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Virtual Combat and Infiltration Simulation[edit]

Long Range Sniper Training[edit]

Possess the host and get ready for this next simulation. It’s different from the last one, because you kill people. And there’s green vision (thermal). Pull out your sniper rifle and switch to green vision (Z). This makes it a lot easier to complete the level. The gun has two distances for the scope. Press L to about the middle of how far it can go to get the first distance. Once you have a target, zoom in and snipe the target’s head to kill him quickly. The voice will tell you to kill all the guards. They are the yellow things in the green vision who sometimes like to hide behind pillars and the Limo. After you’ve killed them, some snipers will start shooting at you. Use the green vision to find and kill them, watch out for the snipers to the left and right of the building you are on. You’ll soon be told to assassinate the dignitary who has gotten out of the Limo. You have to be quick, don’t worry about fine tuning your aim. He’s the one that has a different shape than the guards, has no gun, and is running up the stairs. Shoot him before he gets through the door.

Stop all Soldiers from Exiting the Lobby[edit]

This is tricky. You can use two hosts to complete the mission- a guard with a rocket launcher and a guard with an rifle. I used the one with the rocket launcher, but if you die you can take the crack in the wall near him up to the second host. Once you’ve possessed your host back up against the doors and get ready for the first wave of enemies trying to get out. The first few come from the left (after a while) so aim your rocket launcher at the ground in front of them and fire away (or mow them down with the rifle). After that they’ll start coming from the right and top, too, so watch out. The first wave isn’t so bad, but the second wave gets tricky. The first enemies come from the top, on both sides. Try to shoot them before they get down the stairs. After that they’ll come from the ground floor and there will be a lot of them. Try to catch them in groups to take out a bunch at one time. Keep looking around to make sure you haven’t missed any, and if one gets through the door, don’t worry yet. Fire a rocket after him and you’ll probably hit him. Otherwise you have start from the first wave again. Try to time your reloads to in between waves and when enemies are far away. The third wave uses the same strategy as the second, just try to get your rocket to land at their feet and look around a lot. This sim will probably take you a few tries to get the pattern down, but you’ll get it eventually.

Dignitary Assassination and Possession[edit]

This is easy compared to the last part. There is the possibility of a lot of fire on you, but if you can limit it to one guard at a time it doesn’t matter. The guards are pushovers, anyway. There are no health packs, but you get a new host once in a while. The easiest way to complete this is to exploit the weak AI of the game. If you can get behind a corner, but still be able to shoot at a guard (have you reticule turn red) then you can usually fire with no one firing back. Sometimes you will get caught in between three or four enemies, but just keep firing, focusing on one at a time. Try to shoot them in the head for the easiest kills (sometimes it doesn’t matter). There are a lot of enemies, and you need to take out all of them, but you can do it. You’ve had more people firing at you at once by now than you’ll see in this simulation. All rooms and doors eventually lead to the same place, and you might find a good sniping spot in one of the rooms. Take your time and kill all of the enemies. When you get to the blue-ish barrier, note that you can float over it as a ghost. Use your host to open the door next to the barrier, climb up the stairs, and shoot out the three wires in the elevator shaft. Go back down, hop the barrier, possess the dignitary and jump down the shaft.

Now you get grenades. They make this even more fun! Throw them at groups of enemies, throw them at doors (try to get them as close to the door as possible), and throw them at... well, there isn’t much more to throw them at. Shoot enemies that haven’t been killed by the grenade (when you blast open a door, most of the enemies in the room will die). Eventually, you’ll reach a dead end with a big locked door and a few doors in front of it. The closest door on the right to the door (farthest from you) has the dignitary you want to possess inside, so only grenade the door across from that door or the dignitary might die and cause you to start over. The blast should open both doors. Take care of any guards who weren’t killed (be careful with the dignitary, he’s the baldish one in the back of the room, don’t shoot at him at all) then possess the dignitary.

Infiltrate Special Ops Conference[edit]

Follow the engineer through the door he opened. Look in the alcove to the right and possess him. Run up the stairs, then turn right down the long hallway. Go through the door with the sign ‘Weapons Lab’ by it (the door on the left) and talk to the scientists at the bottom. They’ll tell you to restore the power, so go back up to that long hallway and go across it through the door labeled ‘To the Power Room’. Use the door on the right as the human and go down the stairs to a room with a HAZMAT suit. Put it on, and go out the door into a lot of greenish-yellow gas. Pull out your rivet gun and go to the left down a tunnel. Kill any purple creatures or invisible ones you find and go through the door at the end. Go through the next door into the power room. Use the elevator to get up to the top and talk to the other engineer. He’ll tell you that there are relay switches that need to be activated in the right order in a certain amount of time. The amount of time you get is plenty, don’t worry. Go back down the elevator and look for a flashing blue light on the left. Go to it and activate the first relay. Easy or what? Keep going around the room, looking for the flashing blue lights and activating them. Eventually you’ll have them all so get back to the top and activate the flashing red relay (even though your friend was killed). Do that a few more times and that annoying bug boss will come down.


Same way to hurt him, shoot his mouth while it’s open. Okay, the only different thing about this fight is after a few shots it will go back up into the pipes and try to come down directly above you. You can try to avoid this by moving around, but it is a small stages. The best way to avoid it is to wait until it roars in the pipes and move out of the way quickly. When he’s dead reactivate the relays on the top to restore the power.


Go all the way back to the weapons lab (killing enemies in the tunnel, take off the suit, up the stairs, across the hall). Dispossess and possess the robotic arms above the scientists to scare them. Go up the stairs a little bit and examine the door as the engineer. Slip through the crack when the scientist opens it and possess the microscope across from the scientist. Rattle it around a lot to make the scientist come over, then make him turn red and possess him. Go up towards the door and grab the gun that the camera zooms in on. There are two other guns, one for each scientist, but this is the best. Go backup to that long hallway and turn left. Go through the door at the end. There are some enemies in this room (humans included), but they are easy to kill with your handy new gun. Go out the door on the far end of this room to find yourself in another tunnel. At the end open the door (use the scanner first). Help kill everything in there (humans won’t shoot you, but you can kill them if you want) and slip through the crack into the door with Security Room by it. Possess the guard and shoot the creatures, then go through the unlocked too and kill the enemy in there (it’s in the room at the bottom of the ramp, invisible) then look on the right wall for monitors with flashing red buttons. Press both of them to turn off the security alarm. Go back and possess the scientist again. Go into the room called Command Wing. Go down the hallway, taking out enemies as you go. Go through whatever doors you come to and continue going down. You will reach a dead end with two holes un the wall big enough to walk through. One is obviously closed, so go through the one that isn’t to meet…

Boss: Boss[edit]

The final form of this annoying bug/lizard boss! It rolls around and you have to shoot off the canisters covering its body to damage it. There is an easy way and a hard way. First, the easy way. I suggest youget out of the way or the boss will crush you before you start, so move around in a circle. It might be a little confusing, but it you do it right you should end up in a corner to the left of where you dropped down into the fight (there is a big portion of the wall missing, it looks like you can walk into it but you can’t). Make yourself comfortable in the corner, it can’t hit you there. Whenever it rolls by shoot it and keep shooting it. Canisters will fall off and sometimes there will be a blue gas. Don’t worry about either of these. The gas is poisonous but it can’t get to you because you are in the almighty corner. Shoot it until it’s dead. That was the easy way. The hard way is to do the exact same thing, but follow it around while you are doing it. It is a lot faster than you and will take you by surprise after you’ve lost track of it on more than one occasion. It will die, but it will take about the same amount of time to kill it (if not more) as the first strategy. You can also possess an explosive crate and blow it up when the thing rolls by. Once it is dead slip through the crack in the wall (straight to the left from the corner you were in).