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Name Koric
Basic Weapon Axe
Familiar Dragonfly
Prime Stat Strength
Starting Stats
Strength 150
Speed 115
Armor 120
Magic 90

The Warrior hits hard, and can take the same punishment back. It’s a very forgiving character for the beginning player. His magic is weak, so don’t expect potions to save you every time. If you get him in a crowd of baddies, he swings his axe with double strokes, and mows stuff down pretty darn quick.


Name Freya
Basic Weapon Sword
Familiar Eagle
Prime Stat Armor
Starting Stats
Strength 130
Speed 130
Armor 130
Magic 100

The Valkyrie is the female counterpart to the Warrior. Her emphasis is more on taking damage, rather than dealing it. Average speed and magic abilities make her a balanced character, another good choice for a newbie.


Name Aeowyn
Basic Weapon Bow
Familiar Butterfly
Prime Stat Speed
Starting Stats
Strength 100
Speed 145
Armor 80
Magic 100

The Archer is the fastest character. Her bow can be shot at a very fast rate, but in a toe-to-toe fight, she’s going down. The Archer is a difficult character to start out with, because one big rush, and it’s over. The Archer does make an excellent backup for the Warrior or Valkyrie in a multiplayer game.


Name Siris
Basic Weapon Staff
Familiar Dragon
Prime Stat Magic
Starting Stats
Strength 80
Speed 120
Armor 90
Magic 160

The Wizard is your typical scholar. His distance attacks are the best, and his magic is above all the rest. A little easier for a novice player, because of the good damage from a distance, and the better effect of potions in a jam. The wizard will get his mystical butt kicked in close quarters though, so beware.

Bonus Characters[edit]

The bonus characters are attainable through the game by completing a mini-game located in certain levels. You can access the mini-game area by standing on a cellar door-like object on the ground (labeled with a skull and crossbones or a star on it). There is one door per realm, and they are hidden in a specific level. During the mini-game, you must gather 50 coins before the time runs out.

Bonus characters are basically just skins for the base classes.

The only catch with them is once you switch to a bonus character, you’re stuck with the bonus characters. If you’re playing a wizard, then switch to the Minotaur, you’re going to have to earn the Jackal to play as a wizard again. Your stats themselves don’t change, but you have to remember to take on the fighting aspects of your new class.

The up side is that once you have the “basic” 4 bonus characters, you can essentially switch your class any time you’re not in a level. Going into a close quarter melee level? Grab your Minotaur. Expecting more distanced combat? Tigress to the rescue.

Each player must collect 50 coins to switch to the bonus characters. Just because one person has access to them doesn’t mean that anybody who plays with them will have access to them, but since the newer player will have access to all the levels the older player has, the older player can take them to the bonus worlds and let them collect the coins.

Minotaur (Warrior)[edit]

How to get: Mountain Cliff

Tigress (Archer)[edit]

How to get: Town Fields

Falconess (Valkyrie)[edit]

How to get: Castle Treasury

Jackal (Wizard)[edit]

How to get: Ice Camp

Sumner (Wizard)[edit]

How to get: Battlefield Trenches