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Geordie Racer challenge 3.png

At the start of this challenge, the word "HOME" shall appear in the top-right corner of the screen as a cyan circle with eight white arrows sticking out of it (which indicates your chosen pigeon's position) and the word "START" appear in the bottom-left corner, and a yellow light appears in a random position; the text "It is dark and you are lost. The lights will lead you home. You must choose the right direction to reach each light." will then appear at the bottom of the screen. Once you've pressed Space, to continue, a compass and the eight possible directions (North, East, South, West, North-East, South-East, South-West and North-West) will appear at the bottom of the screen (the highlighted direction will also be coloured yellow on the compass) - and once you have chosen the correct answer, the circle will move towards the light leaving a trail of microscopic cyan dots behind it (and when it reaches it, the light will turn cyan as another yellow light appears in a random position on the screen and the text "Well done. Which way is the next light?" appears at the bottom of it). You will then have to repeat this process nine more times (however, even though the placement of the lights is randomly-generated, the tenth one shall always appear under the word "HOME"); all eleven lights (including the one under the word "START") will then turn yellow in turn, as the text "Phew! Home at last!" appears at the bottom of the screen. Once you push Space to continue, the game will proceed to the fourth challenge.