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Mountain Valley[edit]

You start on a grassy area. Find and cross the bridge to the east. On the north side of the plateau you just arrived at is a red switch. Step on it, and the obelisk will raise to the west. Walk up to it and it will change colors and you’ll hear Sumner praising you. Then climb the stairs to the north and follow the path as it curves to the west. You’ll arrive on another small platform. The staircase to the southwest takes you back to where you started. You want to continue up the staircase to the northeast.

On your way up, stay alert for a suicide guy, who you’ll hear scream. At the top is another platform with a staircase in the northeast corner. Take it up, and at the top, follow the path west until you reach a staircase with a locked gate at the bottom. Head on up the stairs.

On the east side of this area is a barrel. When you smash it, it reveals a scroll explaining the switches (not a tough concept, but remember they point in the direction of what they affect, it helps later), and a switch. Step on it and the gate to the north will lower, revealing another staircase. Up you go again. At the top is a landing and a second staircase leading up to the west. Climb that one, and you’re at the exit, just stand on the yellow pad.

Mountain Peak[edit]

You start on another platform. Take the route to the east, not the ramp leading up, until you get to another little plateau. On the north end of this area is a mound of dirt (between two generators). Hit the mound of dirt to reveal a red switch, step on it and head to the west. The next plateau has a locked gate in the southwest corner, leading back to your starting point, and two paths leading out in the northeast and northwest. Start with the route to the east, and after a bit it will make a hairpin turn. Continue up until you arrive at a fork.

Take the lower route, watching out for a few archers that are coming up. When you get to the “F” intersection, head straight south. You’ll get to another tight curve and once you get around it there’s a ramp leading up. It’s very wide. Slowly work your way up, aiming for generators. When you get to the plateau on the top, in the northwest corner is another obelisk. Touch it and get your message from Sumner.

Continue to the west, skipping the locked gate, and taking the path that angles upward. If your way at the top of the ramp is blocked, you missed a switch. Go back and get it. If it’s open, continue out onto the platform. Ignore the locked gate, and go to the east. The platform turns into a steep ramp leading off to the northwest. At the top of that ramp is another small platform. Skip the gate on the north edge (you can’t open it yet anyways), and keep on going to the west. The ramp should cut back toward the southwest, and downward until you reach an intersection.

Head up the wide ramp to the northwest, and stay awake. Your first golem is on the ramp at the top. He isn’t that tough as long as you stay away from him. Once he’s dead, go to the west edge of the plateau he was on and hit the dirt pile there. It will reveal another switch. Step on it and head to the east, taking the lower path. You’ll pass that gate you skipped earlier, which is open now, but don’t worry about it. Continue past it until you spot an area of the wall that’s lighter than the rest. Smash it open, and grab the rune, and listen to Sumner again. Continue up the east, to find another small platform with a locked gate to the north.

Go through the gate and up over the “hump”, and down the other side, where you'll find another small plateau. Head up the ramp on the northeast. At the top is the yellow pad signifying the end of the level.

Mountain Cliff[edit]

This is another level starting an a little plateau. To the northeast is a locked gate, and to the east there is a trail. Take the trail east. You will come to a point where there is a ramp leading down. Take that, and you end up in a little area. There is a locked gate keeping you out of the west half. There’s not much over there except a key and a barrel. You may get a limited invulnerability out if, so it might be worth the trip. Back to the east there is a ramp leading back up to another locked gate. Go through the locked gate, and step on the red switch. Then return to the now unlocked gate all the way to the west of the plateau and head up.

This area is usually swarming with enemies, so be careful. After the area is clear, cross the area heading east. Clear out up to the gate that you lowered with the switch, then head back west. You’ll quickly come to a ramp to the northeast, leading up.

Carefully climb up; there’s a mess of enemies and a golem hiding up there. Once it’s clear, continue across the platform to the west, and back down the ramp. Keep heading straight, and you’ll come across another ramp heading up. There are two locked gates with enemies behind. Pick them off before opening the gates, as there’s a golem in the westernmost one, as well as a chest with an Anti-Death Halo in it. Collect the stuff, if you want, and head into the eastern one and touch the obelisk. There’s that voice again. Back out of the pen and head all the way back to the gate you turned around at (all east).

Through the gate, you’ll come to a lava bridge. Head across it and you’ll come to a ramp leading down. Head on down the ramp. Head up here too, there’s a golem sitting right at the bottom. Once he’s out of the way, open the locked gate on the west end. Clean up in here, there’s another red switch in the middle, so step on it.

There may be a floating gold ball here. That’s the tag ball. If it touches you, you’ll hear the voice say that you are "IT”. It means the enemies will pursue you over any other players. Doesn’t make any difference in single player though. Back out to the plateau, in the north half, you’ll see a discolored part of the wall. Hit it to expose another red switch. Back up the ramp you came down on.

At the top there may or may not be a gray rock there. If there isn’t, it just means you’ve hit it accidentally already. If there is, hit it, and fight your way through this area. Head through the now-open gate, follow the path, and you’ll come to a wooden bridge. While you’re heading across it, you’ll hear a rumbling. That’s the gate you just passed closing behind you. There’s places where it does that, forcing you into a one-way trip, but don’t worry about it now. Continue across the bridge. As soon as your feet hit solid ground, fight your way through the crowd. Stay on the platform, don’t take the ramp down until you’ve cleared everything out.

After all that’s clear, head down the short ramp, and turn around and head west. You’ll come across a ramp heading down, head down it, and continue east. You’ll eventually come across a wooden bridge. At the far end of the bridge, there will be a bunch of enemies waiting, so clear them out. Once it’s cleared, make sure you head all the way to the east, and grab some goodies, then go down the ramp. The normal level exit is down there, and you’ll also notice a door with a skull and crossbones on it. Standing on that door will take you to the Minotaur bonus level. Just grab 50 coins (there’s plenty there, it should be a piece of cake), then you can switch to the Minotaur, if you’d like. Read the Characters page before switching. After that, you’re halfway done with the mountain, and can start the Castle, if you’ve gotten all the obelisks.

Mountain Cave[edit]

For the next two levels, the instructions are going to have to be a little more vague. The levels aren't laid out in an orderly fashion, and the view constantly rotates. Keep your eye on the compass.

You start in one big area, explore it, but don’t hit any switches in the process. Kill all the enemies, gather all the stuff, etc., just don’t hit a switch yet! Make sure you explore it completely, you should encounter one lava gate, but don't worry about it yet. Once the area is clear head to the east corner, there’s two red switches in this area. Step on only the one that is out in the open, leave the one in the little room alone for now.

Now go back to the northern part of the area you started in. The lava wall should have lowered by now. Clear out this new area. In the process you'll hit another lava wall that is blocking your progress, but that's fine, ignore it. You should also see a Rune on a lowered platform. Right near it is a mound of light colored rock covering a red switch. Destroy the pile, and hit the switch, the rune should raise. When this is all clear, head back to that east corner of the area you started in, and hit the switch that was in the little room. Then come back to the gate you took out of the first area. After you go through it, take your first right, then go until you can take a left. You'll end up next to a newly lowered gate.

Go through this gate, and you'll end up in another area. Same deal, clear it out, don't touch any switches here and don't pass back through the lowered gate. It's okay to destroy any breakable walls you come across. While you're clearing it, you should come across a scroll mentioning the "Ice Axe", and nearby is a raised gate. Try to make a mental note of this location. Now, there was one switch in the southeastern tip of this area. Hit it, then follow the direction the arrow points. You need to get back to where the scroll mentioned earlier was. (It’s NW of the gate you entered this area through). Near where the scroll was the gate should be lowered now.

Go through the gate, and grab the Rune. In this area now you should find the yellow pad for the exit. It's in the north, near a closed gate (don't worry about it, it was another route).

Mountain Cavern[edit]

When you start, you won’t have much of a choice on where to go until you reach the 4th platform (counting the one you start on). It will look like you do, but all your options collapse when you near them. On the 4th platform you can go NW or SW. The NW bridge leads to a dead end for now. The SW one is the way forward, so take that one.

Follow it around until you see a dirt mound, blast it, and step on the red switch, then head back to platform 4. Now take the NW route, you’ll see a bridge has appeared. Cross over it, and on the platform you arrive on, there’s a red switch under a barrel. Follow the only exit off this platform, and again you don’t have a choice for a while. At the 5th platform you come to (counting the one you just pressed the red switch on), you encounter another choice, southwest or northeast.

Head southwest first, and on the 1st platform you come to find the red switch, and step on it. Then backtrack and take the northeast option. Again, on the first platform is a red switch, step on it and it will raise a piece of rock right next to it. Step on the rock, and ride it down, cross the little lava river and grab the Scimitar (this will come in handy in the Castle level). Then take the rock back up, and continue to the southeast.

At the first platform you come to, there is a weak point of the east wall. Shoot it, and step on the red switch. Continue along that route, and you’ll come to another red switch. Hit this one, and the ramp that is now in front will be completed. Another Rune, grab it, listen to Sumner gab, and head back up the ramp. Go back to the platform where you had the NE/SW choice. (It’s the 4th one back, counting the rune platform). Now it’s time for the southwest. Head along it, you won’t have any choices, and will eventually reach a dead end. One the dead end platform is another weak wall, almost directly across from where you came on. In it is a red switch, step on it, and go back one platform.

There’s a newly raised bridge leading to the northeast now. Cross it and there’s the exit. You have now completed all the regular levels in the Mountain area, only the boss remains, but you should wait at least until you have the Ice Axe.

Mountain Dragon[edit]

The dragon isn’t that bad, even if you don’t have the Legend Weapon for him (Ice Axe). The only advice you really need is to make sure you don’t try and hide behind the rocks. He usually blows them up, and you’ll get caught in the blast. You should really wait until you do have the Axe, but it’s your choice. If you want to be compulsive about it, stock up on all your powerups. Go in with the Ice Amulet, Reflect Shield, Speed Boost, Phoenix Familiar, 5 Way shot, and everything else you can think of. You shouldn’t have a problem taking him down with or without powerups. Once he’s defeated, you’ll get a shard of the stained glass window that’s in Sumner “lobby”.