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Part 1[edit]

GnG Stage4 partA.png
    • The first section of this stage presents itself as a jumping challenge. You must successfully ride the floating platforms from the left to the right, and jump from one to the next in order to progress across the stage. There are some bottomless pits to avoid, but there are occasional breaking points along the way in the form of plateaus. Unfortunately, getting out of these plateaus and back onto the platforms can be a bit of a pain itself.
GnG Stage4 partB.png
    • Jumping horizontally from one platform to the next doesn't pose too much of a challenge. Your momentum continues with the motion of the platform (in the arcade version, not in the NES version), so leaping straight up can actually make you leap in the direction of the platform. Jumping up from a lower platform to a higher platform can be difficult, however, if the next platform is rather high. Try jumping straight up and late as the higher platform cross above you in hopes that it snags you just as you are about to fall.
  • The safest best is to take the highest platform available in any given section. Time your jumps carefully. If you don't feel that you can clear the gap between two platforms, just wait for another cycle to try it again. Chances are that the platforms will line up better the second time. Platforms that cross in front of one another at the same level have a tendency to push you from one platform to the other.
  • When you reach the end of the platform segment, you will see a Red Arremer just waiting for you to land and fight. Take the time to fight it carefully. If you took the highest platform, you should easily be able to jump over it and land far to its right before attacking it. When it is defeated, you can advance towards the bridge of fire.

Part 2[edit]

GnG Stage4 partC.png
    • The bridge of fire is very aptly named for the lava jets that fire columns of lava into the vicinity of the bridge. You never have to worry about the structure of the bridge, as it will always stay in tact. You simply have to time your crossings over the lava jets. Jumping over a single column isn't difficult to do, but jumping over an entire set might be a little trickier. You may wish to wait until one or two of them die down first.
GnG Stage4 partD.png
    • You first faced the Blue Imps in the chill of the Ice Palace. Now you must face them again in the devastating heat of the fire bridge. They emerge from the fiery lava beneath the bridge, and hover just high enough to be out of your reach. Then they swoop down in an effort to attack you. If you're fast enough, you can turn around and fire at them and dispatch them before they even get close to you. But don't let them control the space above your head, or you'll be forced to back track.
  • Starting on this stage, you can collect the Shield/Cross weapon. If you wait patiently enough, a pot bearing Blue Imp will rise from the lava, and a Shield/Cross will be inside. In the arcade, it pays to collect this weapon early and hang on to it, since opportunities to collect it are rare, and possession of it is required in order to get into stage 7. It's not a great weapon however, and if you would rather try your luck and hope to collect it later, then move on.
  • Once more, a Red Arremer stands between you and a dragon boss. Naturally, you will want to deal with it before you proceed to the boss fight. But you must continue to be aware of any lava jets positioned beneath your feet. There aren't many by this time, and you should be able to keep Arthur positioned along a safe stretch of the bridge while you fight.


GnG Stage4 Boss.png

The battle with the second dragon is very much the same as the battle with the first. Remember to trail safely behind the head and avoid giving it an opportunity to dive down and land on top of you. You can chip away at the tail to reduce its size, but the head is what you must ultimately fire at. You can use the positioning of the bridge for minor protection, as the dragon will rarely dive down low enough to hit you there. However, it might very well hover at the level of the bridge and run you over. Remember that in the NES version, some bosses are immune to certain weapons, and the Dragon is immune to the Lance. If you some how manage to come back in possession of the Lance, you have no choice but to die and start over, collecting a new weapon in the process.



There's a trick to get the key without battling this stage's boss. After defeating the Red Arremer, walk to the right and listen carefully to the music. As soon as it changes into boss music, walk to the left. When the message "Take a key for coming in!" appears, walk again to the right and collect the key to advance to next stage.


GnG Stage4 NES secret1.png
As you ride along the highest platform in the early part of the stage, a pot containing a 1-Up will appear and fall down to the ground below. Only go after it if you are truly in need of an extra life, because you'll have to backtrack quite a bit in order to get back up to the top and continue.
GnG Stage4 NES secret2.png
If you squat down right at the foot of the bridge, a Shield/Cross will appear. While it is nice to get it so easily, and you should definitely collect it if you have the Lance, you will need to give it up later on in the game, and you will also be given an opportunity to find another one, so taking it now is up to you.
GnG Stage4 NES secret3.png
Jumping over the left of these two lava jets will cause a pot to appear and drop another deceiving looking King Doll. That's right, if you collect this one, you will be turned into a frog, so don't bother.
GnG Stage4 NES secret4.png
However, if you jump in the air, just as the last Arremer appears on the right of the screen, another pot with a King Doll inside will appear. You may be wary at this point, but this doll is the real 10,000 point deal, so collect it when it's safe to do so.