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For more details on bosses, see Gauntlet Dark Legacy/Bosses.

There are several types of enemies in Gauntlet Dark Legacy, however they come in types that are identifiable across realms. Note that each realm may have more than one type of grunt; these enemies are usually introduced a few levels later in the realm.


"The most common, these monsters are created from Generators throughout the levels. Destroy the generators to stop these creatures from being produced. They can be anything from Ogres, Wolves, Skeleton Soldiers and even Knights. Grunts can be destroyed by normal attacks." The first type of grunt shown in the realm is the most common with the second type featured in a special level. For example, Guards are found in most stages of the Castle Stronghold except for the Armory stage, where Knights are fought instead.

Realm Type Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Forsaken Province Zombies Small corpse carrying a pitchfork. Medium sized and wielding scythes. Largest zombie wielding a large sawblade.
Forsaken Province Ghosts Small pale specter. Medium sized hooded ghost. Large bone-white phantom.
Mountain Kingdom Ogres Small, green, skinny, with a small spear. Larger and more muscular, carries two broadswords. Largest and clad in armor, wields a great axe.
Mountain Kingdom Lava Demons Small, and light blue. Larger, dark blue with red stripes. Largest and bright hellish red. Shoots fireballs.
Castle Stronghold Guards Small, lightly armored blue ogre. Larger and resembles an executioner. Largest and resembles a Roman soldier.
Castle Stronghold Knights Small halberd-wielding knight. Medium sized gray knight, wields a war hammer and shield. Large black knight wielding a large broadsword.
Sky Dominion Plagued Soldiers Dressed in a brown, sleeveless robe, this infested monster carries a single bladed staff. Wearing a gas mask and carrying two large knives, flies buzzing around its head. Shirtless and one eyed, these "men" carry a container of toxic waste on their back. Using a wooden barrel with a bayonet equipped, the toxic waste can be fired at a target.
Sky Dominion Beholders Small, brown floating cyclops head with a single claw protruding from the top. Green floating cyclops head with two clawed "hands." Large, dark green floating cyclops head with three writhing claws protruding from the top and sides respectively.
Ancient Forest Lizardmen Little orange grunt armed with a simple spear Orange lizard warrior armed with two Macuahuitl clubs. Large Strongman armed with a large Macuahuitl club.
Ancient Forest Tree Ents Small and twig-like. Medium-sized and covered in moss. Largest and most dangerous of the tree monsters.
Desert Lands Nomads Small peon with a spear. Fierce, Egyptian-like warrior. Spellcaster, able to shoot fireballs.
Desert Lands Mummies Frail-looking skeleton that struggles to walk. Large, bandage wrapped monster. Giant, pharaoh-like corpse.
Desert Lands Small Genies Small, green versions of the Mystical Genie. Spawned only in the boss level. N/A N/A
Ice Domain Mutant Miners Small, with a pickax. The only Rank 1 grunt not armed with a spear. Medium sized and carrying two pickaxes. Largest and carrying a large pickax.
Ice Domain Cave Worms Teal-colored cave beast. Purple, large, with a nasty temperament. Dark blue beast that can shoot needles out of its mouth.
Dream World Dream Imps Small blue imp wielding a spear. Greenish imp with four-arms, each holding a curved sword. Large, red, devil-like imp, wields an axe.
Dream World Mirror Mages Dwarf-like mage armed with daggers. Tall, gaunt men with long, sharp fingernails (seriously). Similar to Rank 2, except taller and with the ability to shoot fireballs.
Battlegrounds Skeleton Soldiers Small skeleton grunt armed with a spear. Vicious skeleton warrior armed with two swords. A giant skeleton swordsmen.

Suicide Bombers[edit]

"Grunts with explosive red or green barrels on their back. Their mission is to run at you and deliver their explosives to you personally. Not afraid of dying, these grunts are very dangerous." They are extremely easy to spot, and you'll know they are in the vicinity and ready to attack once you hear their definitive scream.

If you're walking in a direction and you hear the roar of a suicide bomber, immediately fire a fully charged turbo shot; if you can't do that, try backing up slightly while trying to keep a stream of constant fire in the direction you were headed. Hopefully the frenzied creature will rush into one of your projectiles, out of harm's way.

Bomb Throwers & Archers[edit]

"More skilled than grunts, these monsters either hurl bombs or shoot arrows at you. Try to destroy these fiends first. They do significant damage when they attack."

Ankle biters[edit]

"Crawling on the ground, these creatures are spawned from generators on the ground. Scorpions and Giant Maggots crawl toward you. They are not as dangerous as grunts, but nonetheless cannot be ignored." Ankle biters come in two levels, big and small, as designated by their generator's strength.

Realm Type Rank 1 Rank 2
Forsaken Province Giant Maggots Small, pulsating worm. Large, pulsating worm.
Mountain Kingdom Scorpions Small and black. Large and red.
Castle Stronghold Rats Small black rat. Large brown rat.
Sky Dominion Slimes A small puddle of animated toxic waste. A larger puddle brought to life by sinister magic.
Ancient Forest Spiders Small and green. Large and red.
Desert Lands Snakes Small serpent, resembles an asp. Larger snake, resembles a cobra.
Ice Domain Wolves Small blue pup. Large and yellowish.
Dream World Crawling Hands Small, rotting green hand. Large, clawed, gnarled, blue hand.
Battlegrounds Demon Dogs Small skeleton "puppy." Vicious skeleton dog.


"Generals rule over the grunts. They are much tougher to defeat than their grunt minions. Often when defeated, they will drop a valuable item that can be used by your hero." Not only are they tougher, but they are also much larger, have unique models and textures compared to their grunt minions, and have special abilities. Generals can block attacks and charge. They use these abilities in a cycle; for example if you are close enough to catch one's attention, it will rush towards you and swing its weapon, slowly walk around, then charge again if you aren't right next to it. If you happen to attack it after it charges, generals will often go into a blocking stance where they will take reduced damage from anything that hits them (just like your own shield). This defensive stance can be triggered with fast or slow attacks.

  • Forsaken Province: Zombie Reaper (brown rags, large scythe).
  • Mountain: Ogre Warlord (light clothing, scimitar).
  • Castle: Executioner
  • Sky: Plagued Abomination (black clothes, tubes jutting from its head, spiked mace).
  • Forest: Lizardman Champion
  • Desert: Sultan
  • Ice: Barbarian Cheiftan
  • Dream: Demon Lord
  • Battlegrounds: Skeleton Soldier Legionnaire


"These look like giant rock, ice, or wood creatures. Very tough to kill and stronger than you, these should be attacked from a distance. Normal attacks work, but you should use Turbo Attacks for better results." Like generals, golems are large, slow moving enemies that can take a lot of damage that drop an item upon death. Unfortunately, golems also possess the ability to unleash a mid-level turbo attack (a 360 degree ground slam) that can deal serious damage. It's best to keep your distance or put a wall in between you and them before trying to kill them.

  • Forsaken Province: dirt covered golem.
  • Mountain: stone golem.
  • Castle: marble/metallic golem (one arm is a hand and the other is a makeshift hammer of rocks wrapped together by rope).
  • Sky: plague-infused golem. This beast is a bright green cyclops with a black mouth that wears pants, boots, and a large ring around each shoulder. Its right fist has a few large finger-like spikes jutting out from it, and its left hand is a large spiked mace.(green, one-eyed body covered in thick metal armour with two mace-like clubs on each hand; idle golems sit inside of giant barrels that blend into the level).
  • Forest: wood golem.
  • Desert: sand golem (axe on one arm; dark blue mouth).
  • Ice: beast golem (undead polar bear).
  • Dream: shadow golem (resembles a silhouette of a tree trunk with spiked arms and a green mouth; semi-invisible and blend into the level's background).
  • Battlegrounds: battle golem.
  • Underworld: lava golem.


"Close relatives to the Chimera, three types of gargoyles have infested the lands. Each one has great strength and powers." Gargolyes are large, dragon-like monsters. Like Generals and Golems, they drop items when they die, but the items they drop are golden items. You need a certain number of golden items to get to different areas of Sumners Tower.

  • Snake headed gargoyle: infused with acid, it leaves behind its golden fangs.
  • Eagle headed gargoyle: charged with electricity, it leaves behind a golden feather.
  • Lion headed gargoyle: empowered by fire, it leaves behind a golden claw.


"Hiding throughout the levels is Death himself. There are two types of Death. Beware of Level Stealing Death (black) and Life Stealing Death (red). Magic can defeat Death, as well as hitting him 100 times with a conventional attack. If you have no magic to attack with, Death will steal Health or an Experience Level from you and then leave. If a player has the "Anti-Death" power-up, he/she will gain 100 Health or an Experience Level from Death."

In some stages, the player will sometimes come across one of the most potent enemies: Death. Death appears to be a hovering, robed creature, with a hood that hides its face except for its glowing yellow eyes. There are two kinds of Death. The black robed Death drains your experience, while the red robed Death drains health. There are four ways to drive Death off:

  • Hit Death with your weapon 100 times.
  • Use magic on Death.
  • Find (or purchase prior to the level) an Anti-Death (halo) power-up that allows you to reverse-drain experience or health from Death, corresponding to the color of his robe, just as that particular Death would do to you.
  • Let Death drain your health or experience (he vanishes after taking 100 health points or an experience level, for red robed Death and black robed Death respectively).