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Castle Courtyard[edit]

OK, you start on one room, clear it out, and grab the stuff that’s there. Head up the wooden ramp to the south. At the top is a red switch that lowers the barrier right in front of you. Now you’re in a room that runs long east to west. In the eastern end of it is a little alcove in the wall, walk in there and hit the red switch. While you’re here you may want to pick off any generators that you can see on the other side of the wall. After that's done, head west to a locked gate.

Head through into small room. At the north end is a breakable wall, break it, and head through once again. Right across from where you came in is a spike trap with a breakable wall behind it. Skip this for now and head to the south, following the room until you come to a large rock. Right across from a nearby staircase should be a open part of the “fence.” Head through, whack the rock, and grab another rune stone.

Now head back to that trap with the breakable wall behind it. Break the wall and go up the stairs. You should come across another red switch right before you turn the corner, hit that one, and continue along. At the end of the room you’ll see a trap with a staircase on the other side. Head up there.

In the first corner you encounter there is a dirt mound covering a red switch. You know the drill. Continue past that point, and then down a small flight of stairs. Head to the east in this room. You’ll eventually come to a narrow passage with another trap in front of a staircase. Up ya go.

When you get on top of the wall, turn to the west, break the wall near the chest, and grab a lightning shield, then head back east. You’ll come to yet another trap and a short staircase, head up and you’ll eventually come to a parapet with a locked gate in front of it. Here is a perfect place to clean it out with a L3 Turbo before entering. Either way, unlock it and go through. Inside is another red switch. Step on it, head out of the parapet and continue along the wall.

You’ll come to your first “quick switch” as I call them, and a staircase leading down to the west. When you step on the switch, a section of wood appears that allows you to cross. You either have to be quick, or have a friend playing. Or, if there’s an enemy over there, lure him onto the bridge, because it won’t disappear when something’s on it. There are two different paths you can take here. If you cross this bridge use PATH #1, if you don’t use PATH #2.

PATH #1[edit]

Cross the bridge, then head down the staircase to the west. Just north of the bottom of the staircase is a rock, break it, and hit the red switch that it was hiding. Head north in this room, and you’ll come to a mini hedge maze. The carved stones on the hedge are traps, so stay sharp. Go through the silly little maze. You’ll come to the end where there is a red switch, and a gate you can’t pass through (Don’t worry about it, that’s part of the other path). Hit the switch, and head back to the staircase and continue along the wall.

PATH #2[edit]

All right, down the staircase to the west. In the room at the bottom there is a locked gate on the south hedge wall. Head through into the next room. in the next room is a red square on the ground. Now that I’m thinking about it, this is probably the first teleport pad you’ve seen so far. All they do is port you to a matching pad nearby in the case, on the other side of the wall, so step on it, and there’s another in this little room, step on that one too.

In the southwest corner of this room is another discolored patch of wall (it’s kind of tough to see). Break it, and hit the red switch inside. Then head out and through the locked gate to the north. You’ll pass a green patch of water with tentacles coming out (Garbage masher creature from A New Hope?), and a small bridge leading to a red switch in the center of the pool. Run out, hit it, head back to land, and continue to the north. You’ll pass through a gate into a little hedge-maze. Hit the red switch and follow the maze. Watch out for the carved stones, they’re traps. After you’re through all of it, find the bottom of the staircase here. To the north of it is a rock that is hiding a red switch. Hit the switch, and head up the staircase and continue along the wall

Paths merge[edit]

You’ll reach another locked parapet, inside is a golem and a red switch. Kill the switch, and step on the golem, or something like that. Head back out and continue along the wall.

Go down a short staircase and keep heading west. You’ll come to another trap in front of a long staircase heading up and to the north. Climb it, and at the top, turn west, and head along some more castle wall.

In the next corner you reach, there’s a discolored patch of wall that hide a red switch. Dust it and hit the switch. Head down the stairs leading from this corner, and at the bottom you’ll make another turn to the west. Cross a shaky looking wooden bridge, and continue until you come across yet another locked parapet. Inside is another red switch, hit it and head back out along the wall.

Another little staircase leading up, so climb it, and you’ll quickly come across another parapet. Inside is a golem, and an obelisk. Kill the golem, then go in and touch the obelisk.

Back out, and again, along the wall to the east. Climb a short staircase with traps at both ends, you’ll then come to corner where you can turn to the north. Follow this little path and you’ll come to your favorite glowing yellow pad. Step on and you’re out of here.

Castle Dungeon[edit]

You start the level at the top of a staircase. Head down the staircase until you reach a platform. On the platform will be short staircases to the north and south. (I will refer to this platform as the “Rune Platform” because there’s a rune nearby) Shoot the wall at the top of the south staircase, and step on the switch that is revealed. Now, head down the north staircase.

On this platform there is a red switch hidden in the wall in the northeast corner (it’s tough to see). Hit the switch, then follow the arrow on it, and you’ll come across a treasure chest. Open the chest, and when you collect what was in it, you’ll step on another red switch.

Head back up to the Rune Platform, and now take the south stairs. Step on the red switch on the west end of this platform. Now head back up to the Rune Platform, and take the north stairwell. Head to the southwest corner of this platform, and cross the narrow bridge.

Step on the switch in the center of this platform, and head down the short ramp on the south side. On this platform step on the switch in the center, then, on the east end is a red switch under a barrel. Destroy the barrel and step on the switch. Now go through the opened gate that’s south of the switch you just hit.

When you get to the new platform make a hard left, to find a rusty metal bridge. Halfway across is a little island with a red switch. Hit the switch, and continue across to the north. Climb the stairwell there, and you’re back on the Rune Platform. Where the breakaway wall was, you should now see a Rune (There was a grate in the way before), grab the Rune.

Head back down the south staircase, cross back over the rusted metal bridge and head up the stairwell in the southwest corner of this platform. (In case I lost ya, the stairwell in on a platform with a big drain in the center).

At the top of the stairs, cross a wood plank serving as a bridge. After the bridge you’ll come to a place where there is a bridge going down to the north, and one going up to the west. Go down to the north, there’s usually some goodies on this platform. Climb back up the stairs and take the stair up to the west.

On this platform is a red switch, hit that then continue down the wood plank bridge to the north. Cross the platform to another rusty metal bridge, and cross that. In the northwest corner of this platform is another obelisk. Touch it then head up the staircase starting on the west side. On the second landing is a red switch, after you hit it, head back down the stairs, to the metal bridge.

Now there is a platform lowered halfway across with a red switch on it. Hit it, and head in the direction of the arrow. On the newly raised platform, shoot the wall, it will expose a red switch. Step on this one, and go back to the long staircase to the west. Follow it all the way to the top, and there is the exit. You’re now halfway done with the castle!

Castle Armoury[edit]

This level is a tough one. There's backtracking, hidden switches and traps everywhere.

You start in a room with a locked gate to the west. Go through the gate, and hit the red switch that’s northeast of the cauldron. Then go back to the start room and into the room to the south. Hit the red switch here. Head back to the cauldron room, and hit the red switch that’s southeast of the cauldron. Return to the starting room, and hit the red switch here, now head down the stairs to the west.

At the bottom of the stairs, turn south, and follow this passageway. When you come across a slanted stone wall, shoot it and step on the red switch hidden there. Go to the west of the switch, and take your first south turn, then head to the west. You’ll come across a golem, kill it and find the red switch that he was near. Before you hit the switch, shoot the wall to the south of it to reveal a treasure chest. Then hit the switch.

Take the first north passage out of this room, and keep going north until you hit a wall. There should be a passage to the west of where you ran into the wall. Follow it around and take the first passage where you can go north. You should come across a flight of steps leading down. Take these. Follow this room until you come across a staircase leading up to the south. It will be blocked at the top. To the northeast of the bottom of the staircase is a little room with a red switch in it. Also, in the northwest corner is a switch hidden in the wall. Shoot the wall, then hit the switch.

Now, stand on the switch, facing the direction it points. Do the left hand on the wall thing, and follow it. (Pretend your characters left hand is touching the wall the whole time, and walk, never taking the hand off) You'll come back to the room you started in, and in the east end of the room, you'll see another Rune Stone. Backtrack by doing an about-face, and return by doing the same thing, but using your right hand. Stop when you get to the big staircase leading down into the basement (It should be the second staircase you come across)

When you get back to the stairs, go south, turn west at the first intersection. Follow it around the corner and head straight. (If that was confusing try this: When you get to the top of the stairs, stop, and make sure you’re facing south. Then imagine your character putting their right hand on the wall, and travel without taking the hand off until the floor changes.) You should come into an area with a gray diamond floor.

In the north end is a locked gate, and on the other side is a room with a red switch, hit it, then head back to the room with the long blocked staircase. (If you forgot how to get there, stand on the switch, face south, and imagine putting your left hand on the wall. Then travel without taking your hand off, you’ll reach the staircase eventually).

When you get to the top, just follow the passage, dodge some traps, and you’ll come to a room with a staircase leading up to the south. Head on up, and follow it to the top. The exit is on this platform. Whew!

Castle Treasury[edit]

Almost finished, this is the last level, and it’s not that bad. You start on a platform with a leaf-like floor. Smash the wall on the west end, and walk through, stepping on the switch as you go. Head straight north and follow that hallway. After a few turns you’ll come to a stairway leading down. Take this, at the bottom is a mound of dirt in the corner, shoot is, and step on the switch, and do the same for a dirt outcropping just south of the stairs. Now the exposed switch in the south. Head through the portal that just opened in front of you, and proceed south until you see the stairs, climb them, and you’ll be on the same platform you started on.

Head back through the wall you destroyed earlier, and turn east. At the “T” intersection, turn south, and follow until you get to a locked gate. Unlock the gate (NB: You may want to pick off this golem if he’s already active, it’s pretty close quarters in there), and head in. The wall across from the gate holds a switch, bust it down and hit it, you should see the throne above you raise. Now head to the room to the north, and hit the switch. Leave his area and go back to the “T” intersection, and this time go north.

Step on the teleporter, and follow the hallway you end up in to another teleporter. On the other side of this one is the throne room. Step on the switch on the seat of the throne. Now leave the throne room via the stairwell on the north wall.

In this room, in the southeast corner is a red switch. Hitting it will bring down a platform that will give you access to an Anti-Death Halo. Grab it, there’s a few Deaths floating around here.

Head up the staircase on the east wall. OK, in this room is a whole bunch of switches. Start with the one right next to the entrance. Then head up onto the platform, and hit the switch up here. Now, go to the south wall, and hit the switch that’s pointing to the south. In the newly opened area, throw pizza at the, hit the switch again. Exit the little nook, and hit another red switch right outside, pointing toward the platform in the middle. Head across to the north wall, and press the switch on the stone slab, which lowers another of the side walls.

Another switch, hit it, now go to the east end of the room, and step on the switch pointing at the pillar. The pillar will lower, step on it, and ride it to the top. Shoot the black pillar at the top, and step on the switch under it. Now, hit the three switches in this little room, and take the elevator back down. Southeast corner, hit it. It will lower a pane of glass nearby. Grab some stuff, then head to the northeast corner. Open the treasure chest, and hit the switch underneath. Another glass pane will lower, grab some more treasure.

Now head to the northwest corner, and out onto the platform with two red switches. Hit them both, and there will be some treasure for you on the pillars surrounding the raised platform of the many-switch room.

Go down the stairs on the west wall, and then to the northwest corner of this room. Head down the passage, turn to the north, and step on the ‘porter pad. Follow this room until you come across a teleport pad, with a barrel nearby (the barrel may be already broken), under it is a red switch. There’s also a scroll telling you that Untar’s Ice Axe is within reach. Step on the red switch and make your way back to the room with all those switches.

When you get back, go up onto the raised platform and grab the Ice Axe. Now you can go back and kill the Mountain Dragon, if you skipped it before.

Now that this is done, go back to where you hit the switch with the scroll about the Ice Axe, next to the red teleport pad (if you forgot how, go back to the paragraph that starts “Go down the stairs...”) When you get there, step on the pad. Head west through this room, watching out for the golem. At the other end is a raised gate, and a locked gate. Go through the locked gate first, and hit the red switch in here. Now exit, and just east of the formerly locked gate is another red switch. Hit this one, now go through the now-lowered gate (the northernmost one).

Head up the stairs in this room, and if you want to pick up the Falconess, head north and stand on the skull and crossbones door. Otherwise go to the south, and follow the staircase until you reach the platform at the top with the teleport pad.

Castle Chimera (boss)[edit]

Again, the Chimera (pronounced “kai-mara”, not “shim-ara”) isn’t a tough boss. If you have the Scimitar from the Mountain Cavern you start out with a head automatically missing (I’d suggest it for this one, it helps quite a bit). Again, just move and shoot at each head. Each one had an individual health bar at the top corresponding to the color of each head. Just whittle it down, and you’ll gain another piece of the mirror.

NOTE: You don't have to actually touch the mirror. Once you defeat the Chimera it will return to the stained glass window.