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The Man from P.C.O.C.[edit]

The woman you rescued is Dr. Ilyssa Selwyn. All of you return to the Firehouse. Head over to Egon, who's interviewing her and taking measurements. Turns out she's guest curator of the new Gozer exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. Before you can go much further, Mayor Mulligan shows up with his new associate: the Busters' old nemesis Walter Peck, now the head of the Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission (P-COC). Not exactly pleasant news. In any event, with the Gozer exhibit's grand opening tomorrow, it looks like a hot spot to investigate. Peter decides to go with Ilyssa while the others will head there in Ecto-1 to find a way in that won't involve going through Peck.

En route to the Museum, though, Janine calls on the radio. The Public Library is all abuzz again. Looks like the work of another old nemesis: the Gray Lady. The Ghostbusters change course for the Library.

One of Our Lions is Missing[edit]

Something is definitely up. One of the two stone lions that would be in front of the library is missing. When Egon investigates the remaining one, head over to him. Suddenly, it explodes, and two ghosts dart into the library. Run in after them.

Cruster & Crusto[edit]

In the atrium, you'll see them head upstairs. Head on up there while Winston switches on the Proton Packs. Once up there, the guys will take a few shots at the ghosts, but they'll both get away. Egon and Ray see this as a good time to introduce a new weapon system: the Dark Matter Generator. Now you have access to the Shock Blast (essentially a shotgun) and the Stasis Beam (as Winston puts it, it "freezes" ghosts). The guys go after one ghost while they let you track down the other.


Turn on your PKE meter and go back downstairs. The meter should lead you to a display case back in the atrium. Get close enough and the ghost will burst out, make menacing noises, and then fly off again. To follow him, head towards the back and follow the hall to the left. It should lead you to a large room full of tables.

Dangerous Books[edit]

Keep the meter out and walk slowly towards the center of the room. As you approach, one of the ghosts puts together a real beast: a Book Golem. Now would be a good time to switch on the new Dark Matter Generator. For the purposes of resuscitation, you'll be on your own, but Egon and Ray will still be able to pitch in with their weapons. With this kind of setup, it's best to concentrate on keeping the Book Golem away from you. The Stasis Beam should help out a lot by slowing it down considerably. Keep the golem away from the right side of the room so that your teammates can continually take shots at it, and keep backpedaling as the Golem tries to advance on you. If you run into the wall, strafe over to one side, around the tables, and start back the other way. Once it's just about out of PKE, get some distance between you and it and switch back to the Proton Pack. Use Blast Stream and Boson Darts to take out the last of its PKE until the lamp on its head becomes susceptible to the Capture Stream. Yank it off and watch the Book Golem fall to pieces.

Once the coast is clear, another signal appears. Follow it towards the right rear of the room to get your first glimpse of the ghost of Eleanor Twitty, a.k.a. the Gray Lady. The guys will tell you to head to the door on the right, but if you head to the door on the left instead, you can hunt down a Cursed Artifact first.

There She Is![edit]

Egon, Ray

Follow Egon and Ray into the room on the right, where the Gray Lady will shush you and then fly off. Continue down the stairs, ignoring the harmless falling books. At the bottom of the stairs, you'll come upon a room with old-style furniture.

Ssshhed Again[edit]

Don't worry about the floating tables and chairs, and instead turn your PKE meter towards the far right corner of the room. This should draw out the Gray Lady, who will disappear into another room. During this and a few later encounters, you'll have an opportunity to scan her without being in any immediate danger. In the next room, the Gray Lady will continue on but cut off the way to her by knocking over a bookshelf. Ray will kick open a door to the left, so head that way, into a more modern area of the library.

Scary Stories[edit]

As you head in, the bookshelves move themselves, separating you from the others.


Looks like you'll have to find your own way through. Wait for the shelves to open a path, then proceed carefully through the maze. You'll see a ghost burst out of a painting and streak down an aisle by the wall. Follow the trail as it winds around another wall. Ray will warn that the ghost is heading your way, but he'll just appear for a moment and then disappear again. Round the corner and you'll see two possible aisles to take: middle and left (the right aisle being where you just passed). The middle aisle is a dead end, and the bookshelf there can slam into you. Instead, go the left aisle, which will close in behind you. While you're moving around, Winston will give you some info on Edmund Hoover, a.k.a. "The Collector". Seems he has a history with Eleanor Twitty; Winston might be onto something. Meanwhile, as you track sightings of the Gray Lady, watch out for slamming bookshelves. Openings will eventually show, so be patient. As you approach the doorway into the Microfilm section, something new streaks past, but if you try to follow it, the way will be cut off. Instead, swing left towards the microfilm viewers for a Cursed Artifact. Keep your PKE meter out as you turn around and head down either of the other aisles. As the meter peaks, a new enemy, a Paper Construct, should appear in front of you. Hit it quickly with the Shock Blast to keep from getting damaged. With that gone, you should be able to make your way down to a lit hallway (avoid the aisle by that door; the bookshelf will slam into you).

Sorted Out[edit]

Head down the corridor, and eventually the ghost will streak past. Follow its trail, and the way should lead you into the Sorting Room. The PKE meter should point you towards the center chute.


Ray will soon pop out of it. So will a couple swarms of Book Bats. The best weapon here is the Shock Blast; one hit will usually down them, and good aiming can knock down several at a time. Once the Book Bats are burned up, switch back to the Proton Pack and prepare to take on that pesky ghost: Crusto. He's gonna be a nasty customer, able to levitate stuff and throw it at you. Dodge the projectiles and give the ghost a Boson Dart or two soften him up in preparation for wrangling him into your Ghost Trap. But stay on your guard once you trap Crusto. Now his buddy Cruster bursts in, and he's just as nasty. Deal with Cruster the same way you did his accomplice.

Once they're both contained, Egon radios in; he's found Eleanor again.


Follow Ray down the hall into the next room. Don't worry about the flying library cards and falling books. What you need to watch out for are a bunch of Paper Constructs that pop out of nowhere. Hit them with a Boson Dart or close-up Shock Blast to shred them. Once they're gone, head on into the next room, but be on the alert for more Paper Constructs. Head to the other end of the room and into the opening on the left. You'll note more floating tables and chairs, along with a wisp of what looks like smoke; it's the Gray Lady. Approach the smoke, and she should materialize. Ray's attempts to scan her are spoiled by Egon's voice over the radio. She'll fly back the way you came. Follow her there, but be ready to fight.

Hey! Look Behind You![edit]

She'll shut the door to the Juvenile section and call out a big bunch of Book Bats to attack you. Get rid of all them, and you'll hear a strange scream. Creepy, but it's now safe to move on into the Juvenile section.

In the meantime, Winston fills in the background on "The Collector". Turns out he was after a book that rings some bells: the Gozerian Codex. This whole business could have connections to the present case. Time to hunt down that book.

Story Hour[edit]

Once the cutscene ends, move towards the juvenile section. You'll notice a teddy bear dragged inside--and a water fountain--but keep the Proton Pack ready. As soon as the door slams in your face, spin around towards the door at the other end of the hall. More Paper Constructs will suddenly burst out of it, so slam a Boson Dart into them before they can get up speed.

But the Kids Love Us!
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
20 Gamerscore points
But the Kids Love Us!

Through the now-open door is another way into the Juvenile section. Put on the Paragoggles to track down the Ectoplasmic Residue. The trail should lead towards a door on the left. The door's unlocked, but blocked. Use the Proton Pack to break up the debris blocking the door and head inside. Notice the teddy bear in the corner, the same one you saw earlier. Approach it slowly with your PKE meter up. The ghost will eventually move away, but you'll notice a trail of Ectoplasmic Residue footprints. Follow the ghostly trail back into the main room. The footprints should lead past a ghostly hopscotch grid to a puppet show at the far end of the room. You'll know you're in the right place when you spot the patch of Black Slime in the corner. Watch the mysterious puppet show to complete the special task for the Library. Leave by heading through the door in the back. Head down the stairs and into the Special Collections room.

Special Collections[edit]

Before following Ray through the door on the left, notice the door on the right with a chair propped under the knob. Remove the chair and go through the door to secure a Cursed Artifact. Now follow Ray through the doorway.

Egon, Ray

Approach the Gray Lady again and she'll shush you before calling out a couple of Book Centurions. They act like Paper Constructs but need some special treatment to soften up. Use the Capture Stream to grab their shields, then Slam them away to make them much more vulnerable. After that, they should be easily dealt with. Once they're gone, use the PKE meter to find the Gray Lady's trail. It should lead through one of the bookshelves. Interact with it to open a secret passage into the hidden part of the library.

Old Secret Places[edit]

Head downstairs and keep your Proton Pack ready. Towards the bottom, some more Paper Constructs will burst through a boarded-up doorway. Finish them off, then head through the now-open doorway. It leads around some bookshelves into another alcove. Once inside, the PKE meter should point you toward a tome sitting in front of some bookshelves. Scan it, then ready the Dark Matter Generator because a trap's about to be sprung. First, a bunch of Book Bats will fly out of the nearby bookshelf. Deal with them and the trap tome will move on to the next shelf, producing more Book Bats and some Paper Constructs. At the third station, the tome will spawn Book Bats, Paper Constructs, and a couple Book Centurions. Finally, the tome will reveal itself to be a Cruster. Quickly, sap, cap, and trap him. Now you can continue tracking down the Gray Lady. She should be near the same corner where you found the tome. She'll open up the way forward. Follow the narrow tunnel down to a path blocked by steel girders. Detour over to the far corner. A little niche there will hide another Cursed Artifact. Now, back to the girders. You need to use the Capture Stream to Slam each girder off the archway. Once all three girders are loose, a little Proton Pack action on the wood will clear the way onward.

Dark & Damp[edit]

The next room you come across is full of books and ankle-deep in water. The door onward has an electric lock on it; you need to find the power switch to get it open. It's up some stairs across from where you came in. Throw the switch, but get ready to run back down, Dark Matter Generator primed. As soon as the lights turn on, they cut off again, and another Book Golem forms itself. Once again, use the Stasis Beam to keep it slow enough that you can stay away from it while Egon and Ray sap its PKE. Once its PKE's just about gone, switch to the Proton Pack so you can grab hold of its lamp and Slam it away.

The Trouble with Golems[edit]

The next hallway leads into the library's furnace room. Head downstairs and towards the floor grate on the right. The Gray Lady's there, but not for long. She disappears through the grate and leave behind not one but two Coal Golems. They're weaker than the Book Golems, but their attacks pack explosive punch. One will gravitate toward Egon and Ray; the other will make for you. Backpedal a bit to the generators. This somewhat-circular area will provide you some cover to keep the golem at a distance. Forget the Stasis Beam now since Egon and Ray are busy. Instead, just wail at it with the Blast Stream and Boson Darts. Eventually, its PKE will run dry, giving your Capture Stream a clean shot at the grate on its head. Yank it off just like you do with the Book Golems' lamps and the golem should fly apart. Once your golem is down, help Egon and Ray polish off the other one.

Now you need to find a way to follow the Gray Lady down. Use your PKE meter to find a trail: a weak section of wall. Blast at the wall to reveal the passage. Bad news, it's covered in Black Slime; good news, you now have a way to neutralize it. Egon introduces the Plasm Distribution System. use your new Slime Blower on the Black Slime to render it inert. Use your Paragoggles if in doubt as to whether or not you're done; any remaining Black Slime will glow on the goggles. Once the way ahead is safe, head down into Eleanor Twitty's secret place.

The Gozerian Codex[edit]

Looks like the Codex is doing a number on Twitty. Better relieve her of it. Walk over and pick it up, but don't rest easy once she disappears. Look back the way you came with your PKE meter. She'll be back, and much worse. She'll hover high over the middle of the room assaulting you with Book Bats. What you need to aim for, though, are the tomes circling her; they're providing the energy for her shield. Blow each one apart with Boson Darts, but watch out for the Book Bats and fire. Once all the tomes are blown up, she'll fight directly, but she'll now be vulnerable to the sap, cap, and trap. Put her away.

Eleanor's Plan[edit]

Once she's trapped, a portal to Ghostworld appears. With the way back blocked, looks like you have no choice but to go through.

Note: For those attempting the "Nice Shootin', Tex!" Achievement/Trophy, damage is disregarded for the rest of this level.

Ghostworld's version of the Library is very creepy. Watch your step and move through the gate that opens up the stairs towards the doorway. There's Black Slime on the floor, so neutralize it before going for the door, which is also covered in Black Slime. Neutralize it to reveal a portal that leads inside.

The Other Side[edit]

Quickly follow the guys down into the center of the room, but when they walk in the portal there, it disappears.


In its place is another Book Golem! It may seem like a tough fight, but you have a secret weapon. The two portals on the floor connect to each other, and the Book Golem doesn't know this. When the Golem approaches, pop in one portal and you'll find yourself out the other with the Golem's back to you. Pepper it with your Blast Stream and Boson Darts. It'll turn around make back towards you. Go back and forth through the portals to confuse the golem while you whittle him down enough to yank that lamp off him. Now, up the rear stairs are two portals: one to each side. Take the one on the right, but when you do another Book Golem appears in front of you. Head back through the portal and back into the other room. The golem will teleport to your location, so act fact. Get back to the twin portals and run through one of them. If you can do this without getting hit, you can do the same thing to this golem you did to the other one.

The coast is clear now. Take the portal to the upper left this time to find a Cursed Artifact, then backtrack and go to the upper right portal.

Across the Bridge[edit]

Head across the bridge and to the right. Ray will emerge from a portal.


The drawbridges are up. but the Plasm Distribution System also makes Slime Tethers: ectoplasmic bungee cords. Use their pulling power to force down the two drawbridges and move on to the next room. A spinning wall will block the portal, but you can use the Slime Tethers to make the wall spin back and reveal the portal. Rush through into a hall of mirrors.

Hall of Mirrors[edit]

You'll find another portal, and Ray will rush through, but the portal closes before you can follow him.


And you're not alone. A Cultist ghost is stalking you in the halls. He can be tough to track since he can use the mirrors. If you need to, give superstition the finger and break the mirrors to limit the Cultist's avenues of escape. Once you corner, sap, cap, and trap him. Once he's gone, the door at the far end of the hall will open to reveal a new portal.

Curioser & Curioser[edit]

Going through the portal reveals a short passage to another portal, but you'll have to fight your way past a bunch of Book Bats first before you can keep going. Use the Shock Blast to ground them before they can get into any kind of formation.

Ghostworld Library[edit]

Through this next portal, you'll see Ray heading in another direction. Keep following the broken room up the ramp. You'll see another path get blocked by rocks, so it's the portal for you.

Paper Constructs greet you on the other side of this portal. Try using the Stasis Beam to stiffen them up. "Frozen" like this, one hit from the Shock Blast will shatter them. Keep moving to keep their ranged attacks from hitting you. Clear up the clutter than follow the roughly-circular track to the other end, where another portal awaits. The next bridge is a straight run to the next portal, but you'll also notice a teammate hunting ghosts on another level. You'll be heading that way after you cross the next portal.

Topsy Turvy[edit]

But first, more Paper Constructs. Clear them away and you'll come across the place you saw earlier. Over the radio, you'll hear Ray mention something about "totally inverted". You'll see what he was talking about a short distance away: furniture on the ceiling. Look sharp, though: one of the pieces of furniture is actually a Cursed Artifact. Follow the hallway around until you find a small doorway.

The Long Staircase[edit]

Egon mentioned a long flight of stairs...well, there they are. There are also whole swarms of Book Bats. You need to move carefully here. Time your sprint up the first flight of stairs so that you rush through the gap in the first Book Bat formation. Stop short of the very stop because another formation will appear on the landing. Watch for the gap, then head up the second flight, through the arch, and take shelter behind the wall. At the top, you'll spot two more Book Bat formations; these column formations won't have gaps in them. You have to make one with your weapons. The formations will slowly rebuild themselves, but you should be able to blast away enough of them to provide a relatively safe path. Wait for the Book Bats to stop coming through the arch, then make a run for it past those two formations and onto a landing. The landing will break off, but Egon will recommend the Slime Tether. Use it to hook the platform back to the stairs. Once back up, switch back to Dark Matter. Another formation of Book Bats are heading straight for you, and the Stasis Beam and Shock Blast will quickly sweep the stairs clean. Atop the stairs is one final column formation; sweep it clean also. The landing will break off just before you reach it. Use the Slime Tether again to pull it back to you. From here, it's simply a matter of pulling the necessary platforms toward you with the Slime Tether until you reach the platform with the portal. You'll walk through and rejoin Egon and Ray.

Wrath of the Collector[edit]

Egon, Ray

Azetlor the Destroyer

There are three essential steps needed to defeat Azetlor. First, you need to neutralize the Black Slime covering his mask. Second, with the Slime cleared away, you need to use the Capture Stream yank that mask off him. Third, you need to attack his now-exposed eye mercilessly (the Blast Stream and Boson Dart are best for this job). All the while, Azetlor will be charging towards you or your teammates and unleashing powerful shock waves along the floor. If avoiding Azetlor or his attacks is getting difficult, try using the portals in the room to shake off pursuit and resume from a new angle.

Get Her!
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
20 Gamerscore points
Get Her!