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Each page of the Walkthrough section describes one stage of the game's Career mode. Within each page, each section represents a checkpoint you reach within the stage. If you should go down, the game will reload the last checkpoint you reached. You can also do this manually from the Pause Menu. Any checkpoint you've reached in your career can be replayed from the Replay Mission option in the Main Menu. This feature is handy for trying to scan ghosts or Cursed Artifacts you may have missed on your first trip.


Throughout this guide, the following sidebars are used to bring your attention to certain aspects of the game.


Peter, Ray

This sidebar is used to show you any Ghostbusters that will be accompanying you for a particular segment. This is important since they will assist you and can come to your rescue if you're incapacitated. Proceed with extra caution if the sidebar reads None since that means you're alone; the mission will fail if you go down.

Cursed Artifacts[edit]

Cursed Artifact
Look for a Cursed Artifact when you spot this sidebar.

Scattered throughout each stage are an assortment of Cursed Artifacts for you to find. If your PKE meter shows a blue reading, a Cursed Artifact is nearby. You can use your Paragoggles to hunt it down and scan it. Scanning a Cursed Artifact secures it and earns you bonus money. Finding them also works towards an Achievement/Trophy.

Achievements and trophies[edit]

You Gotta Try This Pole!
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Gamerscore points
You Gotta Try This Pole!

The game has an assortment of achievements (Xbox 360) or trophies (PlayStation 3) for you to earn. They are broken down generally into the following groups:

  • Completing stages of the Career.
  • Performing assorted Ghostbusting duties.
  • Performing particular tasks. Each stage has an optional task that unlocks an Achievement/Trophy, and there is an optional task that spans multiple stages.
  • Buying upgrades to your Proton Pack.
  • Building knowledge of ghosts and the paranormal.
  • Multiplayer Achievements/Trophies.

Achievements/Trophies that can be made during the course of the game will be described in the Walkthrough, and a complete list is provided at Ghostbusters: The Video Game/Achievements and trophies.