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BBKT-AA8T Invincible!
RFKT-A6VA Don't lose health from time passing
NPBA-FA9C + NPBA-EAG8 Select up to 99 credits per player
1BYA-E0GE Maximum health per coin is 3,000
VBYA-FGGE Maximum health per coin in 5,000
CBYA-ERRE Maximum health per coin in 10,000
BJGA-AAD0 + BJGA-AADE Start Arcade mode on Level 10
CTGA-AAD0 + CTGA-AADE Start Arcade mode on Level 20
GJGA-AAD0 + GJGA-AADE Start Arcade mode on Level 50
NTGA-AAD0 + NTGA-AADE Start Arcade mode on Level 100
AKXT-AA66 + RFXT-A6X4 Infinite keys on pick-up--can switch on/off
RFXT-A6X4 You can open doors without a key
AKGT-AA5W Infinite potions on pick-up--can switch on/off
AKGT-AA3G + AKGT-AASW You can use a potion even if you don't have one
PB4T-ACAY Temporary invisibility lasts ⅓ normal
DV4T-AEAY Temporary invisibility lasts ½ normal
RB4T-ATAY Temporary invisibility lasts 2× normal
ZB4T-A2AY Temporary invisibility lasts 3× normal
REFA-E6YL Temporary invisibility lasts forever

Quest Mode only[edit]

AJDA-CA5Y + AJCT-CA84 Set attributes to anything you want in Camp
AM9T-AA58 All items that you can afford are free
B59A-AA86 All items are free
H6BA-CACA Start with Heal Drink, Warp Wing and all Rings from vendors
AJ2A-CA54 Don't lose Heal Drink when used
AJ2A-CA8C Don't lose Warp Wing when used