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This map is based on the letter O. With spawn points on either side. The top and lower half of the O exists out of an elevated piece and one lower part. Elevated area is mostly called the courtyard. The lower half exists out of 2 other parts. One part has a truck which holds the boomshot, this area is referred to the bridge. And the other half is called the garage. The courtyard has a balcony which covers a piece of the garage. Under the balcony is a 3 walled room where a pair of grenades is lying in the right corner.

In the middle of the courtyard is a sniper rifle and between 2 pieces of cover is the standard locust weapon.

Flanking can be done in close quarters but mainly this map needs to be fought in close combat with to guys facing each other. Or when you want to be sneaky you have to walk around the enemy.

Be cautious when taking the boomshot because the sniper has an excellent view from the balcony when you are picking up the boomy.

Here you can jump right into the battle in the center of the map or head up above to the balcony.


Three power weapons:

  • Longshot: It is sitting in the far back of the balcony, peeking over the balcony with it lets you help your allies or keep the Boomshot within eyeshot.
  • Boomshot: Directly opposite the Longshot. Go to the center and hop over the wall. Grab it fast, though, as the sniper can see you perfectly.
  • Grenades: Underneath the balcony there is a small out-of-the-way cove where the grenades lie waiting.


Distraction: Have two team-mates head up to the sniper at the beginning. Leaving yourself and someone else to take cover behind the broken pillars, wall etc, just outside of your spawn. When your team pick up the sniper, the enemy will head up there. If any of them head your way, wait for them to start heading up and get out of cover and follow them. Don't roadie run or roll after them because your character grunts while doing it.

Under the balcony: When outnumbered, head over to the grenade spawnpoint and hang out. It is great because it's tucked away, hardly anyone goes there besides at the beginning, and there is only one entrance, so only one way to direct your fire. Be sure not to pick up the grenades as it will alert the enemy to your hiding spot.