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Follow the lower ridge to the right and you will find a challenge.

Amulet Challenge 1: Kill all enemies in 60 seconds[edit]

Rewards: Amulet Continue forward until you meet the lost, defeat them and move on. You will see a statue you can’s challenge yet, a cage, and some small urn looking things on the ground that you can’t affect yet. Continue to the small platform by the torches. Continue to fight lost until both torches are lit, giving you the Gemini Blades. Still unable to effect anything, proceed to the challenge point.

Gauntlets Gauge Challenge 1: Kill all enemies in 110 seconds with gauntlets[edit]

Reward: Gauntlet Fight Gauge level 1

Continue into the cliff wall, which will close behind you. Walk to the right and you will see on of the urns with a skull floating over it near the entrance as well as a challenge

Sword Challenge 2: Kill all enemies in 65 seconds with the sword[edit]

Reward: Trojanus Gladius – Sword of the Trojan

Approach the urn to activate it. You need to hit when the power of Pluto is active. Enter the now open gate. You will have to hit the urns to turn off the flame jets allowing the Fire Elementals to spawn. After cutting off all three jets, jump down to the next area where a Blood Gauge refill and two challenges await.

Health Slot Challenge 7: Kill all enemies in 60 Seconds[edit]

Reward: Maximum Health +1

Gauntlets Challenge 1: Kill all enemies in 150 seconds with Gauntlets[edit]

Reward: Nemesis Scythes

You will be ambushed as soon as you enter the open area beyond the gate. Defeat them all to open the next gate at the end of the upper path. Step on the pressure plate to lower the spike guard and activate the urns below you leading back to the first area. The area is now swarmed in Fire elementals that you need to clear out by shutting off the fire jets. Shutting off all 5 opens the gate around the vase which has a Emperor’s Coin. You can now Challenge the Carcus statue.

Quad Armor Challenge: Kill all enemies in 120 seconds[edit]

Reward: Enable X4 armor drops

Now go through the opened door into a temple. Defeat all the Sparto for the key to the door leading into a room with a stream of alva running through it. Defeat all the Fire elementals to lower the spike guard. Then jump across. A fight with more elementals lowers a cage revealing a pressure plate that opens the door on the other side. Follow the path to a bridge crossing a misty chasm. You will find a Pressure plate and a challenge.

Axe Challenge 2: Kill all enemies in 75 seconds with the axe[edit]

Reward: Aquila – Olympian Battle axe

Now step on the plate to open the door across the lave stream. Fight your way back to the door and pass through. Right by the door on the left is a challenge.

Amulet Challenge 2: Kill all enemies in 65 seconds[edit]

Reward: Amulet

Follow the path where you will be ambushed by 2 fetters made easier to defeat by using the Blood Bar refill. Then slide down the rope. You will be in a pit lined with cyclop skeletons. Go to the back to the challenge ring.

Health Slot Challenge 8: Kill all enemies in 70 seconds[edit]

Reward: Maximum Health +1

Walk back to the bit and the skeletons attack. Defeat them all to light the three torches, lowering the gate. The cliff wall closes behind you leaving only one way to go. You will pass a challenge point as you go.

Axe Gauge Challenge 2: Kill all enemies in 50 seconds with the axe[edit]

Reward: Axe Fight Gauge Level 2

Your progress will be blocked and you will have to fight to lower the spike guard in front of the rope. At the bottom keep going until you find another Challenge.

Gauntlets Gauge Challenge 2: Break all Herculean Barrels in 75 seconds[edit]

Reward: Gauntlet Fight Gauge Level 2

Continue fighting and jumping until you get to the arch at the end where you will meet Phobos Again.

Boss: Phobos - God of Fear[edit]

His attacks are the nearly the same as ever. He has a new attack where he spins the darkness around him and follows you like a tornado. He will also teleport to get closer to you now. Your goal is to break the red glass columns with Herculean strength, then we he is resting, knock him into the light pillars that they hide. After his first exposure to light, he begins shooting his green energy attack after each cycle, (the cycle here ends when he is knocked into the light). Keep knocking him into the light until the battle is over. With Phobos banished, another part of Rome’s Life force is restored.


Jupiter’s Challenge: Kill all enemies in 110 seconds[edit]

Reward: Power of Jupiter (this power is a lot like the Strength of Hercules, It has no speed boost but it hits all nearby enemies. It also breaks Jupiter Breakables.)