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The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game map the controls similarly, as described below. The Windows version has default controls listed below which can be reconfigured within the game. The Windows version is also capable of detecting and employing a connected Xbox 360 controller. If you use this option, follow the Xbox 360 controls.

Xbox 360 PS3 Windows Control
Neutral lstick Neutral lstick WASD Character movement
Neutral rstick Neutral rstick PC Mouse.png Look/Aim
RT button R2 button PC Mouse Left Click.png Primary Fire
LT button L2 button PC Mouse Right Click.png Secondary Fire/Slam
Up dpad Up dpad 1 Select Proton Pack (Blast Stream/Boson Dart)
Left dpad Left dpad 2 Select Dark Matter Generator (Shock Blast/Stasis Beam)
Down dpad Down dpad 3 Select Plasm Distribution System (Slime Blower/Slime Tether)
Right dpad Right dpad 4 Select Composite Particle System (Meson Collider/Overload Pulse)
RB button R1 button R Vent Proton Pack
LB button (Hold) L1 button (Hold) Shift (Hold) Toggle Capture Stream
A button Cross button E Interact/Retrieve Ghost Trap/Revive Teammate
B button Circle button Space Jump/Evade/Sprint
X button Square button F Throw Ghost Trap
Y button Triangle button X Toggle PKE Meter/Paragoggles
Start button Start button Esc Pause Menu