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Regain your body[edit]

Stage 1[edit]

Go forward and up to your body. He’ll jump away and then somehow blow up the bridge and two guards above. You can’t get to him now, so keep moving forward. Get some energy from a plant and float up a ramp made of a log and rocks. Float over to the window (hold L button) and slip through the crack. Go forward and slip through another hole in the wall. Go out the door, don't bother with flowers unless you're low on energy, then out the door past the opening in the wall, take the door to the left. You are now in a long hallway with a statue holding an orb in the middle of it. Go through the doorway across from the one you just came out of and into the room where the servants dined. Jump on the table, and jump over the wall where a big potion of it is missing (the left side, where you came in). Possess a little clock (by the door and cabinet), press A button twice to open the door to the exit. Disposess, then jump on the table with the cloth on it by the cracked wall to get out, then go out through the door you just opened.

Go into the door across the next room and through the crack in the wall. Get out into the room with a bunch of statues. To the left is the library, to the right is where a ghost collectable is hidden behind a desk. Grab the bear, then head into the library. In between the two doors there is a grandfather clock. There is also a picture on a wall, look at it. The time in the clock in the picture is the time you need to put in the grandfather clock. Possess it and set the time to 10:05 (remember, you are looking at the clock face backwards) and press A button. The picture of Gigi and her brother will rise. Go in the room you have opened and possess a little music box on the desk. Power it up. This is a mini-game where you have to press the right direction at the right time with the analog for four sets of four. If you mess up even once it will be reset. The first time I did this, it wouldn’t let me do up and down. It turned out it was my controller, so I switched it and it was fine. This has happened to other people, too, so don’t get upset if it doesn’t work (for that reason, anyway). Just remember that you have to wait for the symbol of the direction to light up yellow before being pressed. It counts 1, 2, 3, then you press it.

On completion, the center area's ceiling will open and shine light upon the statue in the center, thereby powering up its orb. If you had done some reasearch by reading the various open books around the library, you will already know how to complete this puzzle. You have to make a star within the pentagon around the room, however you are timed so do it quickly. Simply shine at these statues in this order:

  1. South West (Circle with a line through it)
  2. East (Triangle with a line through it)
  3. West (Two vertical lines with "X" connecting them)
  4. South East (A V with the tops curved outwards and down)
  5. North (A symbol that looks similar to "n")

The door will open- go through it. Jump over the gaps (if you fall, just jump back up at the beginning) and slip through the crack. Go out towards the tree and through the right hallway. Take the first door on the left (with the green gas) and the door on the left. Gigi is in there, talk to her. Watch the cut scene, then follow her through a few rooms. Slip through the wall in the bathroom.

Stage 2[edit]

Go to the truck with its hood open and possess the engine. Press A button repeatedly to make it crash into a wall. Possess the guy who got out of the truck. Use your shotgun to take out the purple creatures, and make your way down the hall. Go in the subway bus when you get there, taking out more purple creatures as you go. Two will appear behind you, so watch out! When you reach the end, interact with the door to open it. The final event of this objective will begin.


This is the same as the first boss fight: strafe back and forth, shoot when its mouth is open. It’s actually easier now because you have cover. When it is firing at you, you cannot hurt it.

After you take it down to about 45% of its health, it will run away.

You’ll meet up with it again after heading through more subway cars and destroying more purple creatures. When you reach the boss again, it's the same strategy. Use the subway car for cover and shoot when its mouth is open.

Go up the staircase, there is a new fast movie aggressive enemy. It’s invisible, but you can see its shadow. Sometimes it will turn visible. Just shoot it whenever it becomes visible (tries to attack via spitting or charging). There are more at the top of the stairs.

Use the elevator and pass through the yellow barrier. Fast moving soldiers will kill your host. Float through the second left, then go straight to the end of it. Turn right, then right again, and hop across the ledges to the other side. Across from the barrier there is a slightly askew doorway, go through it. Go across the next gap, then turn right, float across the gap, turn left, then go down the ramp. At the bottom is your body.