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Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Box artwork for Giants: Citizen Kabuto.
Developer(s)Planet Moon Studios, The Omni Group, Digital Mayhem
Publisher(s)Interplay Entertainment, MacPlay
Release date(s)
Windows icon.png
Mac OS icon.png
Mac OS
PlayStation 2 icon.png
PlayStation 2
Genre(s)Third-person shooter
System(s)Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation 2
Mode(s)Single player, Multiplayer
ELSPA: Ages 15+
ESRB: ESRB M.png Mature
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Giants: Citizen Kabuto (hereafter called Giants) is a third-person shooter video game with real-time strategy elements. It was the first project for Planet Moon Studios, which comprised former Shiny Entertainment employees who had worked on the game MDK. Giants went through four years of development before Interplay Entertainment published it on December 6, 2000 for Microsoft Windows. A Mac OS X port was published by MacPlay in 2001 and the game was also ported to the PlayStation 2 later that year. It was later released through GOG.

Game critics praised Giants for state-of-the-art graphics, humorous story, and success in blending in one genre with another. Criticisms of the game centered on crippling software bugs and lack of an in-game save feature. The console version rectified some of the flaws found in the PC versions, at the cost of removing several features. Giants sold poorly for both Windows and PlayStation 2; however, it enjoyed a successful launch for its small Mac OS X market.

In the game, players take control of a single character from one of three humanoid races to complete the story (which occurs linearly as a series of missions) or to challenge other players in online multiplayer matches. They can select heavily armed Meccaryns equipped with jet packs, or amphibious spellcasting Sea Reapers. The game's subtitle "Citizen Kabuto" refers to the last selectable race, a thundering behemoth who can execute earthshaking professional wrestling attacks to pulverize its enemies. The single-player mode is framed as a sequential story, putting the player through a series of missions, several of which test the player's reflexes in action game-like puzzles.

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