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Raven Down is a multiplayer map added on January 10, 2007, in a downloadable content package titled Gears of War-Multiplayer Map Pack 1 Brought to you by Discovery Channel. Gears of War-Multiplayer Map Pack 1 added two new multiplayer maps, "Old Bones" and "Raven Down". Gears of War-Multiplayer Map Pack 1 was a free download sponsored by Discovery Channel and Future Weapons.

This map is a very small cross-shaped map with a downed Raven in the middle and splits the teams into two groups of two at the begining, instead of putting all four of them together like usual. Here is a (very poor) sample image of the map from a birds eye view, to show how the teams are split up. The diagonal row of R's symbolizes the downed Raven. The F's symbolize the Frag Grenade spawns. The "2 COG" and "2 Locust" icons symbolize the spawn points, "2" meaning that two members of that team spawn there. The spawn points alternate every round like all maps, but always putting only two members of a team together.

     | F  2  |
     |   COG |
     |       |
 ----         -----
|         R    2   |
|2 COG   R     Loc |
|       R      ust |
 ----         -----
     |       |
     |  F 2  |
     |Locust |

Weapons which can be found on this map (when "Weapons Swapped" is off) include:

  • Frag Grenade (2) - One (pair) in the back of each truck located on two of the four sides of the downed Raven.