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These are the standard controls which are used by default.

  • A button: Evade; get into/out of cover; mantle (climb); cover slip; make SWAT turn
    • Press and hold A button for roadie run
  • X button: Use/interact
  • Y button: Look at point of interest
  • B button: Melee
    • Hold B button for chainsaw (With lancer)
  • Start button: Start/pause
  • Back button: See multiplayer scoreboard
  • LB button: See objective and squad status/orders
  • LT button: Aim/lean
  • RB button: Reload (second well-timed press: Active Reload)
  • RT button: Shoot, throw grenade, blind fire
  • Neutral lstick: Move
  • Neutral rstick: Look
  • L button: Crouch
  • R button: Zoom
  • Neutral dpad: Switch weapons


To move, use Neutral lstick. All special moves -evading, using cover, climbing onto and over an obstacle (mantling), and roadie run- use A button with Neutral lstick.

Getting Into Cover[edit]

Use cover in combat or die. Move toward anything that looks like cover (debris, doorways, etc.), and then press A button.

Exiting Cover[edit]

To break cover, move away from the cover point or press A button.


To jump over low cover, move Neutral lstick in the direction of the jump, and then press A button.


Tap A button while moving. If there's no cover, you dodge and roll, trying not to get shot. You can also evade or roll out of cover.

Cover Slip[edit]

To quickly slip around the corner of cover without having to back up first, move Neutral lstick in the direction you want to slip, and press A button.

SWAT Turn[edit]

While in cover, minimize exposure in reaching a nearby cover point with a SWAT turn. Move Neutral lstick toward adjacent cover, and press A button.

Roadie Run[edit]

Part crouch, part run that makes you harder to target. To roadie run, while out of cover press and hold A button. You cannot fire while using roadie run.

Active Reload[edit]

To reload your weapon (assuming you have ammunition), press RB button. To reload faster, press RB button twice. Success is a matter of timing and practice. There are three possibilities when attempting an active reload. If you succeed, you reload faster. If you achieve a perfect reload, you reload much faster and gain a small damage boost. If you fail, you spend more time reloading than if you did not try.