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Hidden Characters[edit]

Each of the 8 base character classes (Warrior, Dwarf, Valkyrie, Knight, Archer, Jester, Wizard, and Sorceress) has another costume as a hidden character. These are well hidden, and play identically to their counterparts (they do, however, have better stats and different stat gains per level). Some hidden characters have different titles than their counterparts (such as Foal for a low-level Unicorn). These characters, and the realm in which they can be found, are:

Base character Secret Character Hidden stage location
Warrior Minotaur Mountain Kingdom
Dwarf Ogre Arctic Domain
Valkyrie Falconess Castle Stronghold
Knight Unicorn Sky Dominion
Archer Tigress Forest Realm
Jester Hyena Dream World
Wizard Jackal Desert Land
Sorceress Medusa Forsaken Province
Wizard (level 99, full stats) Sumner the wizard Battleground