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Tick Tick Boom[edit]

"Locust counter-attack"

Find a Mode on Transport[edit]

Outside the tomb you must make a decision again on which way to go. You can goto the Right or the Left path. Whichever way yo chose, you will be stuck with Baird for the duration.

Split Off to Right - High Route[edit]

Baird and you take the lower trench, but find it's not suitable and goes nowhere. Before you leave the trench, grab the Frag Grenades at the end of the trench past the ramp. You'll need it later.

After you two ascend the trench, enter the building on the left behind the barricade. As you enter you will see two Boomers holding down Cole and Dom. Toss your newly found grenade at their feet to take them out to save your squad mates.

As you continue you see a Corpser scurry away, a taste of something to come maybe? Clear out the few Locust that appear after the Corpser and continue on through the next few rooms.

Eventually you will reach an alleyway on the street with a few more Locust. Clear out the Locust and eliminate the Troika at the end of the hallway. Tell the squad to cease fire so you can toss some grenades down at the Troika. Once the area is clear, you are reunited with the rest of your squad.

Also, go through all the rooms around this area to find ammo drops and weapons, including a replacement Lancer in the fenced in yard for those who accidentally lost it in a previous level.

Split Off to Left - Low Route[edit]

Baird and you take the ground route to the left. As you enter the building, you find you are blocked and need Dom to find you another way into the building.

As you wait you two are ambushed by two Boomers. Stick under cover and work with the other squad who is high above to clear them out.

Continue your way through the buildings here, and take out the one lone Drone on the ground floor and help out with any enemies your squad above is dealing with.

Once outside, Drones start to pour out from the opposite building. Quickly take the Locust Sniper out to help your squad, and help take out the pair of Drones that begin to attack from the other side of the fence.

Once they are clear, another wave of two Drones come out from your side of the building. Be careful they brandish Lancers so don't get too close!

Once you make it inside the building, try to flank around the Troika Gunner to aid the rest of the squad. After it's taken out along with all other Drones and Wretches you are officially reunited with the squad.

Squad Together Again[edit]

Once you are regrouped have Jack cut the door in the room next to the Troika. Beyond Dom tells a story of a Stranded that may have a "Junker" vehicle for the squad to use.


"Heavy weapons in close quarters"

Find The Stranded's Settlement[edit]

Work your way outside of the building. Outside you will run into a Boomer and some Drones. Destroy the Boomer and take his Boomshot for some extra firepower.

Continue the fight through them on the streets towards the left. Also be careful there is a Locust Sniper, or two, lurking on the right side in the buildings.

Once inside the building, there are a few Wretches to take care of along the cat walks. The Seeder is still around as well as you keep noticing the ground tremble as you move from room to room. So be careful and stock up on ammo and weapons.

Down the next street you will find a few Drones and another Boomer. Just use cover and take them out, be sure to grab the Boomshot from the Boomer if you don't have one already. You'll need it up ahead.

You have now reached a bridge with a Troika mounted up at the end of it. Push the abandoned car forward with the X button while under cover to get down the bridge. Use your Boomshot to take out the Drone Gunner and then work your way close to the other side to throw some grenades into the Emergence Hole to seal it up.

You now have a free an open path to the Stranded's settlement. Once inside, Dom will give up Cole and Baird for the keys to the car. It's just now a problem with how to get to it.


"A 'helping' hand from the Stranded"

Other than Franklin telling you the mission to get to the gas station, there is not much to do here. Just bust through into the house on the left near the fire. Work your way through it.

Lethal Dusk[edit]

"Stay in the light or be consumed"

Cross The River To Checkpoint 1[edit]

You and Dom battle your way through the darkness past a few Drones and Snipers. Grab the Sniper's Longshot, you can use it later. Meet Dom at the Ferry to get across the river.

Once on the Ferry you must crank the ferry along the ropes using the A button. Do this as quick as you can so you can reach the other side while Dom defends you both.

Once on the other side as you approach checkpoint one their lights go out and they are destroyed by the Kryll. Load up on the ammo around this area and continue on to Checkpoint 2.

Get To Checkpoint 2[edit]

From here on out, you want to stay out of the darkness or the Kryll will have you for breakfast. To do so, shoot all the propane barrels that you see. This will light up a new area to allow you to travel safely away from the Kryll.

In the first area you will face an Emergence Hole, but the other problem is the darkness. Shoot some tanks to give you light, get close and seal off the Emergence Hole. Or you can be nasty and shoot out the street lights above the Emergence Hole to have the Kryll do the job for you.

Cog Tag 16

Further down the street you will face another Gunner in a Troika flanked by a couple of Snipers, use your Longshot to take them out from behind the abandoned car.

Now work your way down the street by using the propane tanks. Enter the doorway on your left to get into the house.

After you get through the house, a new Emergence Hole opens up in the distance. Ignore it for now, let Dom keep them busy. You should work your way around behind it via the passageway on the left.

Then as you enter the next street, there is a Troika gunner and a Sniper at the end of this dark street. Take the Sniper out by taking out the light above his head. Then snipe the Gunner and clear out any remaining Drones.

To find where you go next, Anya chimes in to use the dark path to the left of the Troika room. To light up that path, get to a hallway window behind the Troika and toss a Frag Grenade into the pathway to light it up. Work through the house while Anya tells you a group of Locust are attacking the rest of the squad.

Once outside, you are faced with some more Locust. Eventually an Emergence Hole opens as well. Find propane tanks hidden behind some breakaway furniture, light them up to get yourself to the Emergence Hole to close it up. It's not easy, so I'd quickly run up after creating a path and toss a Frag Grenade into the hole. Then fall back to wipe out any remaining Drones.

Now you enter an area with a spotlight. Go up into the building and use the spotlight to guide Dom through the street. Keep him lit or the Kryll will get to him. Once he's on the other end, he'll turn on the street lamps to allow you passage.

Take a left at the end of the street, progress until another Emergence Hole opens. Let Dom cover the hole while you flank through the building to take out the hole from the building's north windows.

Checkpoint two is just a little bit further. You need to light one last tank which is hidden under a piece of sheet metal.

Dark Labyrinth[edit]

"Light your way to salvation"

Get Through The Ruined House[edit]

The Stranded drunkard tells you he'll run the house lights for you to get through to the gas station. Jack stays behind to keep a COM link with him as you progress.

As you go through each room in the house, he will turn the lights on for you. Just be sure to stick to the light areas as you get through the house. All you will really come across here are some Wretches.

Get To The Gas Station[edit]

Outside of the house, there is nothing but darkness. If you look ahead you'll see another abandoned car that is movable. In it's backseat is a propane tank. Shoot it to light up the area, but be careful the car is now rolling down the hill. You need to keep up with it by doing a Roadie Run as it coasts towards the gas station.

Powder Keg[edit]

"Shootout at Aspho Gas Station"

Fuel The Junked and Escape[edit]

You arrive at the gas station and meet Chap. He tells you how to start the fuel transfer for the Junked. You must head over to the fuel pump and start it manually after he turns the light on over it.

Chap then offers you some free ammo in the back of the gas station. As you start to collect the ammo Locust Drones start to attack the gas station from the left side. Be careful not to use any explosives right around the pumps of the gas station, or the whole place is bound to go up in smoke.

After the initial wave of Drones Dom then tells you of a new threat, a Boomer. He is also flanked by a few more Drones and also a few Wretch to make your life more difficult. You want to start to take shots at him from a far with the Longshot because as time goes on, he gets closer and closer to you.

Once the Boomer is cleared out, another Drone wave comes from the right side of the gas station. Take long shots here being careful of anything explosive.

You can now get into the Junker and continue on through the Viaducts.

Burnt Rubber[edit]

"Burn Kryll...while burning rubber"

Fuel the Junker and Escape[edit]

Dom, Chap and you all drive together through the streets in the Junker. To drive the junker takes a bit of thought, because you can't power the UV Cannon at the same time as you drive. So when you spot Kryll you need to switch to the UV Cannon by hitting the X button, while using the RT button to fire the cannon.

Through this area you will follow the direction of Chap while he directs you where to go and if there are any Kryll coming at you guys. There are eight spots where you'll get attacked by Kryll and they usually come in multiple waves from every direction, so keep sharp.

Last Stand[edit]

"Fight alongside the Stranded"

Repel The Locust Attack[edit]

Now Marcus and Dom have made their way back to the Stranded Camp to help out the Stranded and your squad mates Baird and Cole. Head towards the right over the wooden bridge to meet up the Baird. From here you can easily close the Emergence Hole that opens with a Frag Grenade. Stay low though, the Snipers in the building have great aim and will take you out in no time if you get out of cover for too long.

The rest of this level occurs in a different order every time you play it. The same events happen, just not in the same order. There will be two more Emergence Holes as well as a few waves of Snipers to contend with. At one point the game points out to you a loose rock over a pipe on the far building. Use a weapon or the Troika gun at the center of the platform to shoot at the rock to burst a gas pipe open. Fire onto the gas leak to cause an explosion and take care of some of the snipers. From the Troika you should be able to easier to close the Emergence Holes.

A Boomer along with another wave of Drones start to pour out of the building. Use the Troika gun to spray the building with fire to take out as many as you can. Once they are fairly well under cover, take cover yourself and take them out one by one with the Longshot and Frag Grenades.

After they are all cleared out a forth gigantic Emergence Hole opens with three Boomers inside. You can either take them out, or create another gasoline leak using the toppled over gas tank resulted from the hole opening. Once the gas starts to leak out, use the propane tanks as the igniter and you'll get some toasty flat Boomer cakes.