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Town fields[edit]

Turn to the east, destroy the stump just before the bridge, and hit the switch underneath. This will lower a gate allowing you to cross a log bridge. At the far end is a locked gate. On the other side of the gate is an area with a bunch of ruined foundations. In the southeast corner is another obelisk.

Head north from here, and you'll encounter a stone wall, with only one opening (you're in the right place if there's a flame on one side of the opening). Head through into the next field. Keep heading north and there's another switch at the northernmost point in the fenced in area. Hit it then return back to where you started (on the other side of the log bridge).

Head to the western part of the field and you'll find a locked gate. Head through into a stone "pen". Cross the pen and exit in the northeast corner. You'll be in a field with lots of brownish underbrush (which you can walk right through). Head north through the brush, and make sure you walk through it; there are generators and keys hidden in it (and possibly a golem, depending on your level).

After passing through the field, you'll come to a house on fire. There is a locked gate, which you can skip if you want to save the key (there's some food, and a scroll in there). On the front of the east wing of the house is a door, which you can shoot and destroy. Hit the switch inside, then swing around back of the house, and clean up the treasure back there, if you want.

After you're done with the house, head east and follow the river south until you come down onto a bridge that looks partially sunk into the river. You can still cross it, so do that. On the far shore is a switch. Hit it, then cross back to the western bank. Continue to the south staying with the river. It will turn to the east, so keep following it, and right after the bend you'll come to a locked gate. West of the gate is the entrance to another stone pen.

In the center is another burned out house, with a red switch. Hit that one and a wall in the northwest corner will lower. Collect all the goodies, then head back to the locked gate by the river.

Unlock the gate and start across the bridge. Halfway across, on the south side, is a discolored part of the railing. Shoot it and go stand on the switch it reveals. A stone pillar from the river will rise up. Hop on and let it carry you down. At the bottom are two switches; the one pointing southeast is the button for the stone pillar, so hit the other one, and grab the halo from the chest, then ride the pillar back up to the bridge.

Finish crossing to the east and you'll come to another field. Cross the field going east until you come to the wall. Then head north until you're on a ramp leading up. There's a locked gate not too far up, and another one just past that. Then you'll come down the ramp. Head westward from the base of the ramp, and you'll come across a hill, at the top is a gallows with a red switch.

Follow the direction of the arrow (northeast) until you come to a lowered gate (it should be against the east wall, with a flame on one of the poles). Climb up this ramp and follow it to the end. There will be another Door in the ground, stand on it to be taken to the bonus level for the Tigress, and collect your 50 coins.

If you don't want to go into the bonus level, from the gallows go straight north, and you'll come to the regular exit.

Town cemetery[edit]

You start off in a small fenced-in area. Under a barrel is a red switch, hit it, then exit through the gate to the north. In this area, the switch you need to proceed is north of the gate you entered through, just north of a tree. There are other switches hidden under stumps and such, so you can pick up some goodies if you want. After you're done, hit the switch by the tree and head through the north gate.

Follow the path until you come to another section of the cemetery (you should be facing east when you get to it). Again, there are a bunch of switches that raise treasures, one under a stump where you enter and one in the building to the south (shoot the wall with the door). The switch you need to proceed is in the east side, south of a tree. It will lower a gate to the north. On the other side of the gate is another red switch that will lead you to treasure (hit it, then the other that raises from the grave to the southeast, then head east).

After all that's done, head through the entrance to the north. Follow the bridge until you come to a half-wall blocking your progress. To the south is a barrel, inside is Death, and under him is a red switch. Kill him (or let him die), turn around and head north up the hill. On the plateau at the top, you'll find a red switch under a barrel, and a scroll with a rune hint. Hit the switch, and head back down the hill

At the bottom, turn west. The first little guardhouse to the north has a Death inside, standing on a red switch. Kill him, and hit the switch. Climb back up the hill you just came down, and hit the now-lowered switch. Go back down the hill, and in the hut south of the one Death was in, there's a Rune stone. After collecting the Stone, head west until you come to the fountain.

Turn south and cross the bridge to another area. After you step off the bridge, you'll hear a gate; that's the path closing behind you. Head all the way to the south, and you'll come to a building. Inside is a key (shoot the wall), and on the west side of the building is the obelisk for this area (which will now unlock the Ice area). Head north from where the obelisk is. Head north, weaving through the areas, and in one you'll find a stump hiding a key.

Keep heading north, and bear to the east; you should come across a wooden bridge leading east. Cross the bridge and unlock the gate. Behind the treasure chest is a red switch. Hit that and cross back over the bridge, heading north when you get to the other side. At the end of a rather windy land bridge is the exit.

Town spire[edit]

To start, head south then west, circling around until you come to a tower with door. Shoot the door, and hit the red switch inside. Now exit and circle back around until you come back to where you started the level. Unlock the gate to the west and proceed through. Cross this area and go to the northwest corner. Head up the ramp to the east. Head north across the wooden bridge (you'll hear the path close behind you). At the end of the bridge, turn west and you'll see a path leading south from the parapet. Head down the path.

Sweep the area, hitting the red switch hidden under a dirt mound. Then climb up the ramp opposite the one you came down from (heading up to the east). At the top, turn north and hit the red switch, then head back down the ramp to the south wall of the area at the bottom. Head through the now-open gate and head to the west. When the area curves north, follow it. It then curves east, and at the end is another parapet whose door you can shoot. Inside is Death standing on a red switch. Kill Death, and hit the switch. Exit the parapet again, and head back to the gate that you used to come into this area, an you should be back in the courtyard with the two ramps.

Climb the east ramp, turn south, then go east across the wooden bridge. Follow it until you come down into another courtyard. After you get off the ramp, turn and head into the western part of the courtyard. Hit the switch, which raises another Rune Stone, but you can't quite get to it yet. Exit the courtyard from the southeast corner, where there will be a ramp up and to the east. Follow the ramp until you come up onto the wall. Turn north, and hit the switch in the parapet. Climb back down into the courtyard you just came from, and in the middle should be a switch on the grating. Hit that, climb back up the ramp, and turn south.

When you get to the corner, hit the red switch on the wooden platform. Go back down to the courtyard yet again, and you can now get the rune stone you uncovered before. Done with this courtyard, head back up the ramp, turn south again, and unlock the gate (you only have to unlock one, the southern one doesn't have a trap on the other side). After unlocking the gate, head to the west atop the wall. When you get to a turn in the wall, shoot the corner to reveal a red switch. Hit it and head south. This will begin the climb up the spire.

Go all the way to the top, and at the end of the climb is a red switch. Hit it and head back down the spire. You'll eventually come to a wooden platform with a red switch. Hit that switch, and the wall will lower. Enter, shoot the mounds in the corner, and one will reveal a red switch (and if you hit the back will, it will go to, but you can't get the scroll yet). Hit the red switch you exposed, and head a little bit further down the spire. You'll come across another wooden platform. Under one of the barrels is another red switch. Hit it and head back to the alcove with the scroll. Hit the newly exposed red switch, and collect the Flame of Tarkanna. Head all the way to the top of the spire.

On the top, near the end of the ramp, is a green barrel hiding a red switch. Blow it up, and hit the red switch. Follow the arrow, and hit a few more switches like this, and eventually the exit will appear. Step on and you're done.

Town airship[edit]

You start on a platform. Head down, shoot the discolored boxes and proceed. Climb up the cargo net to hit the red switch, then back down and take the gate to the west. On this platform, there is a stack of boxes. One of them you can destroy to reveal a red switch. Hit the switch, and continue to the west. On the next platform, destroy the box in the northwest corner, then unlock the gate to the west and proceed.

On the next platform, grab the key in the barrel and keep going west. You should now be on a corner platform. Turn north, and you come to another corner platform with a gate to the east. Unlock the gate, and head up. There is another locked gate at the top, and then you're on a platform with a cargo net to the south. Climb the cargo net to find a scroll telling you about the Rune Stone. Head back down to the platform, then down the ramp to the east, hitting the switch as you go by. At the bottom, step on the elevator, and let it take you to the next area.

After getting off the elevator, there's another box you can destroy, after which you should take the ramp down to the east. Keep heading east until you come to a place where there's a set of stair leading up, and one leading down. Take the up set first, and climb the cargo net. There's a switch in the first crow's nest. Hit it and continue east to the second crow's nest where there's another switch. Now head all the way back down, until you get back to the two sets of stairs.

Take the down set now, and head east. You'll see a hole in the deck, and just south of that is a gangplank leading off the ship to the south. When you get to the platform, take the cargo net back up and you'll end up on a row of crates. Shoot the crate that's blocking your path, hit the red switch under it, and continue north and west until you come to another crate blocking your path. Destroy this one, and it will reveal a small niche with the last Town Rune Stone. Grab it, and backtrack down the cargo net to the platform. Now take the easternmost ramp back up. On the way up, you'll hear another gate.

At the top, you're back on the deck. Circle around the machinery and on the north side of the ship is another ramp leading up. Hit the red switch on the platform at the top, and follow the arrow down another ramp to the south. At the bottom is another crate that leads down to a treasure chest. Head west, and when you get to the staircase, shoot the crate beside it, and hit the red switch. Climb the staircase and continue west until you leave the shop, and hit a corner with a stack of three green crates.

Turn north and head up the ramp. On your way up, you'll hear another gate closing behind you. When you get to the platform at the top, head west, which will bring you to a platform with a bunch of crates. You can tell the breakable ones, so shoot them all, including a green breakable north of where the ramp lands, which covers a red switch. After you hit the switch, continue west up the ramp, unlock the door on the platform you come to, and keep heading west and up.

Turn north at the next platform, and destroy the barrel hiding the red switch here. Hit the switch, and continue up the ramp to the north. On the platform at the top may be a golem. After killing it, continue north down the ramp. The rest of the level is a straight path to the exit.

Town plague[edit]

Again, having the Legend weapon helps, but it's easy enough without it. He's got fairly standard attacks, except the one where he causes green slime to shoot out of the barrels you're hiding behind. Just grab some items and it's a pretty straightforward battle. Grab your shard after defeating him.