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One side will start in a hanger bay filled with some Junkers (these can't be used) while the other team starts in a somewhat revealing dead end of a road. In the middle of the map is a decent-sized warehouse. In the very middle of the warehouse (inside) spawns a Hammer of Dawn (it's advisable to only grab it if you have team-mate guarding your back; there is a lot of room for things to go wrong when you're standing out in the open).

On the sides of the warehouse (outside) closest to the spawn points there are semi trucks. If you hop into the back of the truck you will find a Longshot spawn.

There is plenty of cover on this map, along with lots of opportunities to flank your opponents.

You're in a fueling facility, with lots of cover and lots of room to fight.


Three power weapons;

  • Longshot: Each side spawns with one, in the giant open crates. If no one else on your team is going to take it then you had better.
  • Grenades: Each team spawns with them relatively close. One is between the gas pumps and the other is inside a pipe.
  • Hammer of Dawn: Inside the main facility building next to the flaming debris.


Most tend to rush for the sniper or Hammer but frags are just as good on this map. Plus, it keeps you prepared for the little close-range fights, of which you'll have a lot on this map.