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GnG Enemy Zombie.gif

Zombies are the first enemies that you will ever encounter. They climb out of the graveyard soil, and march unerringly in your direction. They only take one shot to destroy, and they are worth 200 points. They are the bearers of pots, and you will only ever see three above ground at one time. You will encounter them on Stage 3 in addition to the first stage.


GnG Enemy Grave Spirit.gif
GnG Arthur Frog.gif

Tombstones line the ground of stage 1, and rocks occupy the floor of stage 3. If Arthur fires 15 weapons upon either of these objects, a Magician will suddenly appear. When he is solid, he unfurls his wings and sends a spell Arthur's way. If Arthur is hit by this spell, he will be transformed into a Frog, and be defenseless for a number of seconds, before transforming back into a human. He can be destroyed with one hit, and he is worth 2000 points, but it's best to avoid seeing him all together.


GnG Enemy Crow Blue.gif
GnG Enemy Crow Red.gif

There are two types of crows in Arthur's land. They are found in stages 1 and 2, are destroyed in one hit, and are worth 100 points. Blue crows launch themselves straight forward whenever Arthur gets close to one of them. Red crows are only found in stage 2, towards the end of the stage. They differ from blue crows in that they won't only travel horizontally. They will take a diagonal flight path in order to attack you.

Green Monsters[edit]

GnG Enemy Eyeball Plant.gif

The Green Monsters, also known as Eyeball Plants, are carnivorous plants whose favorite snack is knights in crunchy armor. They are stationary and their tops are covered with eyeballs. They have so many eyeballs to spare, that occasionally, they open their mouths and spit one at you. They take only one shot to hit, and are worth 100 points, but watch out for the eyeball projectile that they shoot at you.

Red Arremer[edit]

GnG Enemy Red Arremer.gif

The Red Arremer is possibly one of the most frustating enemies in Ghosts 'n Goblins, second only to the Satans. They are found in every stage but the second stage and the final stage. They are intense guardians that rarely allow intruders past their posted position. They begin on the ground, and leap into the air when fired upon. They can spit balls of fire at you, and they like to maintain their aerial dominance as long as you are chucking weapons about. After staying in the air for a while, they begin to swoop down on Arthur with deadly accuracy. Only the fastest players will be able to outrun their dive. Red Arremers take three hits to destroy, and are worth 1000 points. They may also be holding pots. Players rarely see the same Arremer for 60 seconds, as they usually destroy them, or get destroyed by them before that time. However, if you do deal with the same Arremer for around 60 seconds, they turn white and become even more aggressive.

One particular Arremer becomes the hero of the game Gargoyle's Quest, and is a playable secret character in SVC Chaos.

Flying Knights[edit]

GnG Enemy Ghost Knight.gif

The tortured souls of knights who died in battle have become restless and now haunt the forest that leads to the gates to the Makai village. They travel in a wave-like motion, oblivious to everything around them, launching into a battle the ended eons ago. They carry their shields with them, which makes them invulnerable to attacks from the front. A single attack which hits them from behind will destroy them. They are worth 100 points, and they can carry pots with them.

Woody Pigs[edit]

GnG Enemy Wraith.gif

Also known as Forest Ghosts, these ethereal beings float about at various points along stages 1, 3, 5, and 6. They fly about, making an eerie sound as they do. They carry with them a spear made of green onion. They can launch it forward at you, or drop it down like a bomb. They only take one hit to destroy, are worth 100 points, and can carry a pot, but their motion can be hard to predict. Be especially careful when they are just above the height of your head.

Blue Killer[edit]

GnG Enemy Imp Blue.gif

Also known as Blue Demons, they are hearty creatures that can survive a wide range of temperatures. They are the first enemy that greets you when you arrive at the Ice Palace in Stage 2, and they are also present over the fire bridge in Stage 4. They can also be found in stage 5 as well. They dart to and fro in the air, and sometimes position themselves over your head to bomb you with fireballs. They are destroyed in one hit, are worth 100 points, and carry pots with them.

Puchi (Petitie) Devils[edit]

GnG Enemy Goblin.gif

Puchi Devils are found in stages 2 and 3. They appear onto the scene, and dive down to the ground. They will chase after you for a while before deciding to leap up into the air and fly for a bit. They rarely turn around, but they are frequently a nuisance. They can be killed with one hit, netting you 100 points. They are also likely to carry pots.

Big Men[edit]

GnG Enemy Ogre.gif

Big Men dwell within certain structures throughout stages 2, 5, and 6. They have hulking muscles, and they like to hurl flails at your head. They typically wander back and forth over a given patrol area. However, when they see you coming close to their level, they begin to charge at you. They require a total of 10 hits to destroy, but those hits have to come fast and without fail, or they will stomp right over you. They are worth 500 points, and can carry pots, but it is best to avoid them whenever possible. If you are forced to deal with one, make sure that they are no where near the ladder you must use to reach them before descending or ascending the ladder.


GnG Enemy Bat.gif

Bats takes up residence in regions of Stage 3 and 5. They are fairly mindless and easy to deal with, but their numbers can quickly overwhelm you if you try to move past too many of them too quickly. They drop down from the ceiling and begin to hover at roughly head level. From there, they proceed to fly in one direction until they leave the screen, or are destroyed. It only takes one shot to kill them, and they are worth 100 points.

Tower Monster[edit]

GnG Enemy Golem.gif

Also known as a Golem, the tower monster looks like innocent pieces of rock until you get very close to them. Then they suddenly flash into life, bearing two distinct faces, or only one at a time. For each face that appears, the tower will spit a fireball at you. They require four hits to be destroyed, and they are worth 100 points (despite reporting that you earned 300. In the Famicom/NES-based versions, you do in fact earn 300 points).


GnG Enemy Skeleton.gif

Skeletons occupy the fifth and sixth stages of the game. Initially, they appear as harmless skulls that liter the ground. However, as soon as you get close enough for them to hit you, they spring out of the ground and bounce around the area. You can easily destroy the skulls on the ground before they pop out of the ground, and you would be wise to do so. Don't let them get the jump on you, especially right at the beginning of Stage 6. They are destroyed in one hit, and are worth 100 points.



GnG Enemy Cyclops.gif

One Unicorn guards the gate at the end of Stage 1, while two of them double as the final boss of Stage 2. Also known as Cyclops, these brutes don't mess around. They like to intimidate their opponents by jumping high into the air and crashing down on the ground. They can even leap directly over Arthur's head to quickly appear on his other side. They can spit fireballs at Arthur as well, all though they tend not to do this too frequently. When the moment strikes them, they like the charge across the ground, and attack that is particularly difficult to avoid. You will need to fire 10 shots at them to destroy them, and they like to leap into the air when you are throwing weapons at them, so you should leap into the air as well in order to hit them. If you take one down, they are worth 2000, and they might even be carrying a pot with them. Unicorns occupy some parts of Stage 6 as well, but not as bosses. In the Famicom/NES-based versions of the game, Unicorns are invulnerable to the Shield/Cross.


GnG Enemy Dragon.png

There are three very fierce Dragons found throughout the game. Two of them serve as the bosses of stages 3 and 4, while the final one roams the tower of stage 6. Naturally, they breath fire, but their true threat is their unpredictable floating motions through the air. They can very quickly change direction, and switch from floating gently across the sky to diving directly down at the ground where Arthur stands. The trick is to avoid touching any part of their body, while at the same time trying to stay safely behind their head. While you throw weapons at them, the dragon's 8 body segments are all removed with a single hit, earning you 200 points each. The head, however, is the only part that really counts, and must be hit 6 times to be destroyed. If you take out the head, you will earn 1000 points, as well as getting credit for any remaining body part as well. Dragons may carry treasure around in pots. In the Famicom/NES-based versions of the game, the Dragon's head is invulnerable to the Lance.


GnG Enemy Satan.gif

After dealing with just one Satan, you will think that the Red Arremer was a piece of cake. Unfortunately for you, you will have to deal with three; as a solo boss in Stage 5, and as a double boss in Stage 6. Satans are very much like big Red Arremers, only even more deadly. When they fold their wings around their body, they are invulnerable to attack. In the original version of the game, they required 6 shots to destroy. Capcom must have had a change of heart and taken pity on players because in the newer versions of the game, they only require 4 shots. They are worth 3000 points when destroyed. It is far easier to deal with only one at a time, so try not to scroll too far to the right at the end of Stage 6 and activate the second Satan until you have fully defeated the first one. In the Famicom/NES-based versions of the game, Satans are invulnerable to the Axe.


GnG Enemy Lucifer.gif

Also known as the Devil, or Great Satan, this demonic tyrant is the kidnapper of Princess PrinPrin and the cause of all of Arthur's troubles. Whether he wanted the princess all to himself, or to simply lure Arthur into a trap is unknown. What is known is that you will have to defeat him not once, but twice in order to truly rid him from your kingdom. He has two faces, one on his head and one on his abdomen, both of which are capable of shooting fireballs at you. Only the face in his abdomen is vulnerable to attack, and only by hitting it with the shield weapon (or the cross weapon in Japan). You must hit it no higher or lower than the bottom face (the vulnerable range is somewhere between the beard and the lower set of eyes), and you must hit it 10 times. If you time it right, you can jump and hit him once on the way up and once on the way down. You will earn 10,000 points for defeating him. (In the arcade version, even though it reports that you earned 20,000 points on the second battle with Astaroth, you still only earn 10,000.)