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Geordie Racer challenge 8.png

At the start of this challenge, Wordy will appear in the top-left and say "The race is about to start. You must run to South Shields as fast as you can. You must try to stop Beastly Baz from escaping in his boat. He is at South Shields already! Can you run 13 MILES before you get 6 BLISTERS?"; you'll then have to push Space to continue, and once you've done so, a "Distance Covered" indicator (in miles) and "Blisters" indicator will appear on the screen with a randomly-generated yes/no question below them. If you answer it correctly, the number in the "Distance Covered" indicator will increase by one - however, if you answer it wrongly a blister shall appear on the foot in the "Blisters" indicator. If you answer six questions wrongly the text "Oh dear! You have 6 blisters! You will have to take a rest, and then start again!" will appear on the screen, and once you have pushed Space, time will return back to the start of the challenge; however, once you've answered thirteen questions correctly, before answering six wrong, the text of "Congratulations! You have run all the way from Newcastle to South Shields. Now try to catch Beastly Baz." shall appear, at the bottom of the screen. Once you have pressed Space, the game will proceed to the ninth challenge - and you must tell the bats in the noisy cave what is in the smelly one before Baz can get away.