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There are many items collectible throughout the game. If you don't want to keep them, sell them back to Sumner to buy stats.

Powerup Items[edit]

You start the game with the compass, you can toggle it, and it’s infinite. It’s good to help you navigate.
The keys are used to unlock gates with locks and treasure chests. Any key works in any gate/chest. Keys can be carried between levels, so if you find yourself short, you can always go back to a previous level and pick up more (or even buy them from Sumner).
The potions are the magic attack. They come in different "flavors" (Light, Fire, Ice, Electric), but they're all basically the same.They change "flavors" if you wait. There are several different methods of using them; MAGIC starts a blast centered around the character, ATTACK+MAGIC throws it like a grenade, TURBO+MAGIC activates it like a shield, and shooting them before picking them up has the same effect as just pressing MAGIC, just centered over the potion, and much weaker. The strength of the potions depends on the characters magic rating.
Acid/Electric/Fire Breath
These give you a limited number of breath attacks. You basically exhale the element of choice from your mouth for several seconds while sweeping your head back and forth.
Light/Acid/Electric/Fire Amulet
Applies the element to your primary weapon, increasing damage.
Electric/Fire Shield
Give you a shield, similar to the potion shield, that harms enemies and protects the character
Makes the character invisible to enemies. It’s only partial, because I still get attacked with it on.
Pretty useless, but it lets you float over ground based traps.
Speed Boots
Give you a surge of speed, great for making getaways.
3/5 Way Shot
Give you X projectiles for each shot you take. All shoot to toward he direction you're facing, just spread out.
Rapid Fire
Increases your rate of fire.
Reflect Shot
Your projectile attacks bounce off the walls
Reflect Shield
Bounces attacks at the character back at the attacker
Super Shot
Give you a limited number of attacks simulating a L3 turbo.
Pauses enemies, generators, traps, and the like. Incredible potential for abuse (See Cheap Tricks below)
Phoenix Familiar
Gives you a limited Phoenix familiar, that acts like an extra weapon (plus, it looks cool)
Player Growth
Makes a player the size of a golem/elemental
Shrink Enemies
Reduces the size of all enemies
Thunder Hammer
A large hammer with limited shots that you swing overhead down onto enemies (Flying Circus anybody?)
Anti-Death Halo
Rare item that makes Death flee from you. If you can corner him, you can drain life from him,though you only get to drain 100 HP from him. After you beat the game, you get a permanent halo. You cannot turn the halo off
There are two levels of invulnerability. Silver blocks damage to you,and gold has you gain health instead of losing it.You get 1 HP for every hit you take if you have the gold invulnerability. Unfortunately, you cannot turn them on/off.
Treasure Chests
Open with a key and can contain virtually every powerup item, along with a few other things, including Gold, Death, and scrolls written by the Sumner.
Breaking barrels with your weapons will reveal the same variety of items as treasure chests do, or nothing at all. There are also green barrels which, when hit, release a small poison cloud, and red barrels which explode when they’re shot.
Red Switches
Red switches control the environment (raise platforms, open doors, etc.) There are three types, the first is a standard switch. Step on it, and it lowers a gate, or whatever. The second type only are active when you’re standing on them, as soon as you get off, whatever changed reverts to what it was. These are usually associated with bridges. The third works like an elevator call button, and brings an elevator to your level.
You pick up gold from the ground, barrels or chests, and can use it to buy stats and powerup items from Sumner.
Found on the ground and in barrels/chests. Fruit restores 50 health and meat restores 100 points.
Scrolls are notes from Sumner that give you tips along the way. They will often give you a cryptic hint about how to proceed, or where to find items/runes/etc.