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Game flow[edit]

In order to beat the game, you must successfully reclaim all three of the Hadouken swords from the three boss guardians around the demon underworld, and challenge the Dragon Master in the center of the land. In order to gather each sword, you must first obtain a devil pass, and then locate the gate which requires the pass and leads to an island where one of the swords is contained.

The map shown to the right indicates several of these key areas. The demon underworld is divided into a main island and three smaller islands. The main island itself is divided into a north and south half. In order to reach some of the key areas, you may be required to locate and collect or purchase key items such as the Rock Sword. The following is a summary of the key events in the game.

Click the map for an expanded view
  1. You will begin in the middle of the east coast of the main island.
  2. Advance to location "a" to claim the first devil pass.
  3. Use the pass to access the gates at location "A" and reach the first island.
  4. Enter the dungeon at location "1" to collect the first sword.
  5. With the sword in your possession, you will be allowed to pass through the gates on the west coast of the main island that give you access to the north half.
  6. Navigate the tunnels to reach location "b" to claim the second devil pass.
  7. Use the pass to access the gates at location "B" and reach the second island.
  8. Enter the dungeon at location "2" to collect the second sword.
  9. Navigate the tunnels to reach location "c" to claim the second devil pass.
  10. Use the pass to access the gates at location "C" and reach the third island.
  11. Enter the dungeon at location "e" to collect the third sword.
  12. Return to the skeleton maze along the south coast of the main island, and access the white palace.
  13. The white palace contains a tunnel that leads to the red palace in the center of the island.
  14. Enter the red palace to face and defeat the Dragon Master.

Action sequences[edit]

Getsu Fuuma Den contains two different kinds of action sequences, both of which are accessed from the overworld map. One is a side scrolling view, and the other is a dungeon exploring first-person view.

Side scrolling[edit]

There are three different types of side scrolling sequences.

  • Zones: You can enter a zone which occupies a fixed location along a path. Typically, in order to cross over from one side of the path to the other, you must clear a zone. Zones may be cleared by travelling from left to right, or from right to left, depending on which side you start from. In addition to fighting against a variety of enemies, you must also worry about falling into bottomless pits and dying. Some zones contain items that are helpful, or even pivotal to your completion of the game.
  • Tunnels: All tunnels feature the same kind of battle. Tunnels are occupied by club wielding demons. There are no items, and no gaps in the floors. You must simply battle your way from one side to the other.
  • Map encounters: In the three mazes on the main island that lead to the gates which connect to the three smaller islands, two types of creatures can be seen roaming around the maze; a skeleton and a demon. Whenever you occupy the same space as one of these creatures, you are thrown into an encounter. You begin each encounter directly in the center, so you can travel either to the left or to the right in order to escape.

Dungeon exploring[edit]

In order to claim each of the three Hadouken swords, you will be required to explore a maze-like dungeon. In these dungeons, you will encounter monsters that force you into battle, and you can also find items, and people that provide you with hints are warnings. These dungeons can be easy to become lost in. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you make a map of your own progress through the dungeons if you are not relying on the maps provided in this walkthrough. Two items are sold in a shop before the first dungeon that is supposed to make navigation through the dungeons a little easier. They are the candle and the compass. In truth, neither item helps with great effectiveness compared to personally generating a map on paper as you proceed through each dungeon. Dungeons typically have one entrance and one exit. With the exception of the first dungeon, you can never return to the exit, so if you leave, you will always start over from the entrance.