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Nintendo 64[edit]

Code Result
EE00 0000 0000 Enable code - Must be on!
810F D30E FF64 P1 - Infinite L3 Turbo
810F D30E 0043 P1 - Infinite L2 Turbo
810F D30E 0022 P1 - Infinite L1 Turbo
800C 5C86 FFFF
8013 6326 FFFF
8013 6326 FFFF

Super Exp Gain

The Super Exp Gain code will multiply the experience you gain. It basically boils down to one level per enemy killed. You can be level 99 before the end of the first level. Also, this code is a bit buggy, and can cause freezes for some reason. The best thing to do is turn it on, save the game, then turn it off and continue without it.

Arcade only[edit]

Enter the following names and codes.

Cheat Name Password
Nude Valkyrie/Archer NUD 069
Pojo the Chicken EGG 911