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At the start of this challenge, the loft of the Hiltons (who were the main characters in the serial) shall appear upon the screen with Baz standing next to it:

Geordie Racer challenge 4 intro.png

Once you've pressed Space to continue, Baz will jump up four times and run off the right side of the screen; your chosen pigeon will then fly into view from the left side of the screen, and once you have pressed Space to continue again, a small white pigeon, Fluff, shall appear in the loft's left window as the text "Fluff the baby pigeon can let you in if you give lots of passwords." appears at the bottom of the screen. Once you have pressed Space to continue for a third time, the text "What is your pigeon's name?" shall appear at the bottom of the screen with the three racing pigeons' names below it - and if you answer wrongly, your chosen pigeon shall be switched to the one you answered with here. Wordy will then appear in the top-left corner of the screen, and say: "Look at your pigeon's name. Can you make any other words from the letters of the name? The new words must be at least two letters long. Press the RETURN key after you enter each new word."; once you've pressed Space, to continue, the screen will return to the Hiltons' loft (now with your chosen, or new, pigeon's name in the top-left, and five, or three in the case of Bonny, boxes underneath it), as Fluff asks: "Password please?"

Geordie Racer challenge 4.png

A cursor will blink in a sixth (or fourth) box to the right of Fluff's question; once you have entered a password that he knows, he will say "Well done! Can you find another?" (however, if you enter a word that he does not know he shall say "Sorry, FLUFF doesn't know that word.", and if you try to enter your pigeon's name he'll say "STAR/HOMER/BONNY is not a password."). Once you have pressed Space to continue you will have to repeat the process four (or two) more times - and after the fifth (or third) correct answer the loft's door shall slide up as your chosen, or new, pigeon flies into it and the text "Hooray! STAR/HOMER/BONNY has won the pigeon race." appears at the bottom of the screen (even if your pigeon was switched after answering the name question wrongly, and as such, not recognising the change). Once you press Space to continue, the game shall proceed to the fifth challenge.