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Find Helipad with Spec Ops Transport[edit]

Jump down to the lower level and use one of the doorways on either side of the stage to get behind it. Go down the passage in the middle and slip through the door. Go down the hallway opposite the fountain and slip into the only door you can. Possess the bed at the end and scare the girl, then chase her out and possess her. Go out the door and turn left, going through the door at the end of the hallway. Go down the stairs and in a room with a bunch of mousetraps. Make your way to a room with rats and a mousetrap. Possess the mousetrap and get a rat’s attention. When it starts eating the cheese snap the trap and dispossess. Possess the only white rat and go out of the room. You are drawn to mousetraps, so try to avoid them. Try to go in the opposite direction if you start getting sucked in by one of them. If you are caught, turn around and try to get the cheese so you can get away. Avoid the first few traps by going into a pile of rubble. Work your way past them and the next few, then go into another pile of rubble. Go into the door into a little room with a chain link fence around it. Go to the end and in the corner is a hole you can go through. There is a mousetrap at the end, but it’s easy to get past. Turn right after that and go through another hole opposite the hole you came out of (it’s in the chain link fence) and make a sharp U-turn when you get out of it to go up a mound of dirt. You can’t climb the stairs. Turn right at the top and go through the hole. Make your way over to the stairs. There is a hole next to it that you must go through. Climb in it and stay of the handrail until you get to the very top, where a guard opens a door for you to go through. Make a quick left where another guard opens a door. Go straight until you get to your keeper. After the cut scene, dispossess the rat and possess the lamp above the parrot. Scare the parrot, and possess it. Scare the woman, then possess her. Open the cage to the dog and offer it a few treats. Once you have the leash on the dog, the only way you can move is by throwing a treat R button and having the dog drag you along. Go out the door and go back to the room where the woman you are in originally picked you up as a rat. Go though the door at the end and make your way to a room with Rouke in it. It is also the room where you possessed the laser to save Bryson. Press A button to let go of the dog, then possess Rouke when he’s red. Go out the door the dog went through and up into the room with the two guards keeping you from entering the door. Enter it and use the elevator.