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You begin again, not dead, but strapped to a machine. Within moments a laser will pierce Raimi and his spirit separated from his body.

Don't worry, everything is fine. In fact, everything is perfect. Do what the nice lady's voice tells you. Your energy drains slowly as a ghost, the woman tells you, and you need to get energy from plants or hosts. Go up to the plant and get some energy (look at it, press A button when the icon appears) and then possess one of the rabbits near the cliff (host #2-1). Run around, then dispossess with B button when told to do so.

Hmm... that's weird... Why is it glitching? A ghost girl named Gigi has destroyed the machine you were being held in and this is the result.

Escape Containment Wing (Stage 2)[edit]

Gigi will appear and your objective is to follow her. First grab the following logs:

Text Logs
  • #2-1: "Containment Unit" - Examine the machine Gigi just blew up, it's located below where you start; just drop out of the little pocket in the wall that you start in and turn around. You can also do this when you return to the room later.
  • #2-3: "Computers" - Examine either of the computers in front of the pods (the gas chamber like things that reach out from the wall, there are two).

Then head over to the corner she's in, watch the brief cutscene and then follow her by pressing A button when the icon appears.

Once through, you'll have completed the "Follow Gigi" objective. Go to the mirror across the room and talk to her. You'll get to see your ethereal form for the first time; you're a ghost! Gigi will instruct you to possess items around the room to make you feel better, what she means is that when you possess an item, your spirit meter will fill completely! Additionally, it won't drain while you're inside of an object or host.

Gigi wants you to practice possession, so you have to take control of three objects before she'll instruct you to blow open the path to the next area via the explosive container sitting next to the wall with cracks on it. However, before moving on if you're going for completion, go ahead and possess all of the following items in the room:

Possessed Objects
  • #2-1: "Trapped Rat" - When facing the mirror, it's behind and to your right, on the floor next to a white file cabinet.
  • #2-2: "Mop Bucket" - When facing the mirror, to your left, in the center area of the room.
  • #2-3: "Antique Shooting Gallery" - To the right of the mirror. It looks like a pinball machine.
  • #2-4: "Dynamo" - When facing the mirror, it's behind you and to the left. You can possess it through either the dynamo itself or the lightbulb on the ground.
  • #2-5: "Schwalk Ale" - The can is in the middle of the room, in line with the mirror.
  • #2-6: "White Paint Bucket" - When facing the mirror, it's to the right on the shelf near the door.
  • #2-7: "Blue Paint Bucket" - When facing the mirror, it's to the right on the shelf near the door.
  • #2-8: "Yellow Paint Bucket" - When facing the mirror, it's to the right on the shelf near the door.
  • #2-9: "Explosive Container" - When facing the mirror, it's to your left next to the wall opposite the door.

Head on through the slipstream after testing your new float ability (press L button).

Follow Gigi's instructions and possess the phone (on the right wall from where you came in, it's inside of a red box). Press A button to make it ring and wake the janitor, then after the cutscene press A button again to scare him. After Gigi falls out of the man's body, dispossess the phone and possess the janitor. Pick up the phone (hand icon on the phone you were just in) and listen to the important notice. Note that the man on the other line said "shoot them on sight," so be careful: they have guns. Go down the hallway and through the door. Remember that you can sprint with L button.

Possessed Objects
  • #2-10: "Phone" - You already got it, on the right wall as you enter.

Listen to the nerdy scientists if you want to, then head up the stairs. The first door is locked so go through the second one. Go through the big door on the other end of this room and you will find yourself back in the room where you first met Gigi. Dispossess the custodian, then look for the garbage can on the left side of the room. Don’t possess it, but go up the stairs beside it and possess the box. Make it explode and when the guard runs over, posses the garbage can and scare him. Possess him (another prisoner, eh?) and you'll get a flashback from his memories; a bit of the Raimi mystery will unfold and then when it ends Gigi will tell you about how you will see some people's memories when you possess them.

As the guard, go back to the room with the scientists. After heading down the stairs, turn around and go underneath the catwalk to grab your first Host Collectible (#2-1). Talk to the only scientist left in the room, then look at the monitors near the door (look at the red icons). You should at least get a new objective and a security code for the locked door on the level above. Go to the door an look to the left of it. There is a keypad. Put in the code (9235, if you’ve forgotten it) and go through the door. Go through the room with the dogs. As a spirit, you can slip through a crack in the back wall of the first cell on the left. At the end of the tunnel is a Ghost Collectible that extends your Spiritual Energy. Travel back to the kennel and into the room with a yellow barrier. Shoot up the place (or hold Y button to lower your weapon and walk down to the dog so the alarm will go off, then shoot up the place) and walk through the barrier. Kill the enemies in the hallway and next two rooms (careful, they’re hiding) and go through a door that leads to…

Boss: Cord[edit]

This is a bit harder than the last boss. First, his attacks. He throws grenades that take about half of your health. You can tell when he’s about to throw one because his hand turns white. He also shoots yellow at you (sorry, couldn’t think of what else to call it). These shots take about an eighth of your health. They are both easy to dodge. To damage him, shoot him when his shield is down. The most efficient way to hurt him is to shoot him when he’s about to throw a grenade. He will drop it and fall to the ground. Possess the grenade, roll it up to him and press A button to make it explode. Continue doing this until he runs away.

Go through the door Cord went through and take out the enemies that appear. Continue taking out enemies until Gigi talks to you. Look down and to the left for a button and press it. More enemies will file in, take them out. Go inside the cable car when you are done with them and press the button in it to cross the gap. Kill the enemies on the other side and turn the valve on the large cylinder to get to a hole you can slip through as a ghost. End Level 2.