate on the left, destroying the grunt generator inside as well. The barrel contains a key and the chest has a pineapple inside. Open the other gate and destroy the generator in here as well, grabbing the one key and green crystal. Walk down the slope on the right and collect the purple crystals. Next to the grunt generator is a barrel with a hint scroll inside.

Hint Scroll
"Generals guard triggers to unlock that which Sumner requires!"

We'll see what this scroll means in just a little bit. For now, kill some more grunts and anklebiters, along with their generators. There are two chests sitting diagonally. The top most chest has a red death in it, and the bottom most chest has a potion inside. If you are running low on keys, there is a keyring near the anklebiter generator that you just destroyed. At this point, there are quite a few paths to travel on, so we'll start by going left towards a locked door, which connects to the beginning area. Open this locked door and kill any grunts that are hovering around it, and their generator. Grab the piece of drumstick and the one blue crystal and move towards the left. There is another keyring, which you will want to keep. Go back towards the door that was just opened, and this time go down the nearest slope that has two purple crystals on it. Destroy the grunt generator on the right, grab the keyring, and open the locked door on the left. Grab the blue crystal, and grab the invulnerability in the barrel. Go towards the right to kill off an anklebiter generator. The chest in front of the fire trap has a cherry inside. Behind the locked door is some treasure, so make sure you grab that.

Middle of the Cliff[edit]

Head up the slope on the right with two more purple crystals and kill some grunts, anklebiters, their generators, and an archer in the distance. Walk up the slope to notice a locked door and a general. Backtrack a bit to the left to find another slope that leads to the same area, and doesn't need a key. Grab the keyring and kill the general. After killing the general, grab the key he drops and open the barrel between the green and red barrels for an apple. Open the chest on the right for a potion as well. This switch is one of the two switches that the hint scroll was referring to earlier. Flip the switch on the wall to lower a wall on a bridge. Go back to the left and down the slope, and now continue on to the right, past the lava-fall towards some anklebiters and grunts. Destroy their generators and grab the key in front of the fire trap. Be careful of the falling boulders, and destroy the grunt generator past it. Deal with a golem that is blocking the way and grab the treasure it drops. Walk towards the right and destroy a generator next to a locked door. Walk back to where the boulders are falling, and destroy one of the rocks blocking the slope that goes downward. Walk down the slope and destroy the anklebiter generator, and ignore the chest as it only contains junk. Open the locked door on the left and kill the archer, and grab the blue crystal as well. Flip the switch to lower another wall on a bridge, just like the first switch.

Walk back to the right, and destroy a destructible wall in front of a fire trap, which contains an ice crystal and a keyring. Walk back up the slope, but be careful of the falling boulder's timing. Walk back to the right where we saw a locked door earlier, and go through it to find some grunts and their generator up ahead. Destroy the generator from a distance as there is more falling boulders in this area. Ignore the chest next to the generator as it only contains a bomb. Walk across a bridge to find some grunts and anklebiters. Destroy their generators, and an annoying bomb thrower who is just below. The chest across the bridge contains a pineapple, so grab it if you are low on health. The chest behind the tree has a fire amulet inside. Grab the keyring next to the chest as well.

End of the Cliff[edit]

Go down the slope on the right to meet a explosive suicidal grunt. Take care of him, and go to the left where there are some grunts waiting if you haven't deal with them yet. Walk down the slope to find their generator and a fire trap. Keep going to the right and you'll notice that this is where we saw the walls lowering from the switches earlier. Continue across the bridge, grabbing the invisibility and golden icon too. Basically, this saves you a key, but after you cross this bridge, you will want to go up and cross the upper bridge to grab those purple crystals. Go back and destroy some generators, while being careful of the falling boulders. The one chest across these bridges is a potion.

Go down the slope and destroy the grunt and anklebiter generators. Open the chest for a speed power-up, and then deal with that gargoyle that is aware of you by this point, and is probably actively trying to shoot at you. Defeat the gargoyle, and grab the golden icon it drops. Grab the treasure on the ground and the blue crystal above. If you are in need of some health, open up the chest to eat a steak. Go back down the slope and exit the level.