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This page gives an overview of items in the game Genpei Touma Den.

Makimono (巻物)

GT Makimono.gif
  • In Small Mode or Over Mode stages, these scrolls will enable Kagekiyo to use sword waves.
  • In Big Mode stages however, Kagekiyo will start to swing his sword clockwise, cutting enemies without damaging his sword.

Tsuzura (つづら)

GT Tsuzura.gif
  • These boxes can be stepped on before opened.
  • The content of boxes will show the item Kagekiyo can obtain: Statue, sword power; Crystal ball, life; Treasure pile, Zeni.
  • If you are at Enma's judgement, the crates will be: Statue, return to land; Treasure pile, instant death.

Ken (紫)

GT Ken Small.gif
GT Ken Big.gif
  • Collect to increase Kagekiyo's sword points, up to 99.

Zeni (緑)

GT Zeni Small.gif
GT Zeni Big.gif
  • Collect to increase Kagekiyo's Zeni, up to 99.

Inochi (青)

GT Inochi Small.gif
GT Inochi Big.gif
  • Collect to restore Kagekiyo's life, up to current maximum value.
  • Effect is lowered in bonus stages.

Chairo (茶色)

GT Chairo.gif
  • Collect to increase life capacity by 10 only if his life is full.
  • Only appears in bonus stages.

Sword (剣)

GT Sword.gif
  • Pay 10 Zeni to gain three sword points.
  • If Kagekiyo does not have enough Zeni, he will ignore it (like many items in The Return of Ishtar).

Tawara (俵)

GT Tawara.gif
  • Pay 10 Zeni to restore Kagekiyo's lost life by 10.
  • Like the sword, Kagekiyo without enough Zeni will ignore this.

Candle (蝋燭)

GT Candle.gif
  • Increase life capacity by 10, and restore life to full.

Doku Kinoko (毒キノコ)

GT Doku Kinoko.gif
  • Deal two to four damage to Kagekiyo.
  • Effect can be nullified by Magatama.

Magatama Jewel (八坂瓊曲玉)

GT Magatama Jewel.gif
  • One of the three sacred items.
  • Possess this to be immune to poison effect.
  • Can be collected at Settsu or Ise.

Kagami Mirror (八咒鏡)

GT Kagami Mirror.gif
  • One of the three sacred items.
  • Possess this to be immune to thunder bolts.
  • Can be collected at Echizen or Ecchuu.

Tsurugi Sword (草薙剣)

GT Tsurugi Sword.gif
  • One of the three sacred items.
  • Possess this to prevent any loss of sword points.
  • Kagekiyo's sword will shine in Big Mode stages.
  • Can be collected at Shinano.