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This takes place in the waterways in the center and the passages to the left and right(depending on which side you spawn on)


Weapons which can be found on this map (when "Weapons Swapped" is off) include:

  • Torque Bow(1) - One under the center bridge.
  • Boltok(1) - One in the pillow-sack bunker at the bottom of the stairs leading up onto the center bridge.
  • Frag Grenade(1) - One (pair) on the center bridge.
  • Longshot(2) - One on each of the bridges near the spawn points.

On this map there are three power weapons:

  • Longshot: It rests on the first bridge at each spawn; picking it up can give you a great advantage over the enemies in the waterway, but leaves you open to anyone with the sniper rifle on the opposite bridge.
  • Torque Bow: Under the center bridge; this and the Longshot are usually the first weapons taken. I've never found much to like about it on this level but you might so experiment.
  • Grenades: Same location of the Torque Bow but instead of under the bridge it's on top of the bridge.


Flanking the Waterways: Most players will rush straight on through the canals trying to get the Torque Bow. Instead of running up face-to-face with the enemy, try your team's sniper, or taking the upper halls and trying to get around the enemy to surprise them.

Grab the Sniper Rifle: You may not even be good with it, but grabbing it and trying to help your team works pretty well. You may not be able to get a headshot but at least damaging them could help your team. Active Reload can and probably will be your best friend with this weapon.