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Part 1[edit]

GnG Stage3 partA.png
    • When you begin this stage, you will be at the entrance to a large cavern. Lining the ceiling will be a colony of bats that will almost immediately descend upon Arthur. You can trick them into flying higher than usual by jumping up while they are falling. Shoot the rest of the while being on the look out for any zombies that might be trying to sneak up from behind you.
GnG Stage3 partB.png
    • The beginning of this stage is similar to the first stage for two reasons: a split path, and magicians. If you shoot any of the short rock formations more than 15 times, a Magician will appear and fire a spell at you that transforms you into a frog. Also, shortly into the stage, you can opt to take a high platform, or remain on the ground. Neither pathway offers any benefits, so take whichever path you are most comfortable with.
  • Along either path, you will have to deal with Monster Towers. They start out looking like ordinary stone columns, but they begin to flash red, and either one or two faces will appear. Each face will spit out a purple orb that travels straight across. You must dodge these orbs at all cost, and continue to fire at them until they are destroyed.
  • By the end of the first part, you will cross into the darker portion of the cavern. You will be greeted by a Red Arremer, and what's worse, this is only the first of many Arremers throughout the next portion of the cavern. Deal with this Arremer just as you dealt with the first one: by firing at it first while jumping, and patiently waiting for the Arremer to land on the ground and rush you, or running away from it as it swoops down to dive at you.

Part 2[edit]

GnG Stage3 partC.png
    • You will undoubtedly be frustrated by the continued presence of Red Arremers on your way up through the early portion of the cavern. It is important not to simply run away from them because they will pursue you and eventually outnumber you so badly that you will stand no chance against them. Remain calm and take them out one at a time.
GnG Stage3 partD.png
    • When you reach a high enough level, the paths will start to branch and split up. You will be forced to face at least two Red Arremers no matter which pathway you decide to take. However, due to the layout of the stage secrets, the upper path tends to be a little more forgiving, if not lucrative. Be aware that if you take the upper path, you will be attacked by a Red Arremer whose original position can not be seen, so you cannot attack it preemptively.
  • When you are through dealing with all of the Arremers, your last step through the cavern will be to take a plunge off of the right sides and drop all the way back down to the bottom. There are a few treasure bags that might lure you, but if you're focused on capturing the secret treasures, ignore them. It is difficult to reach this point of the cavern with your armor in tact, so you'll definitely be interested in reclaiming the set that is available along the drop.
  • Once you land, you'll have nothing more than a single Red Arremer standing between you and the stage boss. Do not run towards the boss until the Arremer is defeated, or the two forces will overwhelm you. You can, however, run a little bit to the right in order to give yourself more space without fear since the boss is at the far end of the tunnel. Take out the Arremer carefully in order to hold on to your armor.


GnG Stage3 Boss.png

This is the first of three dragons that you will face throughout the game. This snake-like dragon flies about through the air in a somewhat erratic fashion. It can quickly go from gently floating along in one direction, to diving straight down on top of Arthur. As you attack the tail, the segments continue to disappear until only the head is left. While this can considerably reduce the threat of the dragon since its size diminishes, the only part that matters is the head. You must shoot the head six times in order to truly defeat the dragon and collect the key. The safest place to attack from is directly behind the dragon's head. You can follow behind at a safe distance and leap up in an effort to hit the head. When the dragon reaches the end of the screen and decides to turn around, quickly move to the opposite side if the passage is safe. Otherwise, run back and wait for a safe moment to pass beneath it. Don't forget to be on the look out for the orbs of fire that the dragon can fire at you.



GnG Stage3 secret1.png
If you are missing armor, you can receive a much needed boost in protection by climbing up the first ladder when the path splits up, and jumping to the right over the gap. A new set of armor will appear to the right of the ladder.
GnG Stage3 secret2.png
After the first long drop down the right side of the cavern, leap into the air while not wearing armor to make a hidden pot appear. Follow it all the way down to the ground below and collect the armor that was inside.
GnG Stage3 secret3.png
If you stand in the little depression at the very bottom of the drop, a 10,000 Yashichi will appear for you to collect by the final Red Arremer. Be careful because the appearance of this high point reward can nullify the appearance of the more useful Armor from the previous secret.


GnG Stage3 NES secret1.png
The first of many secrets in this stage can be found by leaping off the high ledge in the first part of this stage. It will contain a Lance, which is not too useful against the stage boss who has an invulnerability to Lances in this version.
GnG Stage3 NES secret2.png
If you climb up the middle ladder that goes between the upper and lower paths at the top of the cavern, you will make a 10,000 point King Doll appear to the right.
GnG Stage3 NES secret3.png
Just above that ladder, you can make a hidden set of armor appear if you are missing yours, by jumping into the corner of the ceiling at this point. However, beware of the Little Devils who are waiting to appear right where the armor lands to rob you of it all over again.
GnG Stage3 NES secret4.png
Jump from the very top step along the highest path in the cavern to make this 5000 point Yashichi appear.
GnG Stage3 NES secret5.png
Similar to the arcade, you can make a much needed set of armor appear if you squat down on the second step along the long vertical drop. Follow it down in order to don the armor.
GnG Stage3 NES secret6.png
If you squat inside the depression at the end of the drop, you will make what appears to be another 10,000 point King Doll appear. However, if you pick this one up, you will be transformed into a frog! Don't touch it.
GnG Stage3 NES secret7.png
You will make a torch appear if you simply walk along the ground near the final Red Arremer. You will have no choice but to accept it if you are still holding on to the Lance, since the dragon boss beyond is immune to the Lance in this version. It would be far better to find the Axe and hold on to it for the duration of this stage.