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Shut Down Spirit Separation Chamber[edit]

As a ghost you are entitled to special privileges. Floating around, walking through chain link fences, and scaring dogs. So being by floating through the fence into the dog’s living area. Possess its food bowl and scare it. Possess the dog, walk up the ramp and out of the cage over to the most idiotic guard ever. “Okay Phantom, I’ll open the door for you. Just try not to get caught!” Bark to scare the rats, then possess one of them. There is a hole on the right side (looking at it as you came in) on the far side of the room. Crawl through it. Possess one of the explosive crates and when a guard walks by blow it up (and watch the fun rag doll physics!). Repeat for the second guard a little farther down the room. Note: The Dogs Name is believed to be Phantom. The Guard didn't know the Dog was under your Control.

Go back and get the dog (through the same tunnel you came in) and go into the room past the room where you killed the second guard. Crawl through the vent in the corner. When you are out of that, talk to the guard. He will tell you to lay in the corner. Dispossess and possess a ladder. Scare the guard, then possess a fire extinguisher, scare him then possess the pressure gauge. Tap A button repeatedly to get the pressure in the red, and then possess the guard. Go through the door, turn to the right and go through the next door, then go through the door with the sign that says “Control Room” by it. Go through the door on the right and keep going right. Dispossess and slip through the crack. Possess one of the mechanical arms (the yellow things on the ceiling) and scare him by spraying water at him. Possess the computer and scare him. Possess him and try to get past the mechanical arms; Gigi will pop up and tell you sometimes people are afraid of things so much that you can get them to go near it. Dispossess him and go to his desk at very end of the room (the side with his computer, but not that desk). Possess a fuse and roll it over to him so he can pick it up. Go to the end of the long hallway and activate the elevator (using the up/down button). It will fall and the lights will go out. There is a door in the gate by the elevator, go through. Go up to the fuse box (gray rectangle thing) and press A button to change the fuse. The lights will come back on, so go use the elevator. There is a door with a cylinder by it- use the cylinder to open the door (it scans your face). You should be in the Y-shaped room where you left the last soldier you were in. Leave it (the door is down the stairs) and go to another face scanning cylinder to open another door (around the corner to the right). You will come face to back with Cord. He’s being lectured by some guy with gray hair (who’s name is Rouke), and they are about to perform another separation… on Bryson! Dun dun dun….. So to stop it hop in the laser cannon and blow up the four glowing blue things on the outside of the rift. Some guy will try to reset the cannon, but he’s not hard to overcome. Some things will happen and you just hop back into the engineer to go through the same door Cord went through.

There are some soldiers at the end of this hallway and they ask if you are the one who is going to fix a turret. There is a control box on the right wall (the one without windows) use it and a gun will drop down. Get the engineer somewhere safe (behind a slanted pillar will do) and shoot the soldiers. There is one soldier behind those crates. There are quite a few enemies in the next room. Before possessing the soldier go through the room and blow up crates that have enemies near them. Go back and possess him, then clear out the room. Go get the engineer and open the door at the bottom of the stairs. Open the door of the cabinet with the HAZMAT suit in it and put it on. Go through the door and talk to the other HAZMAT guy. The next part is a memory game: On each thick pillar there is a little gray rectangle with dots. When you start playing the memory game it will show you where to place a rivet and you need to repeat it. Once the three of them are done you can go through the door into the next section. You don’t need to do any here (but you get an unlockable) so go through the door. Don’t take the suit off, just go through the next door for the next boss fight. Put the engineer by the door, sort of hidden by the tank and dispossess. Possess the pressure gauge on the tank and make gas pour into the room.

Boss: Cord (2)[edit]

Possess one of the soldiers. Cord won’t come out until you’ve shot someone, so shoot the only guy who isn’t possessable. Once Cord is out shoot only him. You need the other bodies for when your soldier dies. He only has one attack, shooting more yellow at you. Try to avoid it because the other bullets will be doing a lot of damage to you already. Keep shooting him (try to keep all fire away from the engineer) and once all the soldiers are dead possess the gun cams (turret things) and keep shooting. It can get hard to see him, so try to shoot him when the reticule is red. If you can’t find him dispossess and look around. If, for some reason, you use all of the soldiers and turrets and finish him off with the engineer’s rivet gun.

Pick up the key card from Cord’s body and unlock the door Cord came in from. Pull the lever to the right to open a door. Go to that door, dispossess and float through. One main thing: A giant demon escapes the rift. Okay, back to Raimi, keep floating down the tube until you get to the end and go through the crack.