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A remake of the Fenix estate from Act Four: The Long Road Home.


Three power weapons all in a row;

  • Longshot: Inside the mansion on the second floor, in between two couches. It overlooks the grenades.
  • Grenades: In front of the main entrance door of the mansion. Overlooks the Boomshot.
  • Boomshot: Behind a long wall outside of the mansion.


Sticking together: Whether you want to go inside or outside you should always travel with at least one team-mate to watch each other's backs, because it's easy to get surrounded by enemies and killed.

Furniture: While this map has a lot of cover indoors, the only thing you should remember is that all the furniture can be shot apart. If you see an enemy taking cover on a couch, unload fire into the couch to bust it apart. If you're the one taking cover, you can try blindfiring, it will take them longer to rip the couch plus you apart than it will to you take to down them.