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Gears of War uses tactical strategy, requiring you to use cover, blind firing, etc., and this also applies to multiplayer. Just as in most shooters, knowing the arena in which you're fighting, where weapon placements are, choke-points, etc are important to your success. Gears of War features 12 multiplayer maps with more going to be available in the future.

General tips[edit]

  • The Lancer is an underrated but very effective weapon. At long range it will make your enemies take cover and keep them pinned down while your teammates move up. It can stop someone rushing you dead in their tracks, and it's chainsaw bayonet is great for ambushes.
  • Learn how to communicate with your teammates as it is vital to act accordingly.
  • When one or two men are down on the opposing team try to work with teammates and plan a strategy.
  • When in close quarters depending on the situation, it's best to use a shotgun.
  • When fighting in close quarters try to shoot your weapon without pressing the left trigger, with a shotgun or mg try to run around them and aim your shots to the right of you, to get the perfect shot alignment.
  • Always try to play together with people that you know, as most games you join as of now are usually stacked on the other team already.
  • Never aim at the legs with the shotgun. Aim for the torso or the head. At the very least you should put them down with 2 shots (1 shot if you have an active reload). At best you'll either blast them to pieces or pop their head right off.
  • If you can dominate the weapons, your team will generally win. Break into pairs of two and go after upgraded weapons right off the bat. This can be a key to victory.
  • Set up ambushes by using one player as bait.
  • Use one team to establish a "base" and send the other two team members as roamers who can flank the opposition.
  • The pistol is a overlooked weapon for Beginners, do not overlook the true power of the weapon. The pistol's melee attack is the fastest in the game and is a great way to cancel the melee attacks of others. Note that it also is very fast to cock, which makes it essential to score active-reload-down-kills.
  • Active Reload is a very powerful tool if used correctly, try using it with the Longshot, you do not have to score a head shot with the Longshot to down your opponent if you have the bonus on your shot.
  • Grenade Taggers, how to stop them, The shotgun is big in stopping them when it works correctly. Most of the time however the shotgun does not work correctly. So your best bet to stop them is the Lancer or Snubnose Pistol and distance. I can not stress enough the importance of staying away from them as they charge to you.
  • A note to the above - If you see someone comming with a grenade, switch to the shotgun as quick as possible and contine to back away as you fire. Keep moving and don't stand still. If you're acccurate with your shots you'll down them before they can get close enough to stick you.
  • Flanking is a big part of having success, in the game. You and your team should have a plan to flank and get angles on the enemies.
  • Smoke grenades are your friends. They can be used to fill an area with smoke, either giving you cover for a speedy exit, or as a distraction. If you're with a friend and you corner an opposing player try throwing in a smoke grenade followed by a frag grenade.