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Bottom of the Peak[edit]

Just like the Valley of Fire, there is a grunt generator right to the left as you start; deal with that first. In front of you is a barrel and a chest on both the left and right. The chest on the left contains a fire amulet, and the chest on the right has some treasure. The barrel has the first and only hint scroll of this level.

Hint Scroll
"Only open gates that you need to."

There are many quite a few paths that you can take on this level, but some areas are blocked off by locked doors; however, you can either use a key to open it, or you can take a detour that will lead to the same area without using a key. The left path has a fire potion on the slope and some purple crystals that are on the side with an archer sitting there too. Instead of using a key here, go back down and use the right path. The right path has a keyring, some archers shooting at you, incoming grunts, and purple crystals. Avoid the fire trap and kill the incoming explosive suicide grunt. Destroy the generator and grab the lightning shield on the right to help deal with the hoard of enemies that are approaching. Kill off all the grunts and destroy their generator at the top of the slope. If you haven't noticed, this was the other side of the locked door we were just at prior to this, which saved us a key! Continue on and kill the archer that is next to a chest full of treasure.

Middle of the Peak[edit]

Ignore the right path with a locked door and instead go on the left path with purple crystals. There are some anklebiters and a generator at the top of the slope along with an archer shooting at you down the slope. Down below is a barrel with a cherry inside, and up the slope on the left is a general who drops junk. Following the general are some more grunts and their generator. The lone barrel contains a red death that needs to be killed with a potion as the wall behind it will open up shortly. Next to the generator you may here a explosive suicide grunt trying to get you to, kill it and grab the phoenix sitting in the corner.

Use a key to open the door on the right and grab the steak on the way down. There are some anklebiters and grunts to kill, so destroy their generators and deal with the bomb thrower. Grab the blue crystal and head on down to grab a keyring to replenish your keys. Head on back up to where the red death was and go up the slope and kill more grunts on the way to their generator. If you wish, you can throw a potion up to a bomb thrower that is behind a locked door. Continue on the right to find a key behind a fire trap and a generator. Destroy the generator and kill any grunts, then go up the slope to get greeted by a chimera and some anklebiters. Kill them off and grab the blue crystal behind the chimera. Kill the grunts that are coming up the slope on the left and destroy their generator down below. Grab the cherry and green potion and go down to collect some purple crystals. Kill any grunts that are on this path and flip the switch to open a wall where you killed the red death earlier. Grab the pineapple behind the locked door and start backtracking if you want to grab the rapid fire power-up, or just use a key if you are lazy.

Top of the Peak[edit]

Go back up to the area where you grabbed the green potion and head on up to find some more grunts and a golem. Kill off the golem and surrounding grunts, and grab the key the golem dropped along with the green crystal. The chest contains a turbo power-up if you need it. Use a key to open the door on the right and kill the annoying archer if you haven't done so yet. In the middle of this path is a hidden destructible wall that is hiding an ice crystal. Turn around and head up the slope that the golem was guarding. Kill off some more grunts and destroy their generator. Use another key on the door to the right and kill some bomb throwing grunts on the way. Grab the fire potion and avoid the spoiled fruit on the way. Be careful and don't walk too close to the locked door otherwise you might end up accidentally using a key. Kill off some grunts and destroy their generator and open the chest to get some treasure. The secret level door that takes you to Gauntlet is down below, and there is a lone key below that door as well.

Backtrack the way you came and head up the final slope of the level while collecting some purple crystals and avoiding fire traps as well. Kill off the anklebiters, open the chest nearby to get some treasure, and exit the level.