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GnG Stage6 partA.png
    • This level starts out with a series of skulls right at your feet, just waiting to pop up and take you by surprise. Don't give them the chance and fire away at them so that the way is cleared for you to cross. In comparison to the rest of the stage, this is a relatively easy start. The enemies that you encounter in this stage are so strong that even some of the bosses that you've faced in the past return for one last chance at revenge.
GnG Stage6 partB.png
    • Speaking of bosses, the Unicorns have shown up to greet you right as you climb the first ladder. Depending on the version that you're playing, you may encounter two (old version) or one (new version). If you encounter only one, it should begin on the left, and you should have a far easier time dealing with it. If there are two, it is better to assume that you are simply going to lose your armor and time a jump towards one of the Unicorns so that when you get hit, you actually get popped up to the level above, thereby passing the Unicorns altogether.
  • If the Unicorns weren't bad enough, one last Dragon lies in wait only two levels up. This Dragon won't behave any differently than any of the previous Dragons, but to encounter one so early in the stage, and possibly without armor, you will want to play things very safe and use the ladders to find safety when you can't position yourself properly. Take the Dragon out as fast as you can without climbing too high and provoking even more monsters to attack you.
GnG Stage6 partC.png
    • Above the Dragon, you may be reminded of the hole in the floors from the previous stage. This time, you aren't required to use platforms to reach the top. As you climb, you will notice a Red Arremer sitting on a platform in the middle by a money bag. Continue up the ladders on the LEFT side of the screen to avoid this Arremer awakening. Do NOT go up the ladders on the right after beating the dragon; on the Arcade version this will wake the Areemer.
GnG Stage6 partD.png
    • Once you reach the level above that Arremer, you will begin sweeping to the left and the right across the floors to reach the ladders that lead to the top of the tower. Ogres patrol the floors, and they should be fairly easy to deal with at this point. However, you may reach a point where there are two Red Arremers to deal with. You must be very careful that you pull only one of them at a time, and climb down to a lower level where you won't have to worry about triggering a fight with the second Arremer.
  • Unlike the previous stage, you will remain fairly occupied all the way up to the boss fight. Once you are able to see three ladders which are lined up side by side, you are nearing the top of the tower. Safely destroy any last monsters that are trailing you before you begin your encounter with the stage boss.


GnG Stage6 Boss.png
GnG Stage6 Fail.png

This is the ultimate nightmare: two Satans. You will likely encounter the Satan on the left first, and the Satan on the right second. Make sure that this is the case so that you can engage the left one without fear of attack from the right one. You must do your best to attack each Satan one at a time. Lure the left Satan down a few levels with the ladders in order to ensure that the Satans can not gang up on you. Furthermore, you must complete this battle using the Shield/Cross, because you will only be granted access to Stage 7 if you possess the Shield/Cross. Otherwise, your reward for beating both Satans will be the message screen shown to the right. After that, you will be sent back to the beginning of Stage 5, where you will have to face all of the monsters again, only you must be sure to collect the Shield/Cross this time.



GnG Stage6 secret1.png

Since it is very likely that you will have lost your Armor when dealing with the Unicorn, especially if there were two, the game very nicely provides you with an extra set simply by walking across the floor above the Red Arremer that sits on the small island platform.


GnG Stage6 NES secret1.png
Right at the very beginning of the stage, the game provides you with a free Lance weapon. If you have been hoarding the Shield/Cross weapon up to this point, you will find it useless against the Unicorn waiting for you up above.
GnG Stage6 NES secret2.png
After defeating the Unicorn, the game will happily return (or provide) the Shield/Cross to you if you walk along the left portion of the floor directly beneath the Dragon's starting point. Hold on to it!
GnG Stage6 NES secret3.png
If you're missing your armor, you can collect an extra set before you reach the solid floors by jumping into this left wall. Be sure to collect it without moving too close to the Red Arremer and attracting its attention.
GnG Stage6 NES secret4.png
As you walk across the floor above the Red Arremer, you will be presented with a Torch. Under no circumstances should you allow Arthur to collect it.
GnG Stage6 NES secret5.png
Two stories above the torch floor, you will also be tempted by the appearance of a free Axe. Again, you need the Shield/Cross to complete the game, so do not trade it for the Axe, no matter how tempting it is.