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Special Game Tips[edit]

Here are the important things you need to remember.

  • Always reload when you finish shooting. The reason is simply not to get caught low on ammo and get shot by the enemy while reloading at the moment.
  • With the branching storylines, remember which path you need to take because it will be hard to avoid repetition doing the levels again and again.
  • If you played Time Crisis or games similar to this, you need to be flexible in moving your wii remote around the screen and react to enemies that are about to show up. This may take a lot of practice but it helps to learn to react to things that happens on the screen.
  • Certain levels requires you to use a light in a dark area. Even though its on rails, you do need to time between shooting enemies and using the light.
  • You can change the shot mode anytime during the game. Depending on what weapon you want to use as you level up, be mindful that some weapons does drain out quickly, so you need to be wise on which area you want to take throughout the level.