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This takes place onboard "Air Force One" in stormy weather.

  • Cockpit
  1. Stealth: You have to hit the "safe" when it circles. If you hit the safe mode, you can easily kill the enemies without warning before the needle hits "danger". If you hit "danger" you'll encounter more enemies and need to react more quickly.
  2. Electric Control: When you reach the next section, you can choose to have the lights on or off with Area A or B. Area A is the cabin and Area B is in the cargo.
  3. Vision Mode: To access to the thermal visions, you need to turn the lights off at the "Electric Control".
  • Cabin
  1. Hand-To-Hand: This part you'll encounter if you don't go to the "Conference Room", is to aim for the targets with A button on the wii remote or Z button for the wii zapper. If you react too slowly, you'll fail this oppotunity.
  2. Detain Hostage: You can access this stage if you prefer "Hand-To-Hand" combat. Like Mission 1, you need to hold A button or Z button for the wii zapper on the civilians.
  3. Give cover: If you choose "Hand-To-Hand" combat, you'll encounter the toughest part of this stage. As the civilians and friendly guards comes out, you have to shoot the enemies before they take them out.
  4. Conference Room: If you don't like to waste time with the cabin, choose this path to get to the main boss.
  5. Hand-To-Hand: Its the same thing in a different area. Just aim for the targets and you'll be fine.
  • Cargo
  1. Flashlight/Thermovision/Nightvision: If you go through the "Conference Room", when you reach this part, you can choose between the three individual stages. Even though they have their own distinction, you definitely have to watch out for the civilians for this part.
  2. Left/Right Doors: If you don't go through the "Conference Room", you'll go through the cargo without the civilians and the visions, you'll reach this part. The left is easier and the right has turbulence with more enemies to deal with.
  • Boss: Laccard Zimone.

You only have one chance against the villain. You just have to aim for the head with the reticle and shoot.