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If you've never played a Gauntlet game before, you're in for some original fun. The game plays like traditional beat 'em up or hack and slash game, but with additional adventure and RPG elements.

Title Screen[edit]

From the title screen you have two options: start, or options.


Character selection


Game Options
  • Difficulty:
  • Multiplayer mode:
  • Style:
  • Rumble Feature:
  • Auto Aim:
  • Auto Attack:


For more details on controls, see Gauntlet Dark Legacy/Controls.

As you jump into the game, you'll notice that most of the time you'll be standing in one spot holding down either of the two attack buttons.

However, although you can play like this, later in the game you'll be beaten down as you face more difficult enemies. A few additional fighting techniques exist to help you through the game and make you a more experienced player:

  • You can use melee attacks and combos by walking into enemies (this is especially useful when it's necessary to take out a generator and a turbo attack, magic potion, or special item is not available).
  • You can use magic in various ways to help defeat large amounts of enemies and the occasional Death.
  • You can use powerful, long ranged and AOE turbo attacks.
  • By blocking you can reduce the amount of damage you take and avoid being knocked down by powerful attacks.
  • Strafing gives you the ability to attack with limited mobility.


For more details on enemies, see Gauntlet Dark Legacy/Enemies.

Enemies will hone in on you, and attack when within a certain proximity. Normal soldiers, creatures, generals and all the melee enemies will seek you out on foot. Archers and bomb throwers, however, will either attempt to keep their distance while they attack or stay in one spot, so you'll need to rush them to avoid taking a barrage of fire. Gargoyles stand at a fixed location, and only move towards the enemy occasionally - pulling one is practically impossible, especially due to their size.

Gargoyles, generals, golems, and bosses are all creatures that have a high tolerance to damage. They must be defeated in different ways, but note that you'll most likely sustain some if not a lot of damage from each of them. The strategy for facing off against these powerful enemies becomes more simple if you are playing with multiple characters.


For more details on items, see Gauntlet Dark Legacy/Items.

Across each stage you'll find chests and barrels scattered about. In each, you'll find various items ranging from gold to food to weaponry. Note that to open a chest, you'll need a key.

Environment Objects[edit]

Throughout the game you'll come across a wide variety of traps and puzzles. Locked gates, secret breakable walls and objects, flame traps, floor spikes, explosive barrels, you name it; if the horde of enemies doesn't kill you, maybe the walls themselves will! You'll need to watch the maze of terrain for hazards, but in most cases they won't cause too much of a problem. Standing on a trap, however, could kill you in a matter of time depending on your level.

Items such as Levitate and Resist Acid exist to help survive nuisances such as spikes on the floor and poisonous clouds.

Throughout your adventure you will come across the following:

Object Contents/Ability
Brown Barrels (normal): various treasure, possibly Death.
Green Barrels: explodes into a poisonous cloud that damages creatures standing in it over time.
Red Barrels: explodes in a fiery blast, instantly damaging creatures nearby.
Chests Various treasure, Death or a time bomb.
Floor spikes Periodically fires spikes upwards to damage creatures standing on top.
Floor or wall mounted flame traps Periodically blasts fire out, horizontally or vertically depending on its placement, that damages creatures hit by it.
Buzz saws located on the floor Periodically two buzz saws will appear on each end and slide to the opposite side; damages creatures standing on top.
Sewer Vents/Tentacles Periodically green tentacles will whip around outside of these steaming green grates.
Lightning Panel These runed slabs line doorways. Periodically they fire tendrils of electricity across the doorway.
Planes Flying planes can knock you down if you don't get out of the way.
Rolling Barrels Rolling barrels will knock you down if you don't get out of the way.
Log Jam Two booby trapped logs fall from the air, smashing you from either side.
Pendulum Blade Works like buzz saws on the floor, but the blade comes swinging down from the air.
Spring Loaded Warhammer Like the Lightning Panels, these devices make doorways perilous by periodically swinging a spiked hammer across your path.
Locked doors Can be unlocked with a key.
Secret breakable walls Can be destroyed with any attack or an explosion from a red barrel/kamikaze grunt.
Triggers "There are a few types of Triggers to look out for. Multicolored "All Player" Triggers require all active players to stand on them before the object will move. Shoot Triggers look like bullseye targets and can be shot to be activated. Wall/Floor Triggers only require one player's touch to be activated. They change from red to green when activated." Green = on, red = off.
Enemy Generators Spawns enemies at a specific rate. There are two types of generators: wall generators and ground generators. Their variance depends on the realm you're in.
Exit portals Enter or leave a realm.

Start Menu[edit]

At any time during gameplay you can reach this menu by pressing Start button.

Manage Character
Legend Items


The game is split into different realms, each with a different theme. Monsters and the environment vary from theme to theme. Each realm has its own color of crystal, and a legendary weapon can be found in one level of each realm.

Real Description
Forsaken Province "Sorcery and black magic rule in this realm. Death is the main topic of conversation and many spells have been passed down through the generations. Witchcraft is still practiced in many of the towns so beware in your travels. This is home to the Sorceress."

Hint System[edit]

If you visit Sumner, he will speak about four different topics. All of his advice is listed below. When you view hints, they tend to scroll through all of the ones you have unlocked. Note that any hint can be randomly omitted from the sequence, so you might have to keep requesting hints until you find them all.

General Hints

General hints are "helpful information that can aid you in your journey."

  • "I have more knowledge to tell after you unlock more of my tower."
  • "Twelve Runestones will lead you to the underworld. A thirteenth will lead you to Garm."
  • "To speed your travel within my tower, find the magic carpet."
  • "At level 50, a hero's magic ability grows much stronger."
  • "A bridge now completes the travel from east to west within my tower."
  • "Experienced heroes can gain much by increasing their attributes."
  • "I have more knowledge to tell after you unlock more of my tower."
  • "A chest with Death can be turned from sour to sweet by using magic."
  • "Picking up a turbo power-up when your meter is full will waste its power."
  • "While in my tower your power-ups will not be depleted."
  • "You can double the duration of a power-up by purchasing it twice."
  • "Having spare keys can save you both time and travel."
  • "Beware of what Pojo eats."
  • "A level 25 hero will gain new magic abilities. The route backwards within a realm may become blocked as you progress, so leave nothing precious behind."
  • "The location of items may change when two or more heroes enter a realm."
  • "Eating food when your health is nearly full may cause some of it to be wasted."
  • "Your precious food can be spoiled by the toxic green gas."
  • "Be careful what you shoot. Explosions can destroy valuable items."
  • "You may need to activate hidden switches to proceed."
  • "Never leave my tower without a full turbo."
  • "Find the secret door and a beast within can be unleashed by collecting all the coins."
  • "I have placed scrolls to help you in each realm."
  • "Keys are more valuable than junk and some fruits."
  • "You must find enough crystals of the appropriate color to enter each realm."
  • "Sections of my tower can only be unlocked by collecting all of the proper golden icons."
  • "You may trade your gold for health, keys, and weapons."
  • "The power of invisibility is useless against Skorne's mighty guardians."
  • "Power-ups have a shorter duration when facing Skorne's guardians."
  • "A less experienced hero should not spend gold on improving his attributes."
  • "If a Runestone can not be found, banish Skorne and I can help show you the way."
  • "The beast within each character begins and ends stronger in every way."
  • "Be sure to vanquish golems and generals, as they may have valuables in their possession."
  • "The stained glass window must be restored to enter the desecrated temple."

"If you have trouble defeating a boss, come here and ask Sumner for his help. He can give you clues to defeating each of these vicious beasts."

  • "The Lich: the Book of Protection, which is found in the Sky Realm, severely burns the Lich with its holy light."
  • "The Dragon: the Legendary Ice Axe, which has been hidden in the Castle Realm, can be used to freeze the Dragon's fiery heart."
  • "The Chimera: the Scimitar of Decapitation can be found in the Forest Realm and will remove the Chimera's lion head."
  • "The Plague Fiend: the Javelin of Blinding can be found in the Mountain Realm and will spear the Plague Fiend's only eye."
  • "The Spider Queen: the Toxic Bellows found in the Desert Pyramid shrinks the Spider Queen and turns her green with envy."
  • "The Genie: the Lamp of Dark Obstruction has been lost somewhere in the Ice Domain and when used will blind the mighty Genie."
  • "The Yeti: in the Forsaken Province you can find the Parchment of Fire whose roaring flames will protect you from many of the Yeti's attacks."
  • "The Wraith: the Dream Realm holds the Lantern of Revelation whose light will repel many of the Wraith's shadowy attacks."
Items of Legend

"If you need help finding any of the nine Legend Items, you can select this option."

  • "Book of Protection: the Book of Protection can be found aboard one of the airships in the Sky Shipyard. A prisoner on the airship near the rear of the fleet holds the Book."
  • "Legendary Ice Axe: the Legendary Ice Axe can be found in the Castle Barracks. You must pass the stables and enter the mess hall to obtain the Ice Axe."
  • "Scimitar of Decapitation: the Scimitar of Decapitation can be found in the Gnarled Branches. The first pair of white crystals mark the resting spot for this legendary item."
  • "Javelin of Blinding: the Javelin of Blinding can be found in the Mountain Cavern. You must take the elevator down to the lava flow to view your goal."
  • "Toxic Bellows: the Toxic Bellows can be found deep within the Desert Pyramid. Locked away in a sacred chamber you will find a sarcophagus that holds the Toxic Bellows."
  • "Lamp of Dark Obstruction: the Lamp of Dark Obstruction can be obtained from the erupting fissure in the Ice Domain. A Gargoyle guards the locked and hidden entrance to the cave where the lamp can be found."
  • "Parchment of Fire: the Parchment of Fire can be found in the Province Cemetery. You must locate the pool of fire to find the Parchment."
  • "Lantern of Revelation: the Lantern of Revelation has made its way to the Haunted Grounds deep in the Dream Realm. When you hear the organ playing you may seethe light from the lantern."

"Information regarding each of the thirteen Runestones can be obtained here."

  • "The First Runestone: the Poisoned Fields hold the first of two Runestones which landed in the Forsaken Province. You must travel beyond the windmill to find the Runestone."
  • "The Second Runestone: the second Runestone in the Forsaken Province is hidden in the Mausoleum. You must first lower the marble tile bridge which holds five red crystals."
  • "The Third Runestone: the only Runestone to reach the Mountain Realm is hidden by a veil of water. In the Valley of Fire the Runestone stays drenched until you touch it."
  • "The Fourth Runestone: the only Runestone to reach the Castle Realm has landed in a well guarded place. In the Armory you will find the Runestone where dripping meat awaits the boiling cauldron."
  • "The Fifth Runestone: the Sky Realm holds two Runestones and both can be found after the Spire. The Sky Docks hold the first Runestone which can be found after taking two flying platform rides."
  • "The Sixth Runestone: the second Runestone in the Sky Realm is well hidden within the Mothership. You must reach Mothership's bow to access the Runestone location."
  • "The Seventh Runestone: the only Runestone to reach the forest is kept in the Twisted Roots of Evil. An elevator raises you to the path which leads to the Runestone."
  • "The Eighth Runestone: the only Runestone in the Desert Realm has taken hiding in the City Ruins. Look for markings in the upper level walls to lead you to the Runestone."
  • "The Ninth Runestone: two Runestones are in the Ice Realm past the Arctic Docks. The first Runestone is encased atop the mechanical tower in the Frozen Camp."
  • "The Tenth Runestone: the last Runestone to be scattered has landed inside the Crystal Mind of the Ice Realm. Find the semi frozen waterfall to locate the Runestone. Find three triggers: steam, pit, and ore."
  • "The Eleventh Runestone: the first of two Runestones located in the Dream Realm is in Your Worst Nightmare."
  • "The Twelfth Runestone: the last Dream Runestone can be found in the Maze of Illusion."
  • "The Thirteenth Runestone: the only Runestone that reached the Battlefield Realm is located in the fortress."