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There is a hidden easter egg on this map. To see it, go to the dark side of the map (darker and stormier side) and stand in front of the doorway of the Hammer Of Dawn shack, with your back facing the Hammer Of Dawn. Chuck a Smoke Grenade, or fire a Boomshot round (if you set "Weapons Swapped" on and put a Boomshot on the map) into one of the broken windows ahead of you and look closely. You will see a dead man sitting on a toilet.


There are four power weapons;

  • Hammer of Dawn: In the small shack just outside of each spawnpoint.
  • Longshot: A little way down the path from the Hammer.
  • Grenades: Once you get to the top, you will see a little path that overlooks your team's sniper location. The grenades are sitting at the end.
  • Torque Bow: Is in the center of the map – usually a mad rush towards it.

Weapons which can be found on this map (when "Weapons Swapped" is off) include:

  • Boltock (2)- One on each team's side of the map.
  • Hammer Of Dawn (2) - One on each team's side of the map, in a small dark shack-looking building.
  • Longshot (2)- One on each team's side of the map.
  • Frag Grenade (2)- One (pair) on each team's side of the map, on a walkway over-looking the Longshot spawn.
  • Torque Bow (1) - One in the center (highest spot) of the map.


It's Hammer Time: Grab the Hammer – it can be pretty useful to sweep across the map to kill enemies that are hiding. If you're trying to avoid the hammer, try hiding in places with roofs overhead.

Dugouts: Many people like to hide in these with the Hammer or Torque Bow. Try to sneak around and chainsaw them, or throw a frag in.