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Help Bryson Escape[edit]

Go out the door and take out the four guards to the room, using the crates for cover. In the next room there are three guards, two on the ground floor and one in the control box on the upper floor. Once you’ve taken care of them go into the control box and press the button in the front. This causes boxes to come out of a hole in the wall, possess one and dispossess when you stop moving. Go around the shelf, see the rats eating chips? Possess the TV and scare them, then possess one. Go back into the alcove with the TV and through the hole in the wall in the opposite corner of the TV (on the same wall). Make note of the Rat Poison, you’ll need it soon. Dispossess and slip through the crack in the wall. Go up the stairs to the left and slip through the door into the mess hall. Go back into the kitchen area (with the chef washing dishes) and possess the oven. Press A repeatedly to make the food start smoking, then possess the fan. Turn it on and move it from pointing at the oven to pointing at the chef, then when the chef runs over dispossess. Possess the stack of plates to the right of the fan and throw them at the chef. He’ll duck behind the oven, but poke his head out after a few seconds. Throw more at him and possess him when you can. Gigi will appear and tell you Bryson is waiting on the other side of the door. Go up the stairs in the mess hall and go to the door all the way to the left. Open it and talk to Bryson.

You need to clear out the guards, so go to the back of the food preparation area and through the door. To the left of the door and on a low shelf there is a can of tomato soup. Pick it up, and go back out through the kitchen and in the door with the energy portal you slipped through to get in in the first place. Turn left and go into the elevator that takes you to the Radio Room. Put the code 1041 into the machine that has 0000 in it when you come in. Go back down the elevator and past the stairs to the mess hall, into the door across from the lounge. Pick up the rat poison and go back to the mess hall. There is a basin with hot water in front of the soldiers waiting to eat (by the window into the rest of the kitchen), mix the soup and rat poison into it. Snicker and go talk to a few of the guards. Go out of the mess hall, turn into a ghost and go into the lounge (Go right at the bottom of the stairs). Possess the soda machine at the far end of this room, and get the man’s attention. Shoot soda cans out after he looks at you, then possess one of the cans and roll it up to him, then make it explode. He’ll run into the bathroom, so possess a faucet and scare him again. Possess him and go back to the mess hall, and up the stairs to Bryson.

Scan your face (or retina or whatever) to open the door and follow Bryson. Watch the slide show (using the red flashing button on the opposite side of where Bryson is looking for info). Go back to the lounge and wait for Bryson to come in. An alarm will go off.

This next part is an escort mission of sorts, too. You need to possess various guncams and take out enemy soldiers to help Bryson get through, and he can die from enemy fire. He has a gun this time, too. Go through the two doors, where you will be killed. Or the scientist will be killed. Whatever. Possess the guncam and take out the three soldiers. Slip through the door the guards are trying to get through and possess the guncam that the camera panned in on when Bryson got in the room. Take out the three soldiers on that floor, then go down to the next floor and possess two canisters, one behind each set of guards. Tap A repeatedly to make the pressure go into the red so they explode. Then they are dead, two more will come up the stairs and shoot at Bryson. Possess a box of grenades behind them, then make it fall over. Possess one of the grenades that fall out and roll it between the soldiers. Make it explode and go back up to the top level. Possess the guncam you were first in in this room and kill the four soldiers shooting at Bryson. Hop over the guard rail and float to the bottom of the room, and follow Bryson. Possess one of the guncams in this room and take out the guards, and the other guncam. Stay in the guncam for a minute and shoot the four guards that run into the room from the door you came through. Dispossess the guncam, and possess the motorcycle Bryson is sitting on. Press A rapidly to start the engine.

Escort Bryson to the CR-2 Rendezvous Point[edit]

Stage 1[edit]

Steer Bryson through the gaps in the first two rows of mines. The third row is like this (___ indicates the gap):

* * *____*

So get Bryson in the correct position and dispossess. Float up ahead and possess the explosive crates by each gunner to blow them up. Float past the other motorcyclists and possess the gun mounted on the back of a truck (on the right side). Shoot the motorcyclists before they start to follow Bryson and shoot everything from here on on. There is a truck on the right ahead, shoot it. Around a curve there is a machine gunner. Shoot him. Bryson might need to be repositioned (the mounted gun shoots at him when you dispossess), and this might take a few trys. There are a few more trucks, gunners, and motorcyclists to take out before…

Stage 2[edit]

A gas truck chases you! First take out the two motorcycles that join in right away, then shoot out the tanks on either side of the truck (the shiny things near the bottom of it). The best way to do this is to simply hold R button and wiggle the control stick left and right. Since the truck moves back and forth, you won't be able to get a steady shot on him so just keep the sights on him as much as possible and keep wiggling it. You'll take out the tanks quite quickly. Fire at the grill now to destroy it, then fire at the circular area near the top of where the grill used to be. When the truck begins to speed up and attempts to ram Bryson, keep firing at that circular area. The truck will explode and flip over behind Bryson if you hit it enough times.

Stage 3[edit]

This next part is timed so know what to do before you start:

  • Posess the mine tech guy.
  • Destroy all four anti-aircraft missile launchers in the area to provide safe passage for CR-2.
  • Kill all enemies, including guncams, around the base of each AA missile launcher.

There is always one guncam with an explosive crate under it. If you want to do well, posess that guncam, and take out all the other hostiles with it. Then dispossess, get in the crate and destroy that guncam. Note that the explosives of the mine tech guy will destroy guncams with one blast. Once all of the enemies are gone you need to use the mine tech guy to go up the elevator, throw a mine on the missile launcher and detonate it, and then go back down to get to the next one.

Start by floating through the gate and going to the farthest right guncam (the one behind one guard) and kill the guard. An alarm will go off and another guard will run up. Kill him, dispossess and make the crate under it explode. Go through the tunnel to the right. Take out everyone (use the guncam closest to the tunnel exit first to take out the guncam you can’t reach from the exploding crate one) and the other four guncams, then explode the crate under the guncam you are in. Float down towards the helipad, but go right to the base of the next missile launcher. Possess a guncam to take out the soldier you can’t reach with the explosive crate guncam, then possess the other guncam and take out the other enemies. Float over to the last missile launcher, possess the guncam with the crate under it, kill the soldiers and other guncams, then explode the crate.

You are now free to possess the mine tech guy and destroy the missile launchers. Take each elevator up to the top and throw a mine on the missile launchers with R button. Press Z button to make them explode. You can use him to take out any enemies, if you missed any or if they run up to you. Remember, you are being timed. After the third is destroyed, three guards will appear at the gate at the base of the helipad. They will attack you as you cross to the final launcher so use your mines to blow them up. There are medkits attached to the base of the anti-aircraft missile launchers.

Oh great, all that work for nothing. Oh well… Slip into the hole by the gate you came in from. You’ll be face to face with your body, but he’ll run away. Follow him to the end of the level.