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Bottom Floor/Islands[edit]

Start off the level by destroying the ankle biter generator right next to you and then hitting the floor switch right behind it to raise a platform behind a pair of spike traps. The barrel nearby contains a pair of levitation wings, which are useful to get past the multiple spike traps. Cross the traps and then destroy the ankle biter generator along with the grunt generator nearby. Grab the key and purple crystal, then hit the corner of the wall to reveal another purple crystal along with a pineapple and floor switch. Step on the switch to raise a platform with a coffin on it with a potion inside. Once you grab the potion, a nearby platform raises, which may have a few grunts on it along with a blue crystal.

Go back to start and then go to the other side of the giant statue to find a grunt generator along with some purple crystals and a watermelon. Grab the items and make sure to hit the target switch on the wall, which moves a platform so you can cross an island. Cross the bridge and take care of the grunts, bomb thrower, and ankle biters. Behind the giant roots are one purple and two red crystals; grab them. In front of the giant roots is a barrel with the first hint scroll.

Hint Scroll
"You may need to go back if you wish to proceed."

This scroll is referring to the target switch that was seen near the giant statue and bridge. If you have not hit it, or missed it somehow, you must hit it or you cannot continue. If you hit it already, grab the key and five red crystals and proceed. Destroy the grunt generators and watch out for the poison fruit and toxic green barrel. Continuing on is another bomb thrower and grunt generator. In front of them is a chest with a bomb in it; ignore it. Continue on and pass the key gate to deal with some ankle biters and more grunts. In front of the first grunt generator is a barrel with a cherry inside. Near the second grunt generator is a floor switch and keyring. The floor switch raises some small platforms to an isolated area nearby. Go to the bridge to find the newly raised platforms, which some of them have purple crystals on them. Kill the ankle biters and grunts in this isolated area and grab the lone purple crystal in the corner. There are two chests in this area; the first one up against the wall contains steak, while the other one just has junk in it.

Go back to the bridge and face the general on it; defeat him and cross to the other side. Destroy the ankle biter and grunt generators. On the right side of the bridge are two blue crystals along with a barrel next to two red explosive ones. Inside the barrel is a keyring and above there are some roots, which one of them acts as a wall that can be destroyed, hiding a key behind it. At the top near the wall is a chest with an electric shield inside. Go up the stairs and deal with some archers. Along the way is a blue crystal and a key gate. Unlock the key gate and grab the yellow crystal nearby.

Top Floors[edit]

Keep going on the path and destroy the grunt generator in front of you. Grab the key behind a coffin and also grab the fire amulet behind a column. Kill the archer and destroy the grunt and ankle biter generators, then go down to find a chest behind a broken column, which has an apple inside. Go to the top and flip a wall switch behind a column. Before going on, there is a hidden wall behind the empty barrel right next to you. Destroy the wall and grab the blue crystal and open the chest to get a rapid fire. Continue on and deal with the grunts and ankle biters before the bridge that was just lowered. Grab the key behind the coffin and DO NOT open the barrel next to the other coffin as it contains a red death. Instead of hitting it, hit the coffin next to it to remove the blockade and grab the potion.

Walk on the newly lowered bridge grabbing the one red and four blue crystals. At the end of the bridge, grab the red crystal and note the lowered platform with a steak right in front of it. Proceed forward and destroy the grunt generator ahead of you. Destroy the green toxic barrels in front of the wall switch and pull it to lower a platform with a turbo boost right next to it. Next to a coffin on the other side of the switch is a hint scroll.

Hint Scroll
"On the altar much has been given to honor Skorne."

You'll see what this means in a bit. Continue on and grab the turbo boost that was just lowered if you haven't already. Grab the key in front of the torch and destroy the grunt generator up ahead next to a column. Before going on, destroy the corner wall to reveal a hidden area with a purple crystal and floor switch. Step on the floor switch to raise the steak you saw earlier. Backtrack to the steak to hit another floor switch that raises a ramp to the altar that the scroll mentioned. Now go back to where you were earlier and continue going to find the ramp that was just raised. Grab the treasure on the left and the chest with a speed powerup on the right. Remember what the scroll mentioned just moments before? Some little treasure and a speed powerup seems a bit lacking in terms of honoring a powerful demon. That's because the real treasure is hidden away behind the middle wall of the alter, which has the second runestone!

Leave the alter and go down to deal with some grunts and archers. The chest in front of the coffin has a cherry inside. Walk around the coffins and kill any grunts and archers left. Be careful not to hit the red explosive barrel, otherwise you will destroy a potion sitting in front of it. At the diagonal wall is a barrel behind a generator. Inside the barrel is a drumstick. Now go down and deal with some grunt generators and ankle biters. Turn the corner and destroy a grunt generator and to kill an annoying archer. Go up and flip both the wall switches. The one on the right lowers a platform near the alter with a green crystal on it, backtrack to get that if you want. The switch on the left lowers the bridge needed to continue on. Next to the switches is another hint scroll as well.

Hint Scroll
"Beware of treasures found with ease."

Basically, it's saying to watch out for explosive chests pretty much. Cross the bridge and kill the lone archer in the middle. Once on the other side, deal with some ankle biters right after you cross and a grunt generator behind some coffins on the left. Go up and grab the red crystal and continue on. As you continue, the floor falls leaving you to walk the narrow floor next to the wall. In the middle of this wall is a hidden wall that can be destroyed, with a purple crystal and wall switch behind it. The wall switch simply lowers the blue crystal next to the red one you just previously grabbed. Grab that and continue on to find a floor switch next to a lowered chest platform. Remember the hint you were just given? It's a trap, so just ignore it and move on. Grab the drumstick up ahead and flip the wall switch to even out the giant statue's hand. Walk up the stairs and deal with some grunts on the way and then cross the statue's hands. Deal with some ankle biters on the other side and proceed forward.

The Chapel[edit]

Walk up the stairs and keep going until you run into some more ankle biters that need to be killed. Inside the first barrel is a key, and the second barrel has another hint scroll inside of it.

Hint Scroll
"Great bounty can be found within the hallowed chapel."

Keep this in mind when you come across the chapel right behind the key gate. Destroy the grunts and some archers after you enter and destroy the wall in front of the purple and blue crystals that can be seen to grab them. Destroy the grunt and ankle biter generators further ahead and grab the potion sitting next to some benches. Up at the top is a key with a chest behind it. Due to the fact that there are items behind it, the chest is no doubt a bomb trap. Ignoring the chest, hit the wall on the right with the big treasure bag behind it to open up that area. Grab the treasure and watermelon and continue on. Destroy the grunt generators coming up and grab the lone key next to the column. To the right of the area is a chest, which has some ham in it. Down below is an archer and a suicide grunt, so be careful of them.

Go around the long column and destroy some more grunt generators. Go all the way to the top to find another potion and a purple and red crystal. Go left to find a gargoyle in the way. Defeat the beast and grab its golden treasure. Continue on and notice the chest in front of the wall. This chest is another bomb trap, and the wall behind it can be destroyed to reveal a single cherry. Before moving on, there is yet another hidden wall, which contains a green crystal. Continue on the path and destroy the grunt generators around the corner and on. Kill the ankle biters and bomb thrower as well. Down the ramp and behind a column is a slightly obfuscated switch that just lowers the blue crystal next to it. Kill the ankle biters in the way and grab the blue crystal, along the with red crystals on the ramp going down. Be careful of the suicide grunt in the middle.

To the Exit[edit]

Continue on and you will reach a giant statue with a target switch in the middle of its chest. Hit the switch to raise the statues hand and go down the hand elevator to find some more ankle biters that need to be killed. Keep going forward and you'll run into some spike traps and a grunt generator between them. Destroy the generator while avoiding the traps and walk down the ramp to find some more ankle biters that need to be killed along with some bomb throwers. Keep going down and you'll reach the bottom, which is blocked by a key gate. Go through the gate and kill all the grunts and destroy their generators. Next to the junk is a wall switch, flip the switch to move a platform so you can cross. To the right is a non visible wall, which can't be seen with the current camera, but there is a target switch that raises a platform near the exit. You don't need to hit it, but only if you choose.

Walk on the newly turned platform and notice the target switch on the left wall. This is another optional switch and it just raises a platform with a coffin on it. Kill the general nearby and keep going on the only path. Up ahead is another generator to destroy and some ankle biters to kill. Destroy the final generators to the left and right to deal with the last of the enemies in this level. On the right, there is a barrel that contains ham along with a switch a little further away from it on the wall. Flip the switch to lower the exit platform. To the left is another switch, which raises a small platform to get to the exit. If you hit the previous target switches, there will be two platforms raised here. The first one is a coffin that has a yellow crystal inside. The second one has a blue crystal and a chest with treasure in it. In front of the exit is the final scroll of this level.

Hint Scroll
"Only a fool would face the Lich without the Good Book."

At this time, you do not possess the Good Book, so it would be unwise to face the Lich the way you are right now, especially at a low level. With that in mind, head up to the exit, but hit the wall behind it to reveal a purple crystal. After grabbing it, exit the final level of the Forsaken Province.