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Ghost Collectibles[edit]

Ghost Collectibles are items that you can pick up when in ghost form. They are typically hidden away from the main path of the game and they come in the form of an ethereal green teddy bear. For each Ghost Collectible gained, you will increase your spirit bar's maximum capacity.

  1. When you first meet the dogs in the kennel, turn to your left as you head into the room and you'll see a crack in the wall that you can slide through as a ghost. Head in there, run down the passage and grab the bear at the end.
  2. After the Crustacean Beast, leap off the left side of the bridge onto the suspended platform with boxes. The bear is right in the middle.
  3. After you get to the pantry with the television, go back to the hallway just prior (you have to be carried in one of the boxes to reach it) and head through the fence.
  4. In the area with the six statues holding orbs, head into the area opposite the Library and look behind the desk.
  5. In the room with many enemies after the room with computers and four guards you face as Rourke, there's a bear behind a soldier situated on top of blocks.
  6. After the Helipad, in the crumbling area with the ladder and the Host Collectible, take the upper path and follow the stairs up. Float off the edge to the opposite wall where the bear is sitting on a ledge.

Host Collectibles[edit]

Host collectibles are collectible items that you can only get when inside of a host. They look like two arrows, gold and silver pointing downwards, like an army corporal rank insignia.

Level 2[edit]

  1. In the first room with the scientists and the metal catwalk, walk around the left side of the stairs and walk directly underneath them. Follow the corridor between the computers until you reach the host collectible around the corner to the right.

Random Ones[edit]

  1. In the Mess Hall, head up the stairs and turn right; head to the end of the hallway to find it on the floor.
  2. In the Security Room, behind some boxes.
  3. As Rourke, behind the elevator at the start of the new mission.
  4. As Rourke, in the garage and to the side of the truck under maintenance.
  5. After the Helipad area, in the ruin area with the ladder and the two paths, take the lower one; it's just around the corner.


After two host collectibles are gained, a new multiplayer feature is unlocked. There are four host collectibles (two rewards) per level, excluding level one which has none. Every time a pair of collectibles is acquired, no matter the order, you will receive a reward in the order noted below.

  1. Office multiplayer level.
  2. Storage multiplayer level.
  3. Raimi and Rabbit characters.
  4. Medical multiplayer level.
  5. Towel Girl and Bat characters.
  6. Helipad multiplayer level.
  7. Chef and rat characters.
  8. Raid multiplayer level for Hunt Mode.
  9. Dead Garden multiplayer level.
  10. Summit multiplayer level.
  11. complex multiplayer level.