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Hidden Option Menu[edit]

In the PC-Engine version, press Up, Right, Down, Left, I, II at the title screen (when showing the "Press Run Button") to access the hidden option menu.

In this menu, you can:

  • Select the difficulty from "Leisure Path", "Painful Path", or "Thorny Path". Default is the "Painful Path".
    • This scales the damage taken from enemies. Take the Skull Spider in the Hell for example, in "Leisure Path" it needs to attack 8 times to remove one of your life candles, in "Painful Path" it needs to attack 3 times, and in "Thorny Path" it only needs to attack twice.
  • Adjust the starting life points. Value can be set between 4 to 7, indicating the candles you start with.
  • Toggle the stage select. If enabled, a stage select screen will appear after starting a game.
    • There is a value which can be set between 0 to 59. Some values will show the corresponding level, while others are invalid and cannot be used.
  • Listen to the sound effects.
  • Listen to the speeches.

These functions might be adjusted with dip switches in the arcade version.